Eclipse Alien Species

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Eclipse Alien Species

Every once in a full moon, a peculiar phenomenon occurs that truly baffles scientists and conspiracy theorists alike. You see, during a solar eclipse, some individuals claim to have witnessed the appearance of extraterrestrial beings.

Imagine this: the sun’s radiant light is suddenly obscured, casting an eerie shadow across the land. It’s as if the world itself holds its breath. In that moment, when the sun and the moon align perfectly, something otherworldly occurs. The veil between our realm and the unknown is momentarily lifted, revealing glimpses of alien life forms.

Now, I know what you must be thinking – this sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie. But I assure you, this phenomenon is very real, and it has captivated the imaginations of people all over the world.

When it comes to these alleged encounters, one must take everything with a grain of salt. Stories of alien sightings during eclipses are often met with skepticism and dismissed as mere figments of imagination. However, there are those who adamantly believe in the existence of these eclipse aliens, pointing to a variety of eerie sensations and unexplainable events as evidence.

Some eyewitnesses claim to have felt a strange tingling sensation, as if they were being touched by an otherworldly force. Others report vivid dreams or visions that seem to be messages from beyond. The strange part is, these experiences are not limited to a specific region or culture – they span across continents and throughout history.

But what exactly are these eclipse aliens? Are they visitors from distant galaxies, or are they simply a product of our overactive imaginations? The truth is, we don’t really know. The mystery of the eclipse aliens is one that continues to elude us, shrouded in enigma and intrigue.

Some scientists propose that these encounters may be the result of a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia, where our brains attempt to find familiar patterns in random stimuli. In other words, our minds may be playing tricks on us, making us see things that aren’t really there.

Regardless of the explanation, it’s clear that the concept of eclipse aliens captures our collective fascination. It taps into our innate curiosity about the unknown, igniting our imagination and challenging the boundaries of what we believe to be possible.

So, the next time you find yourself watching a solar eclipse, I encourage you to embrace the mystery and let your imagination run wild. Who knows, you might just catch a glimpse of a visitor from a far-off world, right here on our own.

Once upon a time, Epsilon Eridani was the shining jewel of the Empire. The system was a breathtaking spectacle, with entire moons and even planets crafted to honor the boundless power and wisdom of the Forever Emperor.

The Empire possessed unimaginable wealth, the likes of which had never been seen before. However, after enduring what they now call the Silent Era, the Empire has been reduced to ruins.

The once bountiful resources of the capital system have been depleted, and the Empire’s power has crumbled away. Despite these setbacks, the Heirs of the Empire have not lost hope. They believe that a new era may dawn in the unexplored systems of the galaxy.

How Are They Different From Terrans?
  • #image.jpgAt the beginning of the game, they draw two random Reputation Tiles.
  • #image.jpgWith a single Move action, they can move up to two ships or one ship twice.

I am going to help you understand the Hydran Progress species in the game Eclipse. There are a few important things you should know. First, the Hydran Progress has two Influence Discs instead of three. This means that you leave the two rightmost circles on the Influence Track empty.

Next, let’s talk about the Reputation Track. This is an important part of the game. There is an image of the Reputation Track for you to reference.

Now, let’s discuss the different ship blueprints for the Hydran Progress. They start with three initial technologies: Gauss Shield, Fusion Drive, and Plasma Cannon. Additionally, there is a trade rate image that you can refer to. The starting sector number for the Hydran Progress is 222. Lastly, there is an image of the starting storage for this species.

I hope this information helps you better understand the Hydran Progress species in Eclipse. If you like this species, you will love playing as them in the game. Good luck and have fun exploring the universe!


Never satisfied, never complete. Progress is always pushing forward, always striving for more.

The Hydrans, unlike any other species in the Seven, have fully embraced technology. They constantly evolve and enhance their society and even themselves with new inventions.

The pace of their technological advancement is unmatched. It’s like they’re on a never-ending sprint.

While their achievements may seem out of reach for most, the universities and laboratories of Beta Hydri are revered by scientists throughout the galaxy.

