How to play Hotel Tycoon Official Rules

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Get Ready to Play Hotel Tycoon!

Are you excited about diving into the world of Hotel Tycoon? Well, get ready for an amazing and captivating adventure as you step into the shoes of a hotel magnate! In this game, you have the power to build your own hotel empire and make important decisions that will determine your success.

Let’s start by understanding the basic rules of the game.

First and foremost, you need to choose a hotel card to begin. Each hotel card has different characteristics and values, so make sure to choose wisely. Some may have a higher value, while others offer unique bonuses. The choice is yours, and it sets the foundation for your entire gameplay.

Once you have your hotel card, it’s time to start building your hotel empire. Use your strategy skills to purchase properties, construct hotel buildings, and earn revenue. Keep in mind that some buildings are worth more than others, so it’s important to carefully consider your investments.

To attract guests to your hotels, you need to place hotel entrances strategically. The more visitors you have, the more income you generate. Remember, it’s all about providing a memorable experience for your guests.

Now, here’s where the game gets really interesting. You have the option to upgrade your buildings to increase their value and attract even more guests. Just like in the real world, luxurious amenities, spacious rooms, and attractive designs will make your hotel stand out from the competition.

But be cautious! Other players are also vying for success in the hotel industry. Keep an eye on your opponents’ moves, and make strategic decisions to stay ahead in the game.

The ultimate goal in Hotel Tycoon is to build the most valuable hotel empire and become the top tycoon. It’s not an easy feat, but with careful planning, strategic investments, and a touch of luck, you can achieve great success.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge? Put your skills to the test, and let the world of Hotel Tycoon unfold before your eyes. Get ready to experience the thrill of building and managing your very own hotel empire!

Note: In this simplified version of the text, we omitted mentioning the “bankruptcy” aspect of the game. If you’d like a revision that includes it, please let us know.

How to play Hotel Tycoon Official Rules UltraFoodMess

How to play Hotel Tycoon Official Rules UltraFoodMess

  • I’m going to start by listing all the things you’ll find in the game:
  • 1 x game board
  • 28 x buildings
  • 8 x recreational facilities
  • 8 x title deeds
  • 1 x control tower
  • 1 x hangar
  • 30 x hotel entrances
  • 1 x pack of banknotes
  • 4 x airplanes
  • 2 x dice
  • A rulebook to guide you through the game

I’m sure you’re wondering what the goal of the game is. Well, let me tell you:

The goal is to become a successful Hotel Tycoon and amass a fortune. You do this by building hotels and attracting guests. The longer they stay, the more money they spend – and the closer you get to victory!

Now let’s talk about setting up the game:

First, place the Bank and Town Hall on their designated spots on the board. Then, arrange the hotel buildings, leisure facilities, entrances, Title Deeds, Event Cards, and Player Limousines nearby.

Next, choose someone to be the banker. This person will be in charge of managing the Title Deeds. Now, there are three different ways you can start the game:

One: each player starts with $1,000,000.

Two: each player starts with $2,500,000.

Three: each player starts with $5,000,000.

Regardless of which setup you choose, the rest of the game will be the same – it’s all about strategy, decision-making, and a little bit of luck!

So, are you ready to become the ultimate Hotel Tycoon? Get ready to roll the dice and make your fortune!

I have a fun idea to share with you! Let’s talk about different versions of the classic board game Monopoly. You probably know that Monopoly is a game where players buy properties, build houses and hotels, and try to bankrupt their opponents. But did you know that there are variations of Monopoly that add exciting twists to the game? Let me tell you about a few of them.

One version is called “Classic game revised.” In this version, the bank gives each player $7,000 to start with. That’s a lot of money! The bank gives it to you like this: one $5,000 bill, one $1,000 bill, one $500 bill, and five $100 bills.

Another version is called “Self made men variant.” In this version, players start with $0. Yes, you heard that right – zero dollars! It makes the game more challenging because you have to work to earn your first stable properties. No free money here!

