How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

25 Outlaws Game Rules

Howdy folks! I’ve got some mighty important information to share with y’all regarding the 25 Outlaws game rules. Now, these rules may seem a mite confusing at first, but don’t you worry none, because I’m here to help break ’em down for ya.

1. Keep Your Attitude in Check: It’s a friendly game, so don’t go gettin’ all riled up. We want to keep things fun for everyone involved.

2. Round Up Your Crew: Gather up your posse of friends or family members, ’cause this game requires at least 2 players.

3. Set the Scene: Find yourselves a nice flat surface to play on, like a table or the good ol’ kitchen counter.

4. Shuffle up: Grab that deck of Outlaw cards and give ’em a good mix. Make sure no one’s cheatin’!

5. Deal ‘Em Out: Each player gets 5 cards to start with. You can hold ’em close to your chest, but don’t let anyone else see ’em!

6. Fill ‘Er Up: Draw 5 more cards and keep ’em face down next to ya. This here is your draw pile.

7. Get Ready to Draw: Flip over the top card from your draw pile and place it face-up next to it. That there is the start of the discard pile.

8. Saddle Up: Decide who goes first. You can pick names out of a hat or have a good ol’ fashioned coin toss.

9. Yeehaw! The Game Begins: On your turn, you can either draw a card from the draw pile or take the top card from the discard pile. The choice is yours!

10. Play Them Cards: Now it’s time to make some moves. Play a card from your hand onto the discard pile, but it’s gotta match the suit or number of the top card.

11. Special Cards: Some cards have special powers, like the Outlaw card that can change the suit or the Bandit card that makes the next player skip their turn. Pay attention to these!

12. Get Rid of Them Cards: The goal is to get rid of all your cards, so keep playin’ ’em down on the discard pile. But watch out for those pesky Bandit cards!

13. Draw, Draw, Draw: If you can’t play a card, you gotta draw from the draw pile. Keep drawin’ until you can make a move.

14. Last Card Standin’: When you’re down to your last card, you better holler “Last Card!” real loud. If you don’t, you might have to draw extra cards as a penalty.

15. Victory Dance: The first player to get rid of all their cards is the winner! Give ’em a round of applause.

16. Ready for Round 2? If y’all wanna keep playin’, shuffle the cards and start a new round. The first player on the left of the previous winner goes first.

17. Watch Out for Cheatin’: Cheatin’ ain’t allowed in this game, so keep an eye on your opponents. If you catch ’em in the act, they gotta draw extra cards.

18. Show ‘Em What You Got: If you can play multiple cards of the same number in a row, you can lay ’em down all at once. Just make sure you keep everyone else on their toes.

19. Outlaw Showdown: If someone plays an Outlaw card, the next player has to draw 2 cards instead of playing a card. It’s like a wild west standoff!

20. Bandit Gang: If you’re lucky enough to play a Bandit card, pick another player and tell ’em to draw 2 cards. You’re the boss!

21. Nifty Number Cards: The number cards are straightforward. Just play a card with the same number or one above or below the top card on the discard pile.

22. Swap It Up: The Swap card lets you exchange your hand with another player. It can come in handy when you’re stuck with a bunch of cards you can’t use.

23. Sheriff’s Order: The Reverse card switches the direction of play. If you were goin’ clockwise, now you’re goin’ counter-clockwise.

24. Jack the Joker: When you play a Jack card, you can pick any suit you want for the next player to match. Keep ’em guessin’!

25. Wild West Winner: The player with the most wins at the end of all the rounds is the ultimate Wild West winner. So keep playin’ and see who comes out on top!

