Among us game rules – how to play among us

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Among Us is a game with different elements. At times, I have to survive, while other times I have to solve puzzles or unravel a murder mystery. There are up to ten players working together to finish tasks and uncover the murderer. But here’s the twist – one of us is the Imposter, trying to sabotage our efforts and eliminate everyone else.

Let’s Get Started!

To begin playing the game, all you need to do is open the app or the game on your computer. One of you will be the host and create a room. Don’t worry, it’s really simple! The host will then share a special code for the room, and all players will enter this code to join. Once everyone is in, you can each customize your own character however you like. And just like that, the game is ready to begin!

Time to Play!

Before we start, each player will be assigned a specific role for the game. This role will determine what you need to do during the game. Now, let’s dive into the gameplay! Each player will have their own set of tasks to complete. If you’re part of the crew, you’ll have a checklist of tasks to work through. To find these tasks, simply use the map at the bottom of the screen. It’s your guide to a successful mission!

So here’s the thing: there’s this sneaky imposter amongst us who wants to eliminate all the other players. They have a trick up their sleeve – they can use the vents to sneak around without being caught. But there’s hope! If anyone stumbles upon a dead body or witnesses something fishy, they can call a meeting. That’s when the real drama starts! It’s all about convincing everyone else to vote off the right player, but here’s where it gets tricky. Lies and deceit will be flying left and right, and you never know who you can trust. Deep down, you know that deceiving and getting deceived will be the name of the game.

Among us game rules - how to play among us


This thrilling game will keep going until everyone finishes their tasks and identifies the Imposter, or it will keep going until the imposter eliminates all the crew members. The winner will be determined based on the outcome of the game.

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