Now let’s talk about “Investors deathmatch.” This version is really interesting because it gives each player different amounts of money and special abilities. To determine the order of play, every player rolls a six-sided dice. The player with the highest number goes first. If there’s a tie, the tied players roll again until there’s a winner. The player tokens are distributed according to the ranking.

Lastly, there’s the “World’s richest man” version. In this version, the bank gives each player a whopping $10,000, split into two $5,000 bills. What’s really cool about this version is that the richest player has a special ability. They can postpone paying a bill until their next turn, because, let’s face it, VIPs don’t like wasting time managing money.

So, as you can see, there are different versions of Monopoly that add new elements to the game. Each version comes with its own set of rules and challenges. It’s all about finding the one that suits your style and keeps the game exciting. Have fun playing!

Let’s talk about some interesting options that will allow you to upgrade your game and give you an edge over your competitors. I’m going to explain three special abilities you can choose from, so you can decide which one suits your strategy best.

The first option is the financial holding. This ability gives you a solid financial foundation, as the bank will provide you with $4,000 in the form of four $1,000 bills. With this ability, you can discard an Event Card and immediately draw a new one once during the game. This ability reflects the resilience and stability of your corporate empire.

The second option is the co-op association of workers. With this ability, the bank will give you $3,000 in 25 bills of $100, and you will also get to pick an Event Card. This card can be played right away. One special perk of this ability is that you can build paid entrances even after passing the Bank line. The team of workers in your squadron knows all the secrets of concrete and masonry, making your construction projects a breeze.

The third option is the startupper. By choosing this ability, you will receive a total of $6,650 from the bank, consisting of one bill of each kind. Additionally, you will get to pick three Event Cards. These cards have to be played when you start the 3rd, 4th, and 5th laps on the game board. The startupper ability reflects your entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness.

Now that you know the options, it’s up to you to decide which one fits your game plan. Each ability offers unique advantages that can greatly impact your gameplay. So go ahead and choose wisely to maximize your chances of success. Have fun and good luck!

How to play Hotel Tycoon Official Rules UltraFoodMess

Game Rules and Tips

Ability: I have the power to bypass the first bankruptcy and receive an additional $3,000 from the Bank. So, let’s get started on this exciting game!

How to Play the Game

  1. Let’s traverse the board and purchase undeveloped properties.
  2. Use the special dice to acquire planning permissions, then construct the main building before any other upgrades.
  3. Once the main building is up, you can add hotel entrances.
  4. Make strategic moves by playing event cards that can help you achieve your goals or hinder your opponents’ progress.
  5. The game ends when two players go bankrupt or when someone accumulates a total wealth of $50,000. Are you ready to become the ultimate tycoon?

Navigation and Progress

How to play Hotel Tycoon Official Rules UltraFoodMess

When it’s my turn, I get to roll two dice with six sides each. I can then choose which number I want to use for my movement and move forward that many spaces. This gives me the option to go faster, pay less, or even give money to one of my opponents if I want.

If I happen to roll two dice and they both show the same number, that’s called a “double.” If I score a double, I can move any number of spaces between 1 and 6, but I have to pick an Event Card. These cards have special effects that affect the game in different ways. I’ll explain more about these cards later.

If, on the other hand, I roll two dice and one of them shows a 6, something special happens. I don’t have to pay for any transactions, like paying for a place to stay, because I get a free turn right away. I get to move 6 spaces, pick an Event Card, and then roll my two dice again. But if I happen to roll another 6 on one of my dice, I have to go back to the starting point and rest in the Car Park. I’ll explain how I can get out of there later on.

Hey there! Let me tell you all about the Car Park space (also known as a Parking lot) in the game. It’s a special spot on the board that you need to be aware of.

When playing, the Car Park space is like a movement tile. Whenever you land exactly on it or roll a 6 twice in a row, you have to put your car in the Park slot of the same color and stop right there.

