Gloomhaven game rules – how to play gloomhaven

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor



Hey there! Welcome to Gloomhaven, where you’ll embark on an epic adventure and forge your own path to fame. In this game, you’ll step into the shoes of a brave adventurer, unleashing your unique skills to leave a lasting impression. While you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shine individually, teamwork is key to accomplishing certain tasks and growing stronger together. Get ready for a thrilling journey that unfolds over multiple sessions, each with its own surprises.

Every choice you make will shape the course of the story. How will your tale unfold? It’s an open book waiting for your imagination to bring it to life.

Getting Started

First, let’s gather all the materials we need to play. Make sure you have everything for your chosen character, as well as a deck of cards. Once you have everything ready, it’s time to set up the scenario. Take a look in the book and place the map tiles and monsters in their proper positions.

You will be dealt two battle goals. Choose one to keep and discard the other. Then, it’s time to choose your ability cards. Select as many cards as your character can hold in their hand. Once you have chosen your cards, we are ready to begin.

Let the Game Begin

When you play a game, you’ll go through a series of rounds in a particular scenario. You keep playing until you either lose or win in that scenario. Every round is made up of four steps that everyone has to complete.

First, you have to choose whether to play two cards from your hand or take a break and rest for the rest of the round. Then, you reveal your cards, and at the same time, the monsters also reveal their ability cards. Starting with the player or monster with the lowest initiative, everyone takes turns and carries out their actions. Finally, the round comes to an end, and there might be some things that need to be tidied up.

So, here’s the deal: when we’re playing this game, we can talk to each other, but we gotta be careful about what we say. The thing is, we can’t show our cards to anyone else, and we can’t spill the beans on what numbers or names our cards have. But don’t worry, we can still drop some hints about what we’re planning to do.

Now, when we decide to take a breather, whether it’s a quick one or a long one, we get to collect all the cards we’ve thrown away and add them back to our hand. There’s just one catch – we gotta leave one card behind.

Gloomhaven game rules - how to play gloomhaven

The Game is Over

After all the characters and monsters have had their turns, the round is brought to a close. But, before we can determine the end of the game, a few cleanup steps may be necessary. When a scenario reaches its conclusion, the players will find out if they succeeded or failed. Regardless, the players will calculate the experience and loot their characters acquired during the scenario.

If the players successfully completed the scenario, congratulations! They’ve won the game! This allows them to delve into the concluding text of the scenario and reap the rewards. In the case of a standalone game, the players can assess their performance based on the money and experience they’ve earned.

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