How to play Hoppers Official Game Rules

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Hoppers Game Rules


Welcome to Hoppers! In this game, you take on the role of the player and your goal is to strategically move your pieces across the board. The objective is simple – be the first to move all your pieces to the opposite side of the board. But don’t be fooled by its simple premise, as this game requires careful planning and strategic thinking to outsmart your opponent.

The Board

The game is played on a square board, with each side divided into smaller squares. The size of the board can vary, but the standard version consists of 10×10 squares. The board is set up in a way that mimics a playing field, with a starting position on one side and a goal area on the opposite side.

The Pieces

Each player has a set of game pieces, referred to as “Hoppers”. Hoppers are typically represented by individual tokens or markers that can be easily moved across the board. In this game, the Hoppers can only move in one direction – forward. The goal is to strategically advance your Hoppers across the board and reach the opposite side.


The game starts with each player placing their Hoppers in the starting position on their respective side of the board. Players take turns, with each turn consisting of moving one Hopper forward by one square. Hoppers can only move forwards, and they can either move into an empty square or “hop” over another Hopper.

Hopping Over

Hopping over is an important aspect of the game. If there is an opponent’s Hopper in front of yours, you can choose to hop over it, landing on the empty square immediately after it. This allows you to strategically advance your Hoppers faster and block your opponent’s progress.

Winning the Game

The game continues until one player successfully moves all their Hoppers to the goal area on the opposite side. The first player to achieve this wins the game. It requires careful planning, strategic moves, and tactical hopping to outmaneuver your opponent and secure victory.


Hoppers is a game that combines simple rules with strategic gameplay. By carefully moving your Hoppers across the board, hopping over opponent’s pieces, and tactically planning your moves, you can outsmart your opponent and claim victory. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

How to play Hoppers Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

If you’re ready for a fun challenge, I’ve got just the game for you! It’s called Jumping Frogs, and it’s all about testing your skills and strategy. The goal is simple: you need to survey the pond and jump the frogs until there’s only ONE left standing. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, because this game has 40 levels that range from easy to super hard.

Are you up for the challenge? Good, because you’ll need to start simple and gradually grow your skills with each level. Don’t worry if you make mistakes along the way, that’s all part of the learning process. In fact, you’ll become the smartest frog in the pond in no time!

How to play Hoppers Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess


  • A Game Grid with a Storage Drawer
  • 40 Challenges and Solutions
  • 12 Hopper Frogs
  • Instructions

The Goal of the Game

Your mission is to jump around until only ONE frog remains on the pond.

Getting Started

First, pick a challenge card. Then, place the frogs on the lily pads of the game grid just like the picture shows.

How to play Hoppers Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

Let’s Talk About Game Play

When it comes to playing games, there’s something magical about diving into a new world and experiencing adventures firsthand. The joy of pressing the start button and immersing yourself in a virtual reality is unparalleled. But have you ever stopped to think about what goes into creating the perfect game play experience?

Game play is all about interaction. It’s where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. It’s the reason why we spend hours in front of our screens, fully engrossed in the virtual worlds that game developers create for us.

But what exactly makes game play so captivating? Well, there are a few key factors to consider.


You see, great game play is all about keeping you engaged. It’s about creating a world that sucks you in and holds your attention, leaving you wanting more. The best games challenge you, entertain you, and keep you on the edge of your seat. They make you feel like you’re part of something bigger, something epic. And that’s what keeps us coming back for more.


Another important aspect of game play is balance. A good game strikes the perfect balance between challenge and reward. It presents you with difficult obstacles to overcome, but also provides satisfying victories when you overcome them. It’s a delicate dance that keeps you engaged and motivated, pushing you to improve and succeed.


Progression is also a key factor in game play. We all love that feeling of leveling up, of becoming stronger and more skilled as we play. It’s what gives us a sense of accomplishment and keeps us invested in the game. The best games provide a clear sense of progression, allowing you to see how far you’ve come and how much further you can go.


But perhaps one of the most important elements of game play is storytelling. A great game weaves a compelling narrative that draws you in and keeps you engaged. It’s like reading a good book or watching a captivating movie, except you get to actively participate in the story. It’s a truly immersive experience that taps into our love of storytelling and adventure.

So, the next time you pick up a controller or sit down at your computer to play a game, take a moment to appreciate the art of game play. It’s an intricate dance of engagement, balance, progression, and storytelling that comes together to create a truly unforgettable experience. And let’s be honest, that’s what gaming is all about.

How to play Hoppers Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

  1. When I play the game, I can only move the frogs from one lily pad to another along the lines drawn on the grid.

How to play Hoppers Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Let me tell you all about the game of Frog Jump!

  1. You can only move by jumping over another frog on an adjacent lily pad and landing on the next pad.
  2. When you jump over a frog, you remove it from the pond.
  3. No non-jump moves are allowed. You can’t jump over an empty lily pad, and you can’t land on another frog. You’re only allowed to jump over one frog at a time.

Now, let’s talk about how the game ends – and this is the best part! You win when there’s only one frog left on the pond!

But that’s not all! While playing Frog Jump, you also get some great learning benefits:

Sequential Reasoning: Before you start a challenge, you have to think ahead and plan your moves carefully. You’ll develop problem-solving skills and learn how to think step-by-step instead of just reacting to things.

Focus and Attention: It’s really important to be able to focus on a problem and ignore distractions. But don’t worry, you can get better at it with practice. Just try to solve one challenge a day!

Perseverance: Sometimes it can be frustrating when you can’t solve a problem right away. But don’t give up! Take a look at the grid from different angles and try moving different frogs. Remember, being patient and determined takes practice, but it’s worth it!

Confidence: When you finally solve the puzzle and get all the frogs in the right place, it feels amazing! It boosts your confidence and makes you want to take on even tougher challenges. So, don’t be afraid to push yourself!

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