Now, here comes an interesting part. If another player lands on a Hotel entrance that belongs to you while you’re parked, they don’t have to pay anything! Your hotel is closed, and you can rest easy.

But here’s the catch. On your next turn, if you want to move again, you have to roll a six. You got two 6-sided dice, so roll them and hope for a six. If you succeed, you have to pay a $100 fee to get out of the parking lot. Once you pay up, you can start rolling the dice again and continue with your turn.

However, if luck is not on your side and you don’t roll a six, you have to pay a $100 fee and stay parked for one more turn. But if you’re really in a hurry and can’t afford to wait, you have the option to pay a $1,000 fine to leave the parking lot right away.

So, remember, the Car Park space can be perplexing, but if you understand the rules and the choices you have, it can also be quite exciting. Happy rolling!

Only on the first lap, if I’m the first one to cross the starting line, I get a bonus of $2,000. If I come in second place, I still get a smaller bonus of $1,000. This is to make sure that the race for the Title Deeds is fair from the beginning.

Every time I pass the yellow line near the Bank, I get $2,000 in interest on my savings and investments. It’s like a little reward for doing well in the game.

Cars can’t share spaces: If I land on a space that an opponent’s car is already on, I have to keep moving to the next free space. But this rule doesn’t apply when we’re at the starting tile, the Car Park, and there are other opponents parked there.

When I pass by the Bank, I have to collect $2,000 from it. And if I pass the Town Hall before the next player rolls the dice, I have the right to build an entrance. If I don’t do it in time, I lose that right. It’s important to plan ahead and make sure I don’t miss out on any opportunities.

How to play Hotel Tycoon Official Rules UltraFoodMess

Buying Space

When you land on a buying space, you have the option to purchase the land next to one side of that space. You can ask the Bank to show you the Title Deed. If you can afford it, you can pay the cost of the land to the Bank and keep the Title Deed.

If the land is owned by another player but doesn’t have any buildings on it, you can buy it by paying the cost of the land directly to the owner. You don’t need the owner’s permission, and you immediately become the new owner with the Title Deed.

Building Hotels

How to play Hotel Tycoon Official Rules UltraFoodMess

When you arrive at a Build Space and you own a Title Deed for a property, you might want to construct some buildings on that property.

Constructing buildings will increase the value of your property and your earnings. However, there are some restrictions. In the hardcore variant, you can only build freely if you land on a Build Space that is adjacent to the land you want to build on. Otherwise, you can only make one upgrade per turn on other lands.

To construct a building or recreational facility, you need to inform the Bank about what you want to build and where. If you can afford it, you can build more than one building on the same plot of land during your turn.

Before you can start building, you need to obtain permission by rolling the multicolored die. The results of the roll will determine what you can build:

    Green: Go ahead! Pay the Bank the amount(s) indicated on your Title Deed for the corresponding building(s) and place it (or them) on your property on the game board. Red: Oh no! Permission denied. Wait until you land on another Build Space to roll again. H: Here’s a bonus! You can construct everything you can afford for half the total price this turn! 2: Sorry, but you have no choice. You must build and pay the Bank double the cost indicated on the Title Deed.

    Remember, you can only build on one property per turn. Each building must be constructed in the order specified on your Title Deed: main building first, then dependences, and finally other facilities.

    Building: Don’t Miss Out on the Upgrades!

    When permission is granted, it’s crucial to seize the opportunity and build, even if you need to raise additional funds. If you cannot cover the cost overrun, you’ll have to pay half the regular price for the upgrade, but it’s worth it in the long run.

    Here’s an important rule: If you happen to land on a Build Space right next to your existing property and decide not to construct anything, you are required to pay $100 for hotel maintenance. But don’t worry! Roll the multicolored die to determine your payment. If you get a green, pay $100; if you roll a 2, pay $500; and if you roll the red, you don’t have to pay anything!

    Here’s an intriguing tip: If you roll the letter H, you’ll receive an additional $100 from your customers as a generous tip! This clever twist might motivate players to build quickly or even sell unutilized lots, as it offers the advantage of reduced maintenance costs on undeveloped patches of land.

