Claim reinforcements magic game rules – how to play claim reinforcements magic

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor




Hey there, magic enthusiasts! Let’s talk about Claim Reinforcements: Magic, the expansion that can be played with Claim or Claim 2. Brace yourselves because three captivating factions are stepping onto the battlefield, bringing exciting changes to the game. Get ready to play with Wizards wielding powerful potions, Druids morphing into fierce bears, and Shapeshifters manipulating the fate of the cards they win.


Claim’s Magic expansion comes packed with 58 thrilling playing cards. You’ll find a tantalizing assortment of 18 Artifact cards, 30 faction cards, and 10 awe-inspiring Potion cards in the deck. But that’s not all! Prepare to discover four fresh factions: Wizards, Druids, and Shapeshifters. Keep in mind, the potions are exclusively used when the Wizards join the game.

Oh, and don’t worry about forgetting the rules. We’ve got you covered with two handy player reference cards included in the box. No magic-induced memory lapses here!


Hey there! Did you know that each faction in the game has a special ability? It’s pretty cool! Let me tell you all about it.


So, when you add the Wizard faction to your deck, something magical happens. You take all the Potion cards, give them a good shuffle, and put them in a pile face down. Exciting, right?

Now, here’s the fun part. If you win a trick with a Wizard card, you get to draw one of those mysterious potion cards and place it face down in front of you. But hold on, there’s a catch – you can’t actually look at the card. It’s a secret!

But don’t worry, it gets even cooler. Once you have a potion card, you can use it in a very sneaky way. Just flip it over to reveal its magic powers, and then play one of your other cards. The potion might do some crazy stuff, like make your card stronger or weaker. How awesome is that?

Claim reinforcements magic game rules - how to play claim reinforcements magic

Claim reinforcements magic game rules - how to play claim reinforcements magic


Hey there! Let’s talk about Druids in Phase 1 of the game. If you play as a Druid and end up losing a trick, don’t worry! You get to keep that card in front of you and flip it over to activate the Bear side. Cool, right?

Now, here’s the interesting part. The card you play for the next trick will get a boost of +3 added to its rank. Isn’t that neat? So, even if you lost a trick, you’ll have a better chance of winning the next one as a Druid.

Once you’ve experienced the power of the Druid Bear, it’s time to say goodbye. The bear card will be discarded from the game after you’ve used it. But hey, it’s all worth it for the advantage it gives you, don’t you think?

Claim reinforcements magic game rules - how to play claim reinforcements magic


Hey there! Let me tell you about a cool card called the Shapeshifter. When you play a Shapeshifter card during Phase 1, it switches places with the face-up card that everyone is trying to get. So now, you get to play the card you just switched, and everyone else is going to compete over the Shapeshifter. It’s like a fun game of swapping and competing at the same time!

Claim reinforcements magic game rules - how to play claim reinforcements magic


Hey there! So, at the start of the game, we mix up the artifact deck and give each player three cards. You can take a peek at your own cards, but don’t let your opponent see them. Each artifact card has something special it can do and some rules about when you can use it.

Claim reinforcements magic game rules - how to play claim reinforcements magic


When the game is coming to an end, the Crown of Light enters the scene. You can add this card to any of your factions, and it will count as a 5 in that faction.


The Serpent Sword is a unique artifact that you can play alongside a card from your hand. It will give that card a boost of +3.


During Phase 2 of the game, you have the opportunity to play the Horn of Silence. At the end of a trick, right before the cards are collected, everyone gets to keep the card they played and add it to their Score Pile. The next trick will still be led by the player who would have won.


If you find yourself losing a trick in Phase 2, don’t worry! You can play the Spear of Vengeance to seek revenge. This artifact allows you to permanently remove one of the played cards from the game. It cannot be collected by any player.


Enhancing Your Game Strategy with Special Cards

During the exhilarating game of Phase 1, there’s a card known as the Crystal Ball that can come to your rescue if you happen to lose a trick. When you play the Crystal Ball, instead of drawing just one card, you get to draw three cards from the draw pile. Take a moment to look at these cards, choose the one that captures your attention, and then shuffle the other two cards right back into the deck. It’s like having a peek into the future!

The Fool’s Crystal

Once you find yourself in the midst of Phase 2, and your card collection is growing in the Score Pile, you can play the Fool’s Crystal. This clever move allows you to take a card from your hand and place it back into the Score Pile. It’s a nifty little trick to keep your options open!

The Magician’s Horse

Just when the trick is about to come to an end, but before the cards are collected, the Magician’s Horse enters the scene. By playing this card, you get to swap the card you just played with one card from your hand. It’s like a bit of magic that can surprise your opponents and give you an edge. After the swap, the winner and loser of the trick are determined. Keep them guessing!

Flying Boots

Imagine this: you’re deep into the game, and suddenly, you feel the need for a boost. That’s when the Flying Boots come into play. These incredible boots can be played at any time, giving you an immediate advantage. When you play the Flying Boots, the next two cards you play will have a +2 bonus. It’s like soaring through the game with extra power!


This neat little card is like a secret weapon during scoring. Instead of just being a regular Faction card, it becomes an extra Faction card. But here’s the cool part – you get to choose which Faction card it goes under! Plus, when you play this card before collecting your score cards, you also get to discard one Faction card that you collected after the trick. Just remember, you can only play this card during Phase 2.


Imagine winning a trick and then getting three cards from your opponent’s hand. Well, with the Eternal Lantern, that’s exactly what you get to do! After winning a trick in Phase 2, you can snatch three cards from your opponent’s hand, take a peek at them, and then give them back. But wait, there’s a catch – your opponent must have five or more cards in their hand for you to use this amazing Artifact.


If you hate losing tricks and want a chance at redemption, then the Staff of Order is your new best friend. When you lose a trick, simply whip out this card and you get to lead the next trick. It’s like turning the tables and showing everyone who’s boss! Oh, and here’s the best part – you can use this card during either phase. Talk about versatility!


When we reach Phase 2, something interesting happens with the Frost Necklace. You see, both players have to play their cards to the trick, and when that happens, we put those two cards aside for a moment. Then, we go ahead and play another trick. But here’s the twist – the player who wins the second trick actually wins the first one too! And guess what? They get to collect all of the cards! As for the Frost Necklace, well, it gets discarded.

Now, let’s talk about the Divine Hourglass. Brace yourself for a time warp! Once both players have played their cards to the trick, we can play the Divine Hourglass. And what does it do? It magically returns both cards to the players’ hands and lets us start a brand new trick!
Shield of the Veil is another fascinating card. This time, we get to play it while our opponent is busy playing their card. And you know what it does? It deducts a whopping -3 from the power of our opponent’s card! Talk about a game-changer!
Now, let’s turn our attention to the mighty Stein of Kings. If we play this card along with a card from our hand, something incredible happens – we can actually change the faction of our card! Isn’t that cool? It’s like a power-up for our card!
Last but not least, we have the Axe of the Clouds. This card is special because when we play it along with a card from our hand, we have the ability to change the faction of our card. It’s like a burst of power that takes our game to a whole new level!

Here’s a cool card trick for you to try! When you play this card, the next two cards that your opponent plays will have their rank reduced by 2!


If you’re the one leading the trick, you can play the Lover’s Bow card. This card lets you play two cards instead of just one. The suit of your first card determines the suit that your opponent must follow with their second card. And guess what? Your opponent also gets to play two cards! But they have to follow suit if they can.


Now, here’s a nifty move. When you play the second card to a trick, you can play the Night Ring card. The cool thing about this card is that you don’t have to match the lead faction. All you need to do is play a higher number to win, regardless of the faction.

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