Axe throwing game rules – how to axe throw

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


I’m here to share with you the exciting world of axe throwing. It’s like playing darts, but with a twist! Picture this: loggers, way back when, came up with a game that involves hurling spinning axes toward a wooden target. The aim: to hit the bullseye and show off some serious accuracy.


Throwing an axe is a simple and exciting activity that doesn’t require a lot of setup. All you need is an axe, a target, and enough space. However, because it involves handling a dangerous weapon, safety is paramount when it comes to organizing axe-throwing events.

In order to ensure the safety of everyone involved, axe-throwing targets are typically placed at the end of an enclosed area called an “alley.” At most venues and competitive events, there is a line known as the “fault line” that competitors must stand behind while throwing. This line is usually located 12-20 feet away from the target. The standard distance is 12 feet, which is considered ideal for achieving a full rotation of the axe during a throw. It’s important to have an additional 3 feet or more of space in front of the fault line for throwing.


Axe throwing game rules - how to axe throw

Scoring in Axe Throwing

Just like any sport with a target, the throws that get closest to the center earn the most points. Axe throwing follows the same principle, but with a small twist:

  • If your throw lands right in the bullseye, you score 6 points.
  • If you hit the ring closest to the bullseye, you get 5 points.
  • The second closest ring earns you 4 points.
  • For the ring third closest to the bullseye, you’ll add 3 points.
  • The fourth closest ring gets you 2 points.
  • And finally, if your throw hits the outermost ring, you score 1 point.

Hey there! Did you know that there are a couple of secret dot targets at the top of the main target? These special dots are called “Killshots” and they’re worth a whopping 8 points! But here’s the catch: to get those 8 points, you have to let the judge know that you’re aiming for the Killshot before you throw the axe.

Now, when it comes to scoring, the axe has to stick in the target to count. If it falls on the ground, well, it’s worth 0 points, no matter where it started on the target.

Oh, and here’s something cool: if your axe lands in two different scoring rings, you get the higher number of points! Pretty neat, huh?


When it comes to axe-throwing, I’m always amazed at how competitors are allowed 10 throws per match. It’s quite a challenge! What makes it even more interesting is that each competitor has their own target to throw at. But here’s the twist – after five throws, they swap targets and do their final five throws. I guess it’s to create a fair playing field, considering that the density of the wood can vary from target to target.

Now, let me break down the important rules you need to follow if you want to play a proper game of axe-throwing:

  1. First things first, you’ve got to stay behind the throwing line until the axe you’ve thrown comes to a complete stop. Safety first, after all!
  2. When you throw the axe, make sure you use either one hand or two hands, and the blade should be facing the target before you release it. Precision is key!
  3. Here’s a rule that might seem a bit odd but it’s important – keep one foot on the floor the whole time you’re throwing. There’s like a dance to it!

That’s a wrap!

Once all of us have completed our rounds of throws, the person who ends up with the highest total score is declared the winner. It’s that simple!

In case there’s a tie, things get a tad bit more exciting. We take turns throwing Killshots until one of us hits it. But if neither of us manages to hit the Killshot, don’t worry! We measure the distance between each axe and its intended target, and the throw that gets closest to the Killshot wins. If by some miracle we both hit the Killshot, we go for a sudden death throw to determine the ultimate champion.

Now, let me tell you a little about myself. I absolutely love writing and I get a real kick out of motivating people to play games and embrace the joy of having fun. For the past three years, I’ve been organizing pub crawls and running all sorts of drinking games with my awesome guests every single day. And guess what? My family is absolutely crazy about games too, so you can say that games are in my blood!

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