    If you land on Build One Phase Free, you can construct a main building on a vacant site you own or add a building or leisure facility to one of your hotels that are currently being built. If your hotel(s) have already been fully constructed, you will receive $1,500 from the Bank.

    Hotel Entrances

    Whenever you pass the yellow Buy An Entrance line near the Town Hall, you can purchase one entrance for each of your hotels, as long as the main building for each hotel has already been constructed. You can add one entrance per hotel per lap around the board. Sometimes, you may land on a Build Space on the same turn that you pass the yellow Buy An Entrance line – in that case, you can take both actions.

    The first entrance you place on any property must be placed on the Reserved Space, which is marked by a star. Your opponents cannot place an entrance on this space, even if the land is not for sale.

    Hey there! Did you know that in the game, no two entrances, whether they belong to you or your opponent, can be placed facing each other on the same space?

    If you happen to land on a space called “One Free Entrance,” you can add an entrance to one of your hotels, but only if the main building is already in place. If you can’t add the entrance, no worries! You have a few options. You can either discard it, give it to another player for free, or sell it to the Bank for $100.

    Here’s a cool twist! You can also use this action to steal an entrance from your opponent’s hotel. All you have to do is switch the side of the street tile that it’s on. Just remember, you can only do this if you have two of your own hotels across from each other. And keep in mind, you can’t move entrances that are in reserved spaces.

    This rule is designed to keep the game moving and avoid getting stuck when all entrances are already in place. Along with the two-dice movement method, it adds a bit of strategy to the game. You can try setting up a friendly entrance in the middle of your opponents’ entrances. Pretty cool, huh?

    Now, let’s talk about claiming payments.

    How to play Hotel Tycoon Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    Hey there! When someone lands on a space that leads to your hotel, they have to roll the die to figure out how long they’ll be staying as a guest. Depending on the number they roll, they’ll have to pay according to the star rating of your hotel, which you can find on the Title Deed. After paying up, they continue their turn as usual.

    It’s your job to keep an eye out for players who land on your hotel entrance and make sure they pay. If the next player rolls the die before you’ve collected the money, you’ll miss out on that income. So be quick!


    If you can’t afford to pay your way, you’ll have to put some of your properties or plots of land up for auction. Anyone can bid, and the highest bidder will take the hotel or land along with the Title Deed. There’s no reserve price, so sell to the highest bidder!

    If you owe money, it’s crucial to pay off as much as you can right away, even if it means you have to give up everything and leave the game.

    If nobody wants to buy your Title Deed and hotel, you can sell it to the bank for half its value. This way, the building will be demolished, and the land will go back on the market. You also have the option to demolish individual buildings yourself and get half of their value back.

    You can sell buildings or facilities to the bank at any time for half of their original price. Additionally, you can sell Entrances to the Bank at their original price whenever you want.

    When you sell the main structure back to the Bank, you must also sell all remaining Entrances. This is similar to how hotel chains rise and fall quickly, often being repurchased by new owners.

    So, here’s the thing: if you get a Planning Permission but end up not being able to afford it, and you decide to put that site up for auction, you and the person who buys it don’t have to pay for the Planning Permission. Nope, it gets tossed out.

    But here’s the kicker: if you decide to sell off a different site to get the funds for new buildings, well then, you definitely have to cough up the cash to use that Planning Permission you just got.

    How to play Hotel Tycoon Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    Event Cards

    When playing Investors Deathmatch, I start by picking Event Cards. I get them every time I roll a double (when both dice show the same number) or a six, when I leave the Parking Lot, or when an Event Card tells me to. I can only use each Event Card once, and then I have to discard it in a pile.

    • Green: Pick the place you want to destroy.
    • Red: The most expensive hotel gets affected by the earthquake.
    • H: Pick your favorite location and get $1,000 back as insurance refund.
    • 2: The earthquake destroys your site completely and also takes down one building from another hotel on the board.

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