You laugh you drink game rules – how to play

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Hey there, are you always the one cracking jokes and making everyone laugh? If that’s you, then You Laugh You Drink is the perfect card game for you! The whole point of this game is to try and make your friends burst out laughing!

But beware, this game is not for the weak-hearted or those who can’t control their laughter! You need a strong will and thick skin to hold it together. It’s all about having a good time, laughing your hearts out, and enjoying some drinks with your buddies.

Hey there! Let me tell you about these awesome cards that I have. They are designed to make you laugh, and they might even make the person you’re playing with laugh too!

These cards are packed with funny and silly ideas. Each one is more ridiculous than the last. Let me give you a taste: one card dares you to get as close to your target without actually touching them. Another card challenges you to pretend you’re Santa Claus after a few too many drinks, talking to your head elf. Oh, and there’s also a card that asks you to embarrassingly spill the beans about the person you’re targeting. And let’s not forget about the shy version of the Magic Mike dance!

You laugh you drink game rules - how to play

It’s time for a game! In each round of this game, the Joker gets to pick someone to make laugh. The person chosen as the target has to do their best to stay serious and not crack a smile while the card’s instructions are carried out. Everyone else can laugh as much as they want, but the target has to try their hardest to keep a straight face. It’s a tough job for the target, but that’s what makes it fun for the joker!

You laugh you drink game rules - how to play

Let me tell you about a fun game that I discovered. It’s called “The Straight Face Challenge,” and trust me, it’s a blast!

Here’s how it works: when you play this game, the goal is to keep a straight face while others try to make you laugh. And here’s the catch – if you crack a smile or burst into laughter, you have to take a drink as a punishment!

Imagine the challenge – trying your best not to laugh while your friends are doing everything they can to make you crack. The game gets even more exciting as the rounds go on and everyone starts to get a little tipsy!

You see, “The Straight Face Challenge” isn’t just any ordinary card game. It’s a game that brings people together, creates lots of laughter, and makes for unforgettable memories. So, if you’re up for a fun-filled evening with friends, this game is definitely for you!

You laugh you drink game rules - how to play

I have a game recommendation that is guaranteed to make your parties absolutely uproarious. Your friends will be laughing and cheering as they enjoy a fun-filled evening.

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Getting started with You Laugh You Drink is a breeze. Just shuffle the cards and place them face down in the middle of the group. Everyone should gather around the table, each with a drink in hand. Once the first joker card is chosen, the game is good to go!

You laugh you drink game rules - how to play


Let’s get started by having someone pick a card with a funny prompt. This person will be the Joker. Now, the Joker takes a look at the card and keeps it to themselves.

Next, the Joker picks their target within the group. The target’s challenge is to resist laughing while the Joker tries their best to make them crack up. The Joker’s main objective, of course, is to make the target laugh as quickly as possible by carrying out the actions described on the card.

You laugh you drink game rules - how to play

When a card is flipped, I have the option to pass if I don’t want to do what it says. However, if I do choose to pass, I will have to take a sip of shame. Passing means no points are earned or deducted, but it also means I might face ridicule from my friends for being a coward. It’s important to remember that this game is all about being willing to make a fool of yourself and others. So before deciding to pass, keep in mind that you might be missing out on the fun of the game.

You laugh you drink game rules - how to play

When I select my target in the group, I have 30 seconds to entertain them and make them laugh. It’s my job to do whatever is written on my card to bring joy to the group. Everyone else is free to laugh, except for the target. I have complete freedom in how I go about making them laugh, as long as I stick to the instructions on the card and within any rules set before the game. It’s a no-holds-barred challenge, and I’m determined to crack them up!

You laugh you drink game rules - how to play

So, here’s the deal: if you’re the unlucky target and you break and laugh, you gotta drink. But there’s a twist! The Joker, the one who made you break, gets to keep the card and score a point. Now, if you manage to hold it in and not crack up, you get to keep the card and score a point for yourself. Nice! Either way, once the point is settled, it’s time for the next player to take their turn. Ready? Let the game begin!

You laugh you drink game rules - how to play

You laugh you drink game rules - how to play

It’s an interesting game that we’re talking about here. So, let’s get into it!

Now, I want to tell you something – the player who sits on the left side of the Joker, they become the new Joker. It’s like passing the torch, you know? And then, they have to draw a new card and choose a new target. Makes sense, right? But here’s the catch: they can’t pick the same person twice in a row. Gotta keep things fair and interesting!

Now, let’s move on to what happens next. You see, the new Joker has to try their best to make their target laugh at their prompt. It’s all about being funny and creative, you know? Everyone’s got their own style, so they can really shine in this game.

And here’s the thing – the first person to reach seven points wins! It’s all about keeping track of those points and making sure you’re on top of your game. So, get ready to laugh and have a blast!

You laugh you drink game rules - how to play

The Excitement of Finally Winning

Finally, the game reaches its thrilling climax when someone reaches seven points. It’s like an explosion of joy as I become the declared winner. It’s a moment of triumph! The end of the game brings a sense of achievement that’s hard to describe. I feel a surge of power, knowing that I’ve emerged victorious from this battle of wits and luck.

Out of all the drinking games out there, this one stands apart because it has a clear-cut ending. It’s not like those other games that go on and on with no real conclusion. With this game, when someone reaches seven points, it’s over. No more waiting or wondering who will come out on top – I did it!

Now, let me remind you of something important. As exciting as the game can be, it’s crucial to approach it responsibly. Always keep in mind that drinking requires moderation, and it’s essential to prioritize safety. So, as you bask in the glory of your victory, don’t forget to ensure that everyone gets home safe and sound.

You laugh you drink game rules - how to play


Can I play this party game without alcohol if I don’t drink?

Sure! This game is typically played with alcoholic drinks, but if you prefer not to drink, you can still join in the fun with non-alcoholic beverages.

Can I smile or do I have to keep a serious face?

While the idea is to maintain a serious face, players are only penalized if they audibly laugh. So, if you’re able to control your laughter, you can smile as much as you want. The only player who needs to keep a straight face is the target player. Everyone else can laugh to their heart’s content!

Is this game suitable for work or should it be kept private?

This game can have some adult content or language, so it may not be appropriate for a professional or formal setting. It’s best to play this game in a more casual and relaxed environment, like with friends or at home.

Okay, so there are 150 cards in this game, but be careful because some of them might not be suitable for work. If you’re playing with your funny friends, it’s up to you whether or not to remove those cards. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend playing it at the workplace, but hey, who am I to judge? You know your coworkers better than I do!

So, how many people can actually play this game?

This game is designed for 3 or more friends. It’s important that everyone playing is 21 or older and knows how to behave responsibly.

Do the joker cards have any special restrictions?

When it comes to the joker cards, there aren’t any official rules about what they can or can’t do, apart from following the card’s instructions. It’s a good idea for the group to discuss beforehand if there are any limits on things like touching, inside jokes, or being crude. Remember, this game is all about having fun with friends, so make sure you’re comfortable with who you’re playing with!

What if I don’t find my card amusing?

If you’re not amused by your card, you have the option to skip it. However, keep in mind that if you choose to pass, you’ll have to take a sip of shame, and your friends might tease you. And don’t forget that you shouldn’t outdrink the player who’s currently drinking.

Can I laugh if I’m not the one being targeted?

It can be hard to keep a straight face when someone says or does something funny. But here’s the great news: if you’re not the player being targeted, you’re free to let loose and laugh as much as you want! So go ahead and enjoy the hilarity!

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