Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

10 Extra Characters to Add to Your Story

Hey there! Ready to add some extra pizzazz to your story? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you – 10 additional characters that will bring your tale to life. So, let’s dive right in and meet these fabulous new additions!

The Mischief-Maker

First up, we have the ultimate troublemaker. This character loves to stir up chaos and keep everyone on their toes. They’re mischievous, cunning, and always one step ahead. With this character around, you can guarantee that things will never be boring!

The Wise Old Sage

Next, we have the wise old sage. This character is full of wisdom and experience. They’ve seen it all and have sage advice for any situation. Whether you’re facing a tough decision or need guidance, this character is your go-to for profound insights.

The Fearless Adventurer

Meet the fearless adventurer! This character is always up for a thrilling journey and never turns down an opportunity to explore the unknown. They’re brave, resourceful, and have an insatiable curiosity that leads them to incredible discoveries.

The Endearing Sidekick

Every hero needs a sidekick, right? Well, here they are! This character is loyal, funny, and always has your back. They bring warmth and humor to the story and provide a valuable support system for the main characters.

The Eccentric Inventor

Prepare to meet the eccentric inventor! This character’s mind is a whirlwind of ideas and inventions. They’re constantly tinkering with gadgets and creating fantastical contraptions. With their imaginative spirit, they bring a touch of whimsy to the story.

The Fierce Warrior

Watch out for the fierce warrior! This character is a force to be reckoned with. They’re skilled in combat, fearless in the face of danger, and always ready to protect their loved ones. Their strength and determination inspire those around them to keep fighting.

The Enchanting Bard

Get ready to be enchanted by the bard! This character is a master of storytelling and music. With their melodious voice and captivating tales, they can transport you to another world. They add a touch of magic to the story and leave a lasting impression on everyone they meet.

The Clever Detective

Time to crack the case with the clever detective! This character has a sharp mind and an eye for detail. They’re always one step ahead, piecing together clues and unraveling mysteries. With their wit and determination, they bring a sense of intrigue to the story.

The Loveable Animal Companion

Who can resist an adorable animal companion? This character is cute, cuddly, and full of personality. They provide companionship, comic relief, and a whole lot of heart. Their loyalty and unwavering friendship make them a beloved addition to any story.

The Charismatic Villain

Finally, we have the charismatic villain. This character exudes charm and charisma, making them irresistible and dangerous. They’re cunning, manipulative, and always one step ahead of the heroes. With their diabolical plans, they add a thrilling element to the story.

So there you have it, 10 extra characters to spice up your story! Each one brings their own unique qualities and adds depth and excitement to the narrative. Now it’s up to you to decide how these characters will shape your story. Happy writing!

Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters UltraFoodMess

Every card in this set has a star printed on the lower right side.

When you play “Shadow Hunters” with these extra cards, you should follow the instructions listed below. Make sure to read the “Game setup” section as well.

Replace character cards:

Option 1: Play only with these extra characters.
Option 2: Play by replacing the basic characters with new characters of your choice.
Option 3: Play by mixing the new characters with the basic ones – PART 1.
Option 4: Play by mixing the new characters with the basic ones – PART 2.

Win condition of the new characters:

Agnes – If the game ends and the player to your right wins, you also win. Even if either “Agnes” or the player to your right is already dead, if the player to your right fulfills the win condition, Agnes still wins.

Bryan – I’ll win if I manage to take out a character with 13 or more HP. But here’s the catch: it doesn’t count if I use any cards that affect multiple characters at once, like Area Cards, White, Black, or Hermit Cards.

If I use the Black equipment card “Machine Gun” and wipe out multiple characters at the same time, I still win if at least one of them has 13 or more HP. Oh, and there’s another way I can win too: if I’m chilling on the “Erstwhile Altar” when the game ends, victory is mine!

Catherine – I have a different strategy for winning. Instead of being the last character standing, I win if I die first. Yep, you heard that right! If I kick the bucket before anyone else, I take home the prize. But here’s a twist: if I die at the same time as another character, I still win as long as nobody died before me. Alternatively, I can also be one of the last two characters left standing to claim victory.

