How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Cyclades: Titans Game Rules

Hey there! I’m here to guide you through the fantastic world of Cyclades: Titans! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure and conquer the mythical Cyclades Islands. With these game rules, you’ll become a master of strategy in no time.

The goal of Cyclades: Titans is to build powerful cities, invoke mighty mythical creatures, and prove yourself worthy of the gods’ favor. Let’s dive in and explore the key elements that make this game so captivating.

Deities and Gods

In Cyclades: Titans, the gods play a crucial role. By invoking their powers, you can gain advantages over your opponents and shape the fate of the Archipelago. Each god bestows unique abilities, so choose wisely when offering your prayers.

The Titans, ancient beings of immense power, are revered in this game. They grant you extraordinary abilities and help you conquer the islands. But beware! These titans are not easily controlled and can unleash devastating attacks if you’re not careful.

Battles and Conquests

Prepare for epic battles as you vie for control of the Cyclades Islands. Build armies, summon mythical creatures, and deploy them strategically to secure victory. But remember, battles are not just about strength; cunning tactics and careful planning are the true keys to success.

Combat in Cyclades: Titans is a thrilling experience. You’ll have to outmaneuver your opponents, seize opportunities, and adapt your strategies on the fly. Will you be the one to claim dominion over the Archipelago?

Lords and Heroes

To bolster your forces and gain an edge over other players, you can recruit lords and heroes. These mighty individuals have unique skills and abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Keep an eye out for them and harness their power to achieve victory.

With these game rules in your hands, you now have a solid foundation to start your journey in Cyclades: Titans. Immerse yourself in a world of gods, mythical creatures, and strategic conquests. Are you ready to become a legend? Let the battles begin!

How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

In the Cyclades archipelago, things have taken a turn for the worse. There’s a big fight going on between two neighboring islands and it’s causing a lot of tension. It’s like a battle of the gods, with six great cities of ancient Greece vying for power.

And if that wasn’t chaotic enough, Kronos, the big daddy of all gods, has decided to join the fun. He’s brought along his army of Titans, ready to destroy everything in their path.

What You Need to Know:

If you want to play with the Titans expansion, you’ll need to have the Cyclades base game.

This expansion gives you some cool new features that can be used together. You can even mix in some stuff from the Hades expansion if you’re feeling adventurous. But be warned, once you go down that road, there’s no turning back!

What’s Inside the Box

How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

  • You’ll get a new game board that can be played by 3 to 4 players or 5 to 6 players.
  • There’s a new Offerings board.
  • Introducing the mighty God tile: Kronos.
  • There are 5 Divine Artifact figurines along with their corresponding cards.
  • Discover 5 Special Metropolis cards tiles and their matching cards.
  • Use the 7 prosperity markers to track your progress.
  • Don’t forget to consult the rulebook for guidance.
If you have a 6th player:
  • You’ll receive 2 additional offering tokens.
  • Expand your forces with 8 Fleets.
  • Claim territories with 6 territory markers.
  • Lead your troops with 8 new units.
  • Keep your moves hidden behind a screen.
  • Battle with the 3 mighty Titans.
For each of the other 5 player colors:
  • Expand your territories with 3 additional markers.
  • Unleash the power of 3 more Titans.

Game Mode

How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

The Titans expansion is a great addition to the game, allowing for up to 6 players to join in on the fun. It offers two different game modes to choose from:

1. Competitive Game: This mode is for 3 to 5 players and follows the “everyone for themselves” approach, just like the base game. The goal remains the same: each player aims to have two Metropolises at the end of a cycle.

2. Team-Play Game: With 4 or 6 players, this mode introduces team-play, where players form teams of two. The goal for each team is to have three metropolises at the end of a cycle.

When playing with 4 players, you have the option to choose between competitive gameplay or team-play. However, when playing with 6 players, team-play is mandatory.

To set up the game, unfold the new board and place it on the table. This board replaces the one from the base game. Make sure to use the appropriate side of the board depending on the number of players.

The new board adds an exciting twist to the game and provides more opportunities for strategic gameplay. Get ready to experience the Titans expansion and take your game to the next level!

Hey there! Let me break it down for you: starting now, we’ll be playing on bigger islands that are divided into territories. So instead of controlling entire islands like before, we’ll be in charge of different territories that are all part of the same island.

Think of territories as the same thing as islands in the previous version of the game. They have spaces where you can build structures and prosperity markers that give you money. And remember those mythological creatures that had effects on the islands? Well, now they affect territories instead!

