Bachelorette photo challenge game rules – how to play bachelorette photo challenge

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor



Hey there! Are you ready for an exciting adventure with your best friends? Look no further than the Bachelorette Photo Challenge! It’s the perfect way to have a blast and create unforgettable memories while pushing yourselves outside of your comfort zone.

Here’s the deal: you and your friends will come up with a list of photo ideas or find one online. Throughout the night, your mission is to capture these moments on camera. Imagine snapping a picture with a bald man or a married couple! These snapshots will serve as mementos that capture all the fun and excitement.

How to Prep

Getting ready for the game is a breeze! Just print out a checklist of the photos you need to take throughout the night. Make sure your camera is fully charged and has plenty of memory so it can last all night. Once everyone is set, let the game begin!

Ready, Set, Snap!

Now it’s time to have some fun! In this game, we’ll work together as a team to capture as many photos as we can before the night is over. We might stumble upon the perfect moment or even create it ourselves. But here’s the twist: the bride-to-be will be our top model, so we want to snap her picture as often as possible.

The game can be as short as ten minutes or go on all night – it all depends on the group and the atmosphere of the party.

Bachelorette photo challenge game rules - how to play bachelorette photo challenge

The Game is Over!

When the night ends or the checklist is complete, the game is finished. If you and your friends manage to complete the checklist, congratulations! You win the game! However, if the checklist is not completed, you unfortunately do not win this time.

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