Foosketball game rules – how to play foosketball

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Hey there! Have you heard about Foosketball? It’s an amazing game that combines the best of foosball and basketball. Trust me, once you try it, you won’t be able to stop playing! With Foosketball, you and a friend can go head to head, aiming to be the first to score 5 points. It’s a game that’s super fast-paced, and it’s perfect for both kids and adults who love a little friendly competition.


When you open up the Foosketball box, you’ll find everything you need to get started. There’s a foosketball court that you’ll need to assemble, and don’t worry, it’s easy peasy! Plus, you’ll get ten foosketballs, so you’ll have plenty to play with. There are nine orange balls and one special gold ball. How cool is that?

Game Setup

So, here’s how we get things started. First, we need to set up the game. It’s pretty simple, really. All you have to do is put five balls behind each gate on the court. Don’t worry about where the golden ball starts – it doesn’t matter. Next, each player takes their position behind one of the hoops. Now, this is where the fun begins! You get to control the Foosketball player using the knobs. Yep, that’s right! Each knob controls one arm, so you can move the player from side to side. How cool is that?

Foosketball game rules - how to play foosketball


Let’s get started! We both lift our gates and watch as the balls spill onto the court. Now, quick as lightning, we lower our gates back down to their original positions. With the handles in our hands, we take control of our players and grab the foosketballs, ready to throw them into our opponent’s basket. Oh, but watch out! We can also block each other’s shots.


Ready to make your move? Grab the ball with both hands using the handles. Keep it steady, making sure it doesn’t slip away. Remember, both hands are important here. Now comes the fun part – flinging the ball towards the hoop with just one hand. Give it a good toss! If the ball goes through the hoop, it stays behind your gate, waiting for the game to end.

Foosketball game rules - how to play foosketball

So here’s the deal: The game goes on until you manage to score 5 points. Easy enough, right?

How do I score?

Well, the orange balls are worth a solid 1 point each. But pay attention, because the golden ball is where the real value is – it’s worth a whopping 2 points! So aim for that golden ball and watch your score soar!

What’s the goal?

Simple – be the first one to reach 5 points. Once you hit that magic number, you’re the winner! Celebrate your victory!

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