Giant jenga game rules – how to play giant jenga

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Welcome to the World of Giant Jenga!

Have you ever played the classic game Jenga? I bet you have! But did you know that there’s a giant version of this game called Giant Jenga? It’s amazing! Let me tell you all about it.

Giant Jenga is just like regular Jenga, but on a much grander scale. Instead of small blocks, you play with massive ones. And instead of a normal-sized tower, you build a towering giant! It’s like Jenga, but bigger and better!

The official Giant Jenga game comes in three different sizes. The most popular ones are the JS7, which has a 5-foot tower, and the JS6, which has a 4-foot tower. If you prefer a smaller version, there’s also the JS4, with a 3-foot tower. Whatever size you choose, one thing is for sure – you’re in for a big dose of fun!

How to Set It Up

So, let’s talk about setting up the Giant Jenga game. It’s a fun and exciting game that you and your friends can enjoy. Now, before we start, I want to make sure you know that we won’t be using the loading tray this time. Instead, we’ll set up the blocks directly on a level surface.

Okay, here’s how you do it. Take three blocks and stick them together side by side. Then, place this trio on the playing surface. Next, grab three more blocks and rotate them 90 degrees from the first row. Place this second row on top of the first one. Make sure the blocks are facing the same direction as the first row.

Keep repeating this process of stacking and alternating the direction of the blocks until you have all 18 rows of the tower set up. And there you have it – the Giant Jenga tower is ready to go!

Now, let’s talk about gameplay.

Giant jenga game rules - how to play giant jenga

So, here’s how the game of Giant Jenga works. First, we need to determine who goes first, and we do that by playing a quick game of rock, paper, scissors. The winner gets to go first.

Now, the fun part begins. The first player approaches the tower and carefully selects a block to remove. But here’s the catch – you can’t choose one of the top three blocks. Once you’ve chosen your block, you need to place it on top of the tower, making it even taller.

Now it’s the second player’s turn. They also pick a block from the tower, but remember, you can’t touch the top three blocks. Just like before, you place the block on top of the tower to keep building it higher.

The game continues like this, with each player taking turns and carefully removing and placing blocks on the tower. The tension builds as the tower gets taller and more unstable.

But wait, let’s make things a little more challenging. We can play with a rule called the touch play rule. If you touch a block, you must remove that block. So be careful where you place your hands!

And now, the end of the game.

In Giant Jenga, there is no winner. But there is a loser – the unfortunate player who causes the tower to fall. It’s a tough break, but it happens. And as tradition dictates, the loser is in charge of setting up the next game. So, there’s always a chance for redemption.

If you want to determine a champion, try playing this game in an elimination format. Each round, eliminate one player until only one remains – the ultimate victor!

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