If you want to move your troops from one territory to an adjacent one, you can use the movement action of Ares (and also the one from the Titans, which I’ll explain later).

And hey, this is important: a few of the sea commerce spaces now have 2 prosperity markers. Just thought you should know!

Hey there! Let me walk you through some important details about the game board. First things first, make sure you grab one of each building type: a Port, a Fortress, a Temple, and a University. Now, scatter them randomly on the white squares that have a building symbol. This way, when we kick off the game, we’ll already have 4 buildings set up on the board.

Oh, and we’ve got a new God named Kronos joining us! With Kronos, we’ll need an extra space for those big God tiles. So, make sure you use the new Offerings board to give enough room for those tiles.

If we’re playing with 6 players:

Grab those 5 large God tiles and mix them up. Then, place them randomly on the 5 empty spaces above Apollo.

If we’re playing with 5 players:

When we reach the end of the cycle, the final God will be kept hidden from view. We won’t have access to it during this round. However, when the next cycle begins, we will place this God in the first position, facing up, and the other four Gods will be shuffled. Once again, the God that ends up in the fifth position will be kept hidden and will become the first God in the following cycle.

When there are four players:

The final two Gods will be kept hidden and will become the first two Gods in the next cycle.

When there are three players:

The final three Gods will be kept hidden. Two of them will be randomly placed in the first two positions in the next cycle.

Let’s Talk About Kronos And The Titans

How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

Hey there, I’m Kronos, the mighty father of the titans. I’ve got something special in store for you. Let me break it down for you:

Get a Bonus

I’m all about giving you an extra boost. When you align yourself with me, I’ll let you choose a free building from the Gods above me on the Offerings board. The closer I am to Apollo, the more buildings you can choose from!

But here’s the best part. If I hold the top spot on the Offerings board, you won’t just get a building, you’ll get a free Titan! Talk about a sweet deal.

Recruit Titans

Now, let’s talk about recruiting Titans. For just 2 GP, you can bring a powerful Titan into your ranks. Keep in mind, you can only make one purchase per turn. Even if you already received a Titan as a bonus, you can still recruit another one.

But remember, you can never have more than 3 Titans on the board. Quality over quantity, am I right?

Battle with Titans

When it comes to battles, Titans are fierce warriors just like any other troop. You can place them on your territories, just like the troops you get from Ares. They count as one troop in a battle.

So there you have it. Join me, and reap the rewards of power and strategy. With my blessings, victory will be within your grasp.

If you’ve gained the favor of Ares, you can move your Titans just like regular troops. But here’s where Titans really shine – they offer a whole new way to move troops, no Ares favor needed!

Moving a Titan gives you the power to move any other troops in the same territory. The first move costs 1GP. And get this – you can even make a second Titan move, with the same Titan or a different one, but that’ll cost you 2GP. Keep going and a third move will cost 3GP, and so on.

This type of movement comes in handy when you want to go from one territory to a neighboring one. Or, if the territory you’re eyeing is connected to a chain of army-colored fleets, you can move there too.

Imagine you’re on the battlefield, commanding an army. Suddenly, a gigantic figure looms into view – a Titan. It’s a force to be reckoned with, and it’s up to you to decide how to use it. Do you send it in alone, or pair it with your regular troops? The choice is yours.

Once the Titan enters enemy territory, the real action begins. It’s like an instant clash of steel and magic. But here’s the thing – the Titan is so massive that it counts as a whole troop on its own. So, if you’re the proud owner of a Titan, you’ll need to think strategically.

Here’s where it gets interesting. If you find yourself in a tough spot and end up losing a round of combat, you have a decision to make. You can either sacrifice a regular troop or let go of your precious Titan, but only if another troop is fighting alongside it.

So, there you have it – the incredible power and tremendous risk that come with commanding a Titan. When you step onto the battlefield, remember this: you hold the fate of your troops in your hands, and the choices you make will determine the outcome of the battle.

How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

  • The Harpy cannot eliminate a Titan, because it’s not a regular troop.
  • If you choose Apollo during the offering phase, you can’t move your Titans.

Red didn’t receive the blessings of Ares. They moved their Titan twice, along with two regular troops. That cost them 1GP + 2GP = 3 GP. In the territory they just passed through, they left one of their territory markers. Then they moved another group consisting of two Titans. This third move cost them 3GP. They placed one of their markers on the territory they abandoned.

