A piece of advice graduation party game rules – how to play a piece of advice graduation party

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

My Graduation Party Advice

Welcome to my graduation party! I have a fun game for you called A Piece of Advice. In this game, we’re going to try to pop all of the balloons. Each balloon has a letter, and together, they spell the word “ADVICE.” Let’s see if you have good spelling and strong hands!

Getting Ready

First things first, let’s set up for the game. You’re going to need a printed word. Take this word and cut it into separate letters. Each letter will go into a different colored balloon. Make sure to inflate all the balloons so they’re ready to go. Now, here’s the tricky part – mix up all the balloons to make catching them a real challenge!

Let the Game Begin!

Okay, here’s how it works. Only pop the balloons that belong to your team. Remember, you can only use your hands to pop the balloons. As you pop the balloons, your teammate will gather the letters that come out. Together, you’ll be spelling out the word. Are you ready?

A piece of advice graduation party game rules - how to play a piece of advice graduation party

Hey there! Let me tell you about a fun game called “ADVICE.” It’s a game that you can play with your friends or family. Want to learn how to play? Great! Let’s dive in.

So, in the game “ADVICE,” teams take turns guessing letters to spell out the word “ADVICE.” Each team will have a chance to guess a letter. If the letter is in the word, it gets revealed. But if the letter is not in the word, a part of a person or something else (like a stickman) will be drawn.

The game continues like this until one team successfully spells out the whole word. And hey, when a team spells out the word, they get to give some advice to the graduating player if they want to. How cool is that!

That’s a Wrap!

Here’s how the game ends: when a team spells out the entire word “ADVICE,” the game is over. The first team to do this is the winner! So, be quick and clever to win the game.

Well, that’s it! I’m Ellie, and I wanted to share this awesome game with you. I’m from Northeast Tennessee, and I’m a big fan of animals, fantasy fiction novels, and the great outdoors. Plus, I have a wonderful husband who adores me just as much as my two furry babies.

Thanks for reading, and I’m thrilled to be part of this fantastic community. Have a blast playing “ADVICE”!

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