Wingspan Board Game: A Comprehensive Manual and Strategy Guide

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Wingspan Board Game: A Comprehensive Manual and Strategy Guide

Wingspan Board Game: A Comprehensive Manual and Strategy Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Wingspan, the award-winning board game that takes you on a journey through the world of birds! Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the rules or an experienced player seeking advanced strategies, this comprehensive manual has got you covered.

Wingspan is a beautifully designed game that combines stunning artwork, strategic gameplay, and a deep understanding of avian ecology. In this game, you’ll take on the role of a bird enthusiast, competing with other players to attract the most diverse and impressive collection of birds to your wildlife reserve.

But how do you play? The game is played over four rounds, with each round representing a season of the year. During each round, players will take turns performing various actions to attract birds, lay eggs, gather food, and activate powerful bird abilities. The goal is to accumulate the most points by the end of the game, which is achieved by strategically selecting and playing bird cards, managing resources, and optimizing your actions.

This guide will walk you through the rules of the game, step by step, ensuring that you have a solid understanding of the gameplay mechanics. Additionally, it will provide you with invaluable tips and strategies to help you make the most out of each turn and maximize your chances of victory. Whether you prefer a more aggressive or a more passive approach, there’s a strategy in here that will suit your playstyle.

So, get ready to spread your wings and soar to new heights in the world of Wingspan. Whether you’re a nature lover, a strategy enthusiast, or simply looking for a fun and engaging board game to play with friends and family, Wingspan is sure to captivate you with its unique blend of beauty and brains. Let’s dive in and discover the secrets of this extraordinary game!


Wingspan Board Game: A Comprehensive Manual and Strategy Guide

Wingspan is a visually stunning board game that comes with a variety of high-quality components. The game includes:

Game Board

The game board is the centerpiece of Wingspan. It features a beautifully illustrated bird habitat, complete with different types of terrain and spaces for cards and tokens.

Bird Cards

Wingspan Board Game: A Comprehensive Manual and Strategy Guide

The bird cards are the heart of the game. Each card features a unique bird species, along with information about its habitat, wingspan, and special abilities. The artwork on the cards is incredibly detailed and realistic, making the game a visual treat.

Egg Miniatures

Wingspan Board Game: A Comprehensive Manual and Strategy Guide

The game includes a set of colorful egg miniatures, which represent the eggs laid by the bird species. These miniatures add a tactile element to the game and make it more immersive.

Food Tokens

Wingspan Board Game: A Comprehensive Manual and Strategy Guide

Wingspan comes with a variety of food tokens, representing different types of food that birds can eat. These tokens are used to feed the birds and activate their abilities. The tokens are made of sturdy cardboard and have beautiful illustrations.

Action Cubes

Wingspan Board Game: A Comprehensive Manual and Strategy Guide

The game includes a set of action cubes, which players use to take actions on their turn. These cubes are made of wood and have a pleasing weight to them.

Player Mats

Each player receives a player mat, which helps them organize their cards and track their resources. The player mats are made of thick cardboard and have a functional design.

Goal Tiles

Wingspan Board Game: A Comprehensive Manual and Strategy Guide

Wingspan includes a set of goal tiles, which provide additional objectives for players to pursue. These tiles add replayability to the game and encourage strategic decision-making.

These components, along with the rulebook and other miscellaneous tokens, come together to create a visually appealing and engaging gaming experience in Wingspan.

Rules and Instructions

Wingspan is a strategic board game designed for 1 to 5 players. In this game, players take on the role of bird enthusiasts seeking to discover and attract the best birds to their aviaries. The player with the most points at the end of four rounds wins the game.


1 Game Board 5 Player Mats 170 Bird Cards
26 Bonus Cards 75 Egg Miniatures 5 Custom Dice
40 Wooden Bird Tokens 103 Food Tokens 1 Automa Deck


1. Place the game board in the center of the table.

2. Give each player a player mat, which represents their aviary, and place it in front of them.

3. Shuffle the bird cards and place them face-down in a draw pile.

4. Shuffle the bonus cards and place them face-down in a separate draw pile.

5. Place the food tokens and egg miniatures within reach of all players.

6. Each player starts with 5 bird cards and 1 bonus card.

7. Determine the starting player and give them the first player token.


Wingspan is played over four rounds, with each round consisting of four phases:

1. Draw Cards: Each player draws bird cards from the draw pile to replenish their hand.

2. Play Cards: Players take turns playing bird cards from their hand onto their player mat, following the placement rules.

3. Activate Abilities: Players activate the abilities of the birds they have played, gaining resources and taking actions.

4. End of Round: Players score points based on the birds in their aviary and prepare for the next round.


Players score points based on the birds in their aviary, bonus cards, and end-of-round goals. Points are awarded for various factors, such as the number of birds, their habitats, eggs laid, and bonus card objectives.

The player with the most points at the end of the fourth round is the winner.


Now that you understand the rules and instructions of Wingspan, gather your friends and start attracting the most beautiful and diverse birds to your aviary. Good luck and enjoy the game!

Strategies for Success

Wingspan Board Game: A Comprehensive Manual and Strategy Guide

Wingspan is a game that requires careful planning and strategic thinking in order to be successful. Here are some strategies that can help you improve your chances of winning:

1. Focus on diversity: One of the key aspects of Wingspan is the variety of bird cards available. Instead of focusing on a single type of bird, try to collect a diverse range of species. This will not only help you score more points but also give you more options for activating special abilities.

2. Pay attention to habitat requirements: Each bird card has specific habitat requirements, such as forest, grassland, or wetland. Make sure to pay attention to these requirements when choosing which birds to play. By creating habitats that match the birds’ needs, you can maximize their abilities and score more points.

3. Plan your actions carefully: In Wingspan, you have a limited number of actions each turn. It’s important to plan ahead and make the most of each action. Consider the potential benefits and consequences of each move, and prioritize actions that will help you achieve your goals.

4. Utilize bird powers: Many bird cards in Wingspan have special powers that can give you an advantage. Take the time to read and understand these powers, and use them strategically to gain an edge over your opponents. Combining different bird powers can also lead to powerful combos.

5. Keep an eye on the end-of-round goals: Each round in Wingspan has a specific goal that can earn you bonus points. Make sure to keep these goals in mind and adjust your strategy accordingly. Sometimes it may be worth sacrificing short-term gains to secure a higher score at the end of the round.

6. Adapt to the changing game state: As the game progresses, the available bird cards and resources will change. Be flexible and adapt your strategy accordingly. Don’t be afraid to change your focus or switch tactics if it will give you a better chance of success.

7. Manage your resources wisely: Resources such as food and eggs are limited in Wingspan. Make sure to manage them wisely and use them efficiently. Don’t waste resources on unnecessary actions or birds that won’t contribute to your overall strategy.

8. Keep an eye on your opponents: Pay attention to what your opponents are doing and adjust your strategy accordingly. If you see them focusing on a particular strategy, try to counter it or find a way to benefit from it. Keep track of their bird cards and actions to anticipate their moves.

9. Don’t neglect the bonus cards: Bonus cards can provide additional points and special abilities. Don’t neglect them and try to collect them whenever possible. They can give you a significant advantage and help you secure victory.

10. Practice and learn from experience: Like any strategy game, Wingspan requires practice and experience to master. Play the game regularly and learn from your mistakes. Analyze your past games and identify areas where you can improve. With time and practice, you’ll become a more successful Wingspan player.

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