Free Placement

The new board doesn’t have pre-set starting positions like in the base game. So, we’ll start with a special initial phase, just like in the Hades expansion.

You’ll follow the setup described in the basic rules, with the following changes:

    In the game of Santorini, there are a few key changes and additions that you should keep in mind. First, each player now receives 7GP instead of the usual 5. This extra GP can give you an advantage when it comes to strategizing your moves. Second, the board starts off empty, with no military units in play. This means you have a blank canvas to work with and can plan your buildings and movements without any obstacles in your way.

    Before the game officially begins, there will be a preliminary round of bidding. This is where players will decide on which territories they want to start the game on. The gods tiles, including Apollo, are shuffled and placed on the Offerings board. There should be as many face-up Gods as there are players.

    When it comes to positioning, it follows the same auction rule as in the basic game. However, during the preliminary round, there can only be one player on Apollo. Once the auction is over, players pay their offerings as originally planned.

    Afterwards, players will choose the territories on which they want to start the game. The first player to start will be the one who won the auction for the first God, and the last player to choose will be the one who landed on Apollo. These changes add a new layer of strategy to the game, giving you more options and decisions to make. So get ready to explore the beautiful island of Santorini with these exciting additions!

    So, here’s the deal. When we start this game, each of us gets a little crew. Two Troops, two Fleets, and an extra bonus based on the God we got in the auction. Pretty cool, right? Let me break it down for you:

    • Poseidon: You’ll get one Fleet and one Port. Now you can conquer the seas!
    • Ares: You’ll get one Troop and one Fortress. Ready to dominate the land!
    • Zeus: You’ll get one Priest and one Temple. Time to make some divine moves!
    • Athena: You’ll get one Philosopher and one University. Get ready to become the wisest strategist!
    • Kronos: You’ll get one Titan and either a building or a second Titan. What you get depends on Kronos’s spot on the Offerings board. Check out “A free bonus” on page 2 for details.
    • Apollo: You’ll get one GP and one Prosperity marker. Watch your wealth and power grow!

    When playing the game, I need to deploy my troops on two territories next to each other, even if I have three troops or a Titan. The smaller islands, which consist of only one territory, cannot be chosen for the starting point. I also have to place my fleets on two adjacent sea spaces, even if I have three fleets. If I have received a building, I need to place it in one of my two territories. However, if I decide to start in a territory that already has a building, I can begin the game with two buildings.

    After I finish deploying my troops and placing my fleets and buildings, I need to place my offering marker on the last available slot that determines the order of play for the next round. If I bet on the next God, I will deploy in the same way.

    Hey there! So, here’s the deal – the person who snagged Apollo is going to be the last one to take their turn, and they’ll stick a Prosperity token on one of their two territories. Cool, right?

    Now, get ready for some serious excitement because the first mythological creature is about to make its grand entrance!

    But hold on a sec – just a heads-up: the first round is a bit different. You won’t be getting any income, but don’t worry, it’s only for this round!

    Time for Team Play

    If you’ve got 6 players, it’s super important that you follow these team play rules. Your teammates have to start on different islands. However, if you’ve only got 4 players, you can choose whether to play in team mode or not.

    Here’s the deal with teammates – they gotta sit next to each other, so they can chat and strategize. And hey, they’re allowed to share how much gold they have, but they can’t hand over any GPs, got it? Got it!

    When you play the game, you follow the usual rules. You have your own units, and you can’t share anything with your teammate. You can’t cross into their territory or use their fleets, even if their territory is empty. It’s important to remember that.

    But there’s a new goal you and your teammate have to work together to achieve: you need to have 3 Metropolises between the two of you. That’s the challenge!

    The end of the game works a little differently from the regular game. Once a team has 3 Metropolises, the game is over. It doesn’t matter if that team loses one of its Metropolises, the game will still end. You’ll finish the current cycle and then see who wins. The team with the most Metropolises wins, and if there’s a tie, the team with the most money wins. So make sure to strategize and work together!

    Just like in the regular game, you can’t attack a player’s last territory unless it helps your team get the fifth artifact or build a third (or more) Metropolis (as explained in the rule below).

    Winning Through Military Dominance

    In a team game, a new path to victory opens up: military dominance. If you take over an opponent’s last territory, you can immediately claim it as your own and establish a Metropolis, but only if you meet the following three conditions:

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    • I need to make sure that the territory where I want to build a Metropolis doesn’t already have one.
    • The territory I choose should have enough space for a Metropolis.
    • I should only build a Metropolis in a territory that would give my team its third or more. We want to have a lot of Metropolises!