How the Hydrans Differ from Terrans:
  • #image.jpgWhen I engage in research, I have the ability to acquire two technologies instead of just one.
  • #image.jpgWhen I move my ships, I have the flexibility to move up to two ships at once or move one ship twice.

During the game setup, don’t forget to place a Population Cube in the Advanced Science Population Square on the Starting System. Look at the Reputation Track by checking out the image: [insert Reputation Track image]. The starting technologies you have are Advanced Labs. The trade rate can be seen in the image: [insert Trade Rate image]. Your starting sector number is 224. And finally, take a look at your starting storage in the image: [insert Starting Storage image].

Now let’s talk about the Planta alien species. Planta is an interesting and unique species in the game. They have the ability to generate additional Rockets. This is a powerful advantage that can give you an edge in the game. However, it also comes with its own challenges.

One of the key things to keep in mind when playing as the Planta is to focus on expanding your territory. With the ability to generate more Rockets, you can quickly colonize new sectors and establish a strong presence on the game board. This can give you access to more resources and increase your chances of success.

Additionally, it’s important to balance your expansion with defense. While having a large territory is beneficial, it also makes you a target for other players. So, make sure to protect your sectors and be prepared for potential attacks. This will help you maintain your advantage throughout the game.

Interpreting your opponents’ actions is another crucial aspect of playing as the Planta. By observing their moves and strategies, you can anticipate their next moves and plan your own accordingly. This will give you an upper hand and allow you to make the most out of your abilities.

In conclusion, playing as the Planta requires a mix of offensive and defensive strategies. Expanding your territory while maintaining a strong defense is key to success. By understanding the unique abilities of the Planta and adapting your gameplay accordingly, you can maximize your chances of winning. So, if you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience, the Planta is a great choice for you. Good luck!


Out of all the species in the Seven, the Planta are the most unique. Despite their distinctiveness, they have always been valued members of the Council. As a moss-like species with a collective consciousness, it can sometimes be challenging to understand their true intentions.

In the vast Cygnus system, the Planta have claimed vast territories, covering planets and moons with their lush vegetation. Surprisingly, they are content with just expanding their growth into new systems, working harmoniously with other species who see them as peaceful companions.

The Planta are highly skilled navigators, a trait that earns them great respect in the realm of interplanetary trade.

How They Differ from Terrans:
  • #image.jpgWhen you use the Explore action, you can explore two hexes in a row.

So, here’s the deal. When you want to move your ships in the game, you can either move two ships or one ship twice. It’s up to you. Also, you get four colony ships to use. Just keep in mind that if an enemy ship attacks your population cubes during the combat phase, they’re gonna get destroyed. Now, here’s something cool – if you have control over a hex at the end of the game, you get one extra victory point. Sweet, right? Oh, and don’t forget about the reputation track. That’s important too. And finally, you’ll have access to different ship blueprints! How awesome is that? At the start of the game, you’ll have a Starbase as your initial technology, and your trade rate is determined by this symbol: exchange rate

2:1. Your starting sector number is 226. So there you have it – all the important info you need to get started. Have fun!

“Let me tell you about storage! It’s a way to keep your things safe and organized. You might already know about the different types of storage, like closets or cabinets. But have you ever thought about starting storage? It’s an important concept to consider.

Starting storage means finding a place to keep your things from the beginning. It’s like creating a home for your belongings right from the start. And when it comes to storage, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you need to choose the right type of storage. Think about what you want to store and how much space you have. Do you need a big storage unit or just a small box? It’s important to understand your needs before making a choice.

Next, think about where you want to put your storage. Do you have a spare room or a garage? Maybe you want to use a storage facility. It’s up to you to decide what works best for your situation.

And if you like to be organized, you’ll love starting storage. It can help you keep everything in its place and make it easy to find what you’re looking for. With these factors in mind, you can create a storage system that works for you.

So, when it comes to starting storage, remember that it’s all about finding the right type of storage and deciding where to put it. By following these tips, you can elevate your organization game and keep your things safe and sound. Happy storing!”


The Descendants are said to be directly related to the Ancients, but there’s no solid evidence to back up this claim. However, the data suggests that when Descendants come into contact with Ancients, they have a better chance of survival compared to the other Seven.

