Field archery game rules – how to learn field archery

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Hey there! Let me tell you about field archery, an awesome sport that mimics a hunter’s adventure. In this game, we get to explore the great outdoors while shooting arrows at targets. These targets can be placed up to 80 yards away and are strategically positioned in difficult terrains.


Field archery is a super cool sport that’s all about pretending to be a hunter. It’s like going on an exciting adventure with your friends! We get to walk around outside and shoot arrows at targets. But these targets aren’t just any old targets – they can be really far away, up to 80 yards! And to make things even more challenging, they’re set up in tricky places, like on hills or behind trees.

Now, let me tell you a bit more about field archery by discussing the setup. When you first arrive at the field archery course, it’s important to take a moment to get your bearings. You’ll notice that the course is divided into different sections called “targets.” Each target has a unique layout and distance, so pay attention!

As I mentioned earlier, the targets can be pretty far away, up to 80 yards. That’s like shooting an arrow the length of a football field! So you’ll have to put some strength behind it and aim carefully. Plus, these targets can be on uneven ground, with hills or trees blocking your shot. It’s like a real-life video game!

In field archery, you’ll also find different types of targets. Some are small and round, while others are shaped like animals. It’s more fun to pretend you’re hunting a bear or a deer, right? Don’t worry, though – the targets aren’t real animals.

So, to sum it up, field archery is a thrilling sport that lets us explore nature while shooting arrows at targets. It’s challenging because the targets can be far away and placed in tricky spots. Oh, and did I mention we get to pretend we’re hunting cool animals? It’s like being in a video game or an action movie. So grab your bow and arrows, and let’s go on a field archery adventure!


When it comes to field archery competitions, they take place in big outdoor spaces with natural forests and different terrains. The competition course is typically vast, but it needs to be the right size so that several targets can be spread out, creating the experience of being a hunter. These targets can be as far as 80 yards away.



In field archery competitions, there are usually three rounds: field, hunter, and animal. In each round, the individual or team that accumulates the highest total points is declared the winner.


When I participate in a field round, I usually encounter 24-28 targets placed all over the course. It’s interesting because each target is the same distance away from me, whether it’s 30 yards, 50 yards, or 60 yards. The maximum target distance for adults is 80 yards, which adds to the challenge.

The targets I aim for during this round range from 20-65 cm in diameter. They have a black “bullseye” ring, and if I hit that, I score 5 points. There are also two white rings surrounding the bullseye, which are worth 4 points each. Outside of the white rings, there are two large black rings, and hitting those earns me 3 points.

Now, when it’s time for me to shoot, I’m allowed to shoot four arrows at each target. That gives me the chance to score a maximum of 20 points depending on my accuracy.

Let’s talk about the Hunter Round now.

Field archery game rules - how to learn field archery

A hunter round is like the field round, but with a twist. Instead of targets being at the same distance, they’re placed at different distances. It can go from as close as 17 yards to as far as 70 yards.

The targets in a hunter round are the same size as in a field round, ranging from 20 to 65 cm in diameter. However, the color scheme is different. Instead of a black bullseye, the bullseye is white and worth 5 points. There are also two black rings, with the smaller one worth 4 points and the largest one worth 3 points.

Just like before, you shoot 4 arrows at each target. That means you can score up to 20 points per target.


An animal round is another type of archery round. It usually has 24 to 28 targets, and the targets can be placed anywhere up to 60 yards away.

In contrast to the previous rounds, the animal round is all about shooting at 2D targets shaped like animals. Each target has a scoring diagram overlayed on top. If you hit the bullseye, which is located right in the heart, you get the highest score. The area surrounding the heart is the next highest scoring zone, and the rest of the animal gives you the fewest points.

Scoring works differently in the animal round. You’re actually encouraged to use just one arrow for each target. If you miss, you have to move closer to the target before taking another shot. But be careful, because you only have three arrows in total for each target.

The distance from which you shoot the arrow also determines the points you can earn:

  • Arrow 1 (the farthest distance): 21 points for hitting the bullseye, 20 points for the ‘vital’ zone around the heart, and 18 points for hitting the rest of the animal.

In archery, scoring points is essential. As I shoot my arrows, I strive to hit specific targets to accumulate as many points as I can. Let me break it down for you:

For the first arrow, if I hit the bullseye, I get 17 points. If I hit the ‘vital’ zone, I earn 16 points, and if I hit anywhere else on the animal, I get 14 points.

When it’s time for arrow number two, the scoring is slightly different. Hitting the bullseye rewards me with 13 points, while landing in the ‘vital’ zone gives me 12 points. If my arrow hits the remaining target, I earn 10 points.

Let’s talk about the competition formats in field archery. In this type of archery, we often use a bracket system for head-to-head matchups between individuals or teams. Sometimes, to determine the bracket seeds, multiple competitors have to compete all at once. Their ranking is based on the total score they achieve in the placement round.

Now, let’s look at the end of the game. The main goal in field archery is to score as many points as possible to win the competition. The team with the highest total score across all three rounds emerges victorious.

So, as an archer, my aim is to accumulate points through precise shots. The scores I achieve determine my success in the competition.

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