Y’all got it? Them’s the 25 Outlaws game rules, plain and simple. Now gather your folks, shuffle them cards, and get ready for a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMess

How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMess

  • Includes 25 Outlaw cards
  • Comes with 20 Old West Poker cards
  • Contains 75 $10 poker chips
  • Includes 15 $50 poker chips
  • Comes with 25 Reward cards
  • Contains 10 Sheriff cards
  • Includes 5 Players reference cards
  • Comes with 5 Poker Hand Markers
  • Contains 2 Dice for duels
  • Includes 1 Bank card
  • Includes Game Instructions

Setting Up the Game

  1. First, let’s get our gang of outlaws ready, yee-haw!
  2. Choose one set of colored Outlaws. These will be your gang.
  3. You only need three outlaws to play. Shuffle all five facedown and, without peeking, randomly put two of them back in the game box.
  4. How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMessFirst, check the remaining Outlaws in your gang, but make sure not to reveal who they are to other players. Pay attention to the quick-draw speed number in the corner of each Outlaw card – this will be important when you have duels with other Outlaws.
  5. Put your Outlaws face-down in front of you in a row – the order doesn’t matter. You can look at the cards whenever you need to remind yourself of each Outlaw’s quick-draw speed.
  6. At the beginning of the game, each Outlaw has $100. How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMessPlace five $10 chips and one $50 chip next to each Outlaw card. Any extra poker chips can be kept in the box.

I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to play a game called “25 Outlaws.” It’s a fun game that involves playing poker with a twist!

First, let’s talk about the 3 Outlaws in each gang. In this game, these Outlaws will take turns playing the poker hands. To keep track of who is playing, place a Poker Hand Marker on your far-right Outlaw card. This will let everyone know which Outlaw is playing in the current poker hand.

Next, we need to set up the bank for the game. Just put the bank card on the table, and that will serve as the bank throughout the game.

Now let’s shuffle the cards. We have three different types of cards: sheriff cards, reward cards, and wanted cards. Shuffle each deck separately, and place them face-down on the table.

To determine who will be the dealer, we’ll roll a die. Everyone takes a turn rolling the die, and the person with the highest number gets to be the dealer for the first round. The dealer is responsible for hosting each round of poker and has the option to hold up opponents later in the round.

And that’s it! You’re all set to start playing “25 Outlaws.” Have fun and may the best Outlaw win!

Game Play

Hey there! So, “25 Outlaws” is a game that’s played in rounds. Each round follows a specific order:

1. Play Poker

How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMess

I’m going to tell you about a fun game called Old West 3-Card Poker. It’s a game that follows the rules of standard poker, but with a twist!

At the start of each round, we use a deck of only 20 cards. There are 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace cards in each of the 4 suits. It’s a smaller deck than usual, which makes the game more exciting!

The objective of the game is to win money and stay in as long as possible. The player with the best hand, or the best-bluffed hand, wins the round. It’s all about strategy and a little bit of luck.

Now, let me explain how the game is played. Are you ready?

How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMess

  1. Find Your Outlaw – You need to identify the outlaw who will be playing in the current round of poker. Remember, they must have at least $100 to join the game.
  2. Place Your Ante – At the start of each poker hand, everyone must contribute $10 as an ante. The outlaw with the marker must participate, and there’s no sitting out. Each player takes $10 from their active outlaw and puts it into the pot, which is the center of the table. (In later rounds, the ante increases by $10 whenever a gang gets eliminated).
  3. Receive Your Cards – The dealer shuffles the poker cards and gives each player 2 cards.

After that, one card is placed face-up in the center of the table. This card is called the flop card, and all players can use it to complete their three-card hand.

After the first round, something interesting can happen with the Flop Card – it might trigger a Sheriff! But don’t worry, I’ll explain that later. From now on, we’ll be playing by the usual poker rules. The person who wins the hand gets all the money in the Pot and puts it on their active Outlaw for this round.

2. Get Reward Cards

How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMess

Right after we finish playing a hand of poker, we all have the chance to buy a Reward card, which will give one of our Outlaws a special advantage. These Rewards cost $30 each.

Any of us Outlaws can buy a Reward, but we can only have one at a time.

To buy a Reward, you take $30 from your own money and give it to the Bank. You can’t use money from anyone else. Then, you draw a Reward card and place it on the Outlaw who bought it.