Hailing from the Draco system, the Descendants are a bit mysterious. They are a recognized part of the Galactic Council, but their Ambassadors often make others feel uneasy.

How They Differ From Terrans:

Descendants have the ability to have Ships in hexes where Ancients are present, but they cannot engage in battles with the Ancients. They can place Influence Discs in these hexes and cannot collect Discovery Tiles from them.

When I explore, I have the option to turn 2 hexes and choose one, or discard both. It’s like a little game within the game, keeping me on my toes. And when I move, I can either move up to two ships, or move one ship twice. It’s all about strategic decision-making.

There’s even a way for me to earn victory points through Ancient Ships. If I have any left on the game board at the end of the game, I get 1 victory point for each one. It’s a great incentive to keep them around.

The Reputation Track is also an important feature. It helps me keep track of my standing in the game and how well I’m doing compared to others. It adds a layer of competition and makes the game more dynamic.

The trade rate is another factor to consider. It determines how much I can get in return for my resources when I engage in trade. It’s all about maximizing my gains and making smart decisions.

For the Mechanema species, the starting sector number is 228. It gives me a specific starting point and sets the stage for my strategy. Additionally, the starting storage capacity is also important. It determines how much I can store and use in the beginning, shaping my early gameplay.

Overall, these gameplay mechanics add depth and strategy to the game. They keep me engaged, constantly making decisions and adapting my strategy. It’s a thrilling experience that keeps me coming back for more.

I’m excited to share with you some fascinating information about the Mechanema, a species that has recently become a full member of the Council.

It took a long time for the Mechanema to gain this recognition. They had to prove themselves as sentient beings, just like the other Seven species. Eventually, the Council assigned the Auriga system as their homeland.

The story of the Mechanema begins in the early days of the Galactic Center. Back then, artificial intelligences from different species started integrating with each other.

One thing the Mechanema are highly regarded for is their technological advancements. In fact, they were the ones who originally designed the basic Ship types that are now commonly used by spacefaring races.

How do they differ from Terrans?
    #image.jpgWhen you upgrade your ship, you have the option to take up to three Ship Part Tiles from the Supply Board. This allows you to enhance your ship with new and improved components, making it more powerful and versatile in space. #image.jpgIf you choose to build, you can create up to three new Ships or Structures. This gives you the opportunity to expand your fleet and establish new bases and outposts across the galaxy. #image.jpgWhen it’s time to move, you can either move two Ships or move one Ship twice. This allows you to strategically position your fleet and explore new sectors of space.

    You also have the advantage of cheaper Building costs, meaning you can construct new Ships and Structures at a lower cost than other species. This enables you to expand your empire more rapidly and efficiently.

    On the Reputation Track, your species earns points based on your actions and achievements. By making wise decisions and accomplishing specific goals, you can increase your reputation and gain special benefits and bonuses.

    As for your initial technologies, you begin the game with the Positron Computer. This advanced technology gives you a head start in research and innovation, allowing you to unlock new abilities and advancements sooner than other species.

    When it comes to trading, your species has a unique trade rate that benefits you in commerce and resource management. You are skilled in negotiations and can secure favorable deals and exchanges with other civilizations.

    Your starting sector number is 230, indicating your initial position in the galaxy. This determines your starting point and sets the stage for your initial expansion and exploration.

    Lastly, your species has a starting storage capacity that gives you an advantage in resource management. With more storage space, you can stockpile resources and maintain a robust economy, ensuring your species thrives and prospers in the vastness of space.

    Orion Hegemony

    Welcome to the world of the Orion Hegemony! Here, you and I will embark on a journey through the vastness of space, exploring the wonders and mysteries that lie beyond our home planet. This captivating and thrilling adventure awaits us, as we delve into the unknown and unlock the secrets of the universe.

    So, what exactly is the Orion Hegemony? It is a fascinating concept that brings together various civilizations and species, creating a harmonious and united front. This coming together of diverse beings forms a cohesive and powerful society, where each individual contributes their unique strengths and talents.

