Cryptid game rules – how to play cryptid

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Hey there! Thanks to you, we’re finally going to reveal the real deal about the Cryptid. It’s a mythical creature that’s been the subject of intense fascination for a long time. A bunch of us cryptozoologists, including you, have joined forces to hunt down this elusive beast. But here’s the thing – fame and recognition can be pretty tempting. And with everyone vying for the spotlight, it’s a challenge to strike the right balance between collaboration and competition.

Let’s Get Started!

So, first things first, we need to create the map. You’ll need someone to do this, and it’s pretty straightforward. The map has six tiles, and each tile has a number on it. These numbers are important for setting up the map correctly. Oh, and don’t worry, there are only five types of landscapes, so it’s not too complicated.

Once the map is ready, it’s time to shuffle the cards and draw one for the table. This card will tell us how to arrange the map tiles and which way they should be facing. It’s like a little guide that ensures everything is in order.

Now, the first player gets the honor of setting up the map. It’s a big responsibility, but I trust you can handle it. Once the map is all set and double-checked for accuracy, we can finally reveal the card. And guess what? It has clues! These clues will help us throughout the game, so make sure to keep them a secret. Each player will get their own clue book, so don’t peek at anyone else’s clues!

Alright, we’re all set up and ready to go! Let the game begin!

Cryptid game rules - how to play cryptid

Let’s Play!

When we start the game, we all take turns sharing our clues. We go around in a circle, placing our cubes on spaces where the Cryptid definitely isn’t hiding, based on our clues. Once we’ve all finished, it’s time to begin!

Now, on my turn, I have two options: I can question or search. If I choose to question, I pick a space on the board and ask another player about it. They will tell me if it’s a possible hiding spot by placing a disc on it, or if it’s definitely not by putting a cube on it.

If you choose to look for clues instead, you’ll pick a space to investigate. It might be the home of the Cryptid, depending on the clue you have. Then, it’s time to question your fellow players. Go around the group, asking each player about the space you picked. If someone places a cube on the space, it means there might be a habitat there. But if no one else places a cube, congratulations! You’ve won the game.

It’s important to play fair in this game. Once you’ve placed your game pieces on the board, they can’t be removed. You can’t search or ask questions about a space that already has a cube on it. And remember, only one person can have their pieces on a space at a time.


The game ends when someone correctly figures out where the Cryptid is hiding. The first person to do that is the winner!

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