  • You can choose to reveal the Reward card right away, but you don’t have to. You can play a Reward card at any time, even immediately after you buy it. When you play it, you have to show it to everyone.
  • You can’t move a Reward card to a different Outlaw during the game.
  • Once you use a Reward card, it goes back into the deck and gets shuffled.

3. Holdups

At the Dealer’s table, I hold the power to rob another Outlaw with a bold Holdup.

This is where strategy meets the excitement of a poker hand. You’ll need quick-draw speed, sharp wits, and the right Reward cards to strong-arm, bluff, and duel other Outlaws into handing over their hard-earned cash.

But remember, there’s only one chance for a Holdup in each round.

If I decide to pass, that round comes to an end, and we move on to the next one.

Rules of the Holdup

As the Dealer, I have the power to choose any Outlaw from my gang to hold up any Outlaw from another player’s gang. I’m not limited to the Outlaws who were part of the poker game.

When I declare my attacking Outlaw and who I want to hold up, the defending Outlaw has two choices:

Choice 1: Fight Back

In the wild west town, outlaws are constantly at odds with each other, fighting tooth and nail to protect their ill-gotten gains. It’s a fierce battle of survival, where only one outlaw can emerge victorious. When two outlaws find themselves locked in a duel, the stakes are high – the loser is eliminated from the game, and their outlaw card is discarded. However, the winner doesn’t just revel in their triumph – all the money on the losing outlaw’s card becomes their spoils. Any wanted or reward cards that were attached to the defeated outlaw are shuffled back into their respective decks, ready to be claimed by another cunning outlaw.


They Cower

Yet, not every outlaw has the nerve to face their adversary head-on. Some are consumed by fear and opt for a different strategy – cowering. These yellow-bellied individuals are unwilling to risk losing their precious outlaw and instead choose to make a deal. They meekly offer up half of their outlaw’s money to their attacker. If the money cannot be divided evenly, they round up to the nearest dollar. This tactic, however, comes with one exception. If the defending outlaw has $30 or less, they are forced to face the duel, and cowering is not an option.

Here’s a helpful tip for you, the attacker: If your outlaw card remains concealed, you can try to bluff your opponent into submission by pretending to be lightning-fast with your draw. It’s an effective way to encourage them to cower and yield to your dominance.

4. Wanted Cards

How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMess

When one Outlaw holds up another Outlaw, they get in trouble with the law. They have to draw a card that says “Wanted” (unless they got killed in the duel).

The “Wanted” card goes on the Outlaw, face-up. This means that the Sheriff is on the lookout for them and it might impact the poker game.

The “Wanted” cards are marked with the numbers 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. They don’t have a specific suit.

How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMess

Y’all better listen up, ’cause I’m about to lay down the law. You see, an Outlaw can have a whole bunch of Wanted cards – one for each Holdup they’ve done. It’s like a trophy wall, but instead of trophies, it’s cards telling you how bad of a person they are.

Now, the round’s done and dusted. It’s time to take a breather, divide up your gang’s money, and get ready for the next round. Giddy up!

How to Settle a Score

How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Let me tell you about duels, a thrilling event that happens in the game of Outlaws and Sheriffs.

Now, duels can occur between two Outlaws or between an Outlaw and a Sheriff. Exciting, right?

To start a duel, both players flip over their cards. These cards reveal who is in the duel and their quick-draw speeds. The higher the number on the card, the faster they are. It’s all about speed and agility!

Once an Outlaw is revealed, their card stays face-up for the entire game. You gotta keep an eye on them!

Now, here’s where things get really interesting. Each player rolls a die. If a Sheriff is in the duel, any opposing player rolls for a Sheriff too. It’s a battle of luck!

To determine the outcome of the duel, each player adds the number they rolled on the die to their quick-draw number on the card. Oh, and don’t forget about those sneaky Reward cards that can give you an advantage or disadvantage. You gotta factor those in too!