David, you’ll emerge victorious if you possess three or more White equipment cards simultaneously. Gather the “Spear of Longinus,” the “Holy Robe,” the “Silver Rosary,” and the “Talisman” to claim victory.

The Unique Powers of the Extra Characters

Agnes – (capriccio)

Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters UltraFoodMess

Wow, this is mind-blowing! Did you know that there’s a secret power you can unleash in the game? It’s a game-changer, and I’m going to spill the beans. Brace yourself, because this is gonna blow your mind!

Picture this: you’re playing the game, having a blast, and then it’s your turn. And guess what? You’ve got a trick up your sleeve. You can unleash a special power that no one saw coming. It’s a game-changer, my friend, and it’s gonna flip the script.

Here’s the deal: when you use this power, you can completely shift the goal of the game. Instead of aiming for the usual win condition, you can turn the tables and make it so that the player to your left is the one who takes the crown. Talk about a plot twist!

But here’s the catch: once you use this special ability, there’s no going back. You can’t restore the original win condition, so you better think carefully before you make your move. It’s a double-edged sword, my friend, and it’s gonna make the game even more intense.

Bryan – (My GOD. )

Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters UltraFoodMess

When an enemy with low HP, like “Fu-ka” or “Ultra Soul”, is defeated by my attack, I have to expose my true self.

However, there are exceptions. I don’t need to reveal my identity if I use cards like Area, White, Black, or Hermit, as they are not considered direct attacks.

Catherine – The Enigmatic

Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Let me break this down for you. Every turn you take, you have the option to use this special ability. If you choose to use it, you’ll restore 1 point of damage. But here’s the catch: if you’re not actually injured, nothing will happen. So remember, you have to declare that you want to use this ability at the beginning of your turn for it to have any effect.

Meet David, the Grave Digger

Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Did you know that during the game, there’s a neat trick you can use to get your hands on an equipment card of your choice, even if it’s not your turn? Pretty cool, right?

Let’s talk about Ellen and her Chain of Forbidden Curse.

Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters UltraFoodMess

When playing the game, there’s a special moment during your turn. You can activate a unique power, but there’s a catch – you have to choose a character to lose theirs. This decision lasts until the game ends.

The character whose ability you’ve taken away won’t be able to use or benefit from their special power. However, Ellen’s ability remains active even if she’s eliminated from the game.

The Explosive Nurse – Fu-ka

Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters UltraFoodMess

During the game, I have a special ability that I can use at the start of my turn. When I declare that I’m going to use my special ability, I get to choose a character. No matter how much damage that character has taken, I can set their damage amount to 7.

Gregor – Ghostly Barrier

Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Let’s talk about a cool ability you can use in a game. During the game, you can use this ability at the end of your turn, after you’ve finished attacking and making judgments about characters. Pretty handy, right?

So, when you use this ability, you basically become immune to damage until your next turn starts. It’s like having a shield that keeps you safe. If a Hermit card tells you to take damage, you can just say “Nothing happens” and you won’t get hurt. How cool is that?

Now, here’s the catch. This ability won’t protect you against effects that change the amount of damage you take, like healing effects or the white card “First Aid”. It’s good to know the limits, you know?

Ultra Soul – (Murder Ray)

Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters UltraFoodMess

When your turn begins, you have the option to inflict 3 points of damage on a single character located at the “Underworld Gate”.

Valkyrie – (horn Of War Outbreak)

Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters UltraFoodMess

When I attack another character, I simply roll the 4-sided die and deal the damage equal to the number rolled.

Wight – (multiplication)

Additional 10 Characters of Shadow Hunters UltraFoodMess

During the game, you can use this ability at the end of your turn. This is after all the attacking and deciding who dies. Or, you can choose not to attack at all.

You can keep going a few more times depending on how many characters have died so far. It doesn’t count your original turn. For example, if one character is already dead, you can have one extra turn once you finish your regular turn.

Note: If you kill characters during these extra turns, you don’t get even more turns. The number of extra turns is already set depending on how many characters have died by the time you use your ability.

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