    Picture this: a tapestry of intergalactic cultures, traditions, and ideas woven together, creating a rich and vibrant mosaic. It is a place where the boundaries between worlds blur, and an exchange of knowledge and experiences takes place, enriching the lives of all who are a part of it.

    As I navigate through this breathtaking cosmic landscape, I marvel at the beauty and diversity that surrounds me. The wonders of distant galaxies, the twinkling stars that beckon me into the unknown, and the awe-inspiring celestial bodies that dot the vast expanse of space – all of this is a testament to the infinite possibilities that exist within the Orion Hegemony.

    But this grand adventure is not without its challenges. As we traverse the vastness of space, we encounter unforeseen obstacles and adversities. It is in these moments that we must tap into our innate resilience and resourcefulness. The Orion Hegemony equips us with the tools necessary to overcome these hurdles, allowing us to grow and evolve on our journey.

    Through collaboration and cooperation, we can overcome these challenges and emerge stronger than ever. As we encounter new civilizations and encounter strange phenomena, we learn and adapt, expanding our horizons and understanding of the universe.

    In the Orion Hegemony, there is always something new to discover, something mind-boggling to unravel. The mysteries of the cosmos are infinite, and our thirst for knowledge is insatiable. This grand expedition calls to the adventurous spirit within me, urging me to push the boundaries of what is known and explore the unexplored.

    So, my friend, are you ready to embark on this remarkable journey with me? Are you prepared to let your curiosity guide you as we venture into the depths of the Orion Hegemony? If so, then brace yourself for an extraordinary experience that will leave you in awe and wonder.

    Together, we will navigate the stars, unravel the mysteries, and forge connections with beings from across the universe. The Orion Hegemony beckons us to step into the unknown, to embrace the unknown, and to seek knowledge and adventure beyond our wildest dreams.

    Let us embark on this magnificent journey together, and let the wonders of the Orion Hegemony ignite our imaginations and expand our understanding of the cosmos. The universe awaits, my friend. Are you ready?

    The Hegemony, originally from the Orion system, has been actively patrolling the galaxy for a long time. Their fleets are famous for their presence and power.

    The tragic incident involving the Terran Federation Dreadnought “Juri Gagarin” and its fleet might have been a result of a misunderstanding during the first contact between different species.

    This misunderstanding led to a long and brutal war, where the Hegemony’s military strength seemed unstoppable. This is how they earned their well-known name.

    However, after the war, peace was established, and the species started collaborating through the creation of the original Galactic Center. The Hegemony is now recognized as a kind and benevolent species, and their past as a ruthless war machine is considered a mere historical fact.

    How Hegemony Differs from Terrans:

      When it comes to the aliens known as the Eridani, there are a few key features that set them apart. Are you curious to learn more about them? Well, I’m here to tell you all about it! Let’s dive in and explore what makes the Eridani so fascinating.

      • #image.jpgFirst off, the Eridani start the game with a Cruiser instead of an Interceptor. This gives them a boost right from the beginning.
      • #image.jpgWith their Move action, the Eridani have the ability to move up to two ships or move one ship twice. This flexibility allows them to strategically position their forces.
      • #image.jpgThe Eridani have their own Reputation Track, which measures their standing in the game. It’s important to keep an eye on this track and make sure you’re making the right moves to elevate your reputation.
      • The Eridani also have unique ship blueprints. These blueprints give them access to special technologies and abilities that other players don’t have.
      • Initial Technologies: Neutron Bombs and Gauss Shield. The Eridani start with these powerful technologies right from the get-go, giving them an edge in combat.
      • Trade rate:#image.jpgThe Eridani have their own unique trade rate, which affects how they interact with other players economically. It’s something you’ll want to consider when striking up deals.
      • Starting Sector number: 232. The Eridani have a specific starting sector number that determines where they begin their journey in the galaxy.
      • Starting Storage:#image.jpgThe Eridani begin the game with their own starting storage, which provides them with a head start in resource management.

      So, as you can see, the Eridani bring a unique set of abilities and advantages to the table. If you’re looking for a race that offers flexibility, power, and interesting strategic choices, then you’ll love playing as the Eridani. Just remember, it’s important to take these factors into account and adapt your gameplay accordingly. Good luck out there!

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