Here comes the moment of truth. The player with the highest total number wins the duel! They’re the ultimate champion of the wild wild west.

But wait, what happens if there’s a tie? Well, both players roll the die again until someone gets a higher number. It’s a battle of nerves and luck, my friend.

Just a little tip before we part ways. Any Reward cards used in a duel go back into the deck. It’s all about keeping things fair and balanced.

Now, onto the next round!

Now, let’s talk about the role of the Dealer. In this game, the Dealer moves left to the next player after each round.

And here’s an important rule: each player moves their Poker Hand Marker left to the next Outlaw. This is also the time when you can redistribute money among the Outlaws in your gang.

But remember, once the poker hand starts, you can’t exchange money between Outlaws until the next round begins. So make sure to plan your strategy accordingly.

There’s one more thing you need to keep in mind. The Outlaw with a poker hand marker must have at least $100 on it after the money redistribution. If you can’t move enough money from your other Outlaws to reach $100, then unfortunately, you’ll be eliminated from the game.

Once all the players are ready, it’s time to start the next poker hand. Good luck!

Now, about the Sherrifs…

How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMess

Imagine this: you’re sitting at a poker table, eagerly waiting for the next card to be dealt. Suddenly, a Sherriff bursts into the room, determined to confront the Wanted Outlaws. And guess what? This interruption happens exactly when the Flop Card is revealed.

So, when the Flop Card is dealt, it’s time for all players to hold their breath and check if they have any Wanted cards on their Outlaws.

Here’s the deal: if any of your Outlaws has a Wanted card that matches the number of the Flop Card, you’re in trouble. You must immediately draw a Sheriff and place it face-up in the center of the table for all to see.

How to play 25 Outlaws Official Rules UltraFoodMess

As the poker hand comes to a halt, I find myself face-to-face with the Sheriff. It’s an intense duel, and the stakes are high.

A new Sheriff is assigned for each Wanted card on the table. So if there are multiple duels with the Sheriff, they will happen one after the other, following the order of betting.

Now, let’s say the Sheriff wins the duel.

In that case, the Outlaw who lost the duel is out of the game and is discarded into the box. It’s a tough blow for them.

Furthermore, all the Sheriff Wanted cards, as well as any Reward cards on that particular Outlaw, are shuffled back into their respective decks. And the money on that card goes straight into the Bank.

But what if the outlaw wins the duel?

In that scenario, the Sheriff is the one who gets discarded into the box. It’s a victory for the Outlaw, and they can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Wanted card associated with the Sheriff is taken out and mixed back into the deck of Wanted cards, waiting for another opportunity to come into play.

After these intense Sheriff duels, the poker hand resumes, and the players continue their game.

Just remember, if an Outlaw with a marker loses a duel with a Sheriff, their game is over. They are out of the game, and they won’t be able to participate in the rest of the poker hand for that round. It’s a harsh consequence.

But here’s the thing, even if you don’t have enough money to start the next round, you still have a chance to turn things around. You can buy a Reward later in the round and, if you’re the Dealer, you can declare a Holdup. So don’t give up hope just yet.

Getting Knocked Out

Now, let’s talk about what happens when you get knocked out of the game. It’s pretty simple, really. If your gang doesn’t have $100 to start the next round, or if you run out of Outlaws, you’re out.

When that happens, your Outlaws get discarded into the box and any leftover chips you have go into the Bank. Oh, and any Reward or Wanted cards that were linked to your gang get shuffled back into their decks. It’s like a fresh start for everyone else.

And here’s the kicker – every time a gang gets eliminated, the ante (that’s the starting bet) and the minimum bet go up by $10 in the next round. So, it gets a little tougher for those who are still in the game.

The Endgame

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for – the end of the game. As soon as there’s only one player left who has at least 1 Outlaw and $100, that player is declared the winner. They’ve come out on top, with the most Outlaws and the most money. It’s a sweet victory.

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