    Let’s say that Red and his teammate already have 2 Metropolises. If Red conquers a territory from Blue and there is enough space, he can immediately build another Metropolis there.

    The Special Items Given by the Gods

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    Welcome to the exciting expansion of our game! We’re introducing divine artifacts, which bring a whole new dimension to the gameplay. You’ll find these artifacts in the form of cards and figurines.

    At the start of the game, we shuffle the 5 Artifacts cards with the Creatures cards. As you progress through the game, these Artifacts will appear on the creatures track.

    Now, it’s important to note that Artifacts are not creatures themselves. They have their own special powers. For example, Zeus’ power cannot be used to discard an Artifact card. And, temples won’t offer any discounts if you want to purchase an Artifact.

    Here’s an interesting fact: If an Artifact needs to be discarded because no one bought it from the 2GP space, it doesn’t go in the discard pile. Instead, it goes back in the box!

    When it’s my turn, I can buy an Artifact just like I would a Creature. I keep the card in front of me to remember its effect and place the corresponding figurine in one of my territories.

    I can move the Artifact along with my troops if they start in the same territory. Artifacts can change ownership too. If I conquer a territory where Artifacts are, I gain control of them. The previous owner has to give me the corresponding cards.

    Here’s something exciting: if a player or a team owns all five Artifacts at the same time, they win the game immediately! The game doesn’t continue after that.

    If I’m playing in a team, different teammates can own different Artifacts.

    The Winged Sandals

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    When it’s time to collect earnings, this Artifact gives you 1 Gold Piece (GP).

    If you have troops in the same territory as the Sandals and they’re moving (either by Ares or a Titan), they can fly to any territory on the same island! It’s like every territory on the island is right next to their starting point.

    Don’t worry, the Sandals go wherever your troops go during this move.

    If you’re playing on a team, you can pay 1GP at the start of your turn to move the Sandals to one of your teammate’s territories, no matter where it is on the board.

    The Cap Of Invisibility

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMessHow to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMessDuring the revenues phase, this Artifact provides 1 GP.

    Did you know that the Cap has a remarkable ability to make troops disappear? It’s true! When troops are accompanied by the Cap, whether it’s provided by Ares or a Titan, they can freely travel with other players’ fleets or even pass through territories occupied by enemy troops without the need for battles.

    What’s truly fascinating is that the Cap remains with the troops throughout this entire journey. It’s like having an invisible shield that keeps them safe.

    Now, let’s talk about how the Cap works in team play. If you’re playing as part of a team, you have the option to pay 1GP at the start of your turn and move the Cap to one of your teammate’s territories anywhere on the board. It’s a powerful strategic move that can change the tide of the game.

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    So, I’ve got this friend named Red who seems to have won over Ares and paid 2GP. With Black’s fleet, Red managed to peacefully pass through Green’s territory and finally launched an attack on Yellow’s turf.

    Here’s something to keep in mind: If troops wearing the Sandals or the Cap have to retreat, they won’t be able to benefit from the power of the Artifact for that particular retreat.

    The Caduceus

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMessThis Artifact gives you 1 GP during the revenues phase.

    If a battle breaks out in the territory where the Caduceus is located, the player in control can choose to spend 1GP to prevent the destruction of one of their troops. This power can be used multiple times in a turn, as long as one can afford it.

    When it comes to playing as a team: you can help your comrades by paying the price of a gold piece to save one of their units.

    The Power of Zeus

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    When it’s time for me to collect my earnings, this special item grants me 1 gold piece.

    But during the bidding phase, if someone outbids me and can’t afford to pay, they can’t bid on the same god again. They owe me 1 gold piece if that happens.

    In team-play, things work a bit differently: If my teammate outbids me and can’t afford to pay, they can give me the 1 gold piece instead.

    The Incredible Cornucopia!

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    When it’s time to make money in the game, each prosperity marker in the same territory as the Large Cornucopia gives you 2GP.

    If you’re playing on a team, the GPs from that territory can be shared with your teammates.

    Super City Cards

    In this expansion, there are 5 Super City cards. To start the game, pick two of them at random and put them face-up in the corner spaces on the board. The other three won’t be used in this game.

    When we play a game of Metropolis, the first person to build their own city gets to choose a card. This card represents a special power that their Metropolis will have, on top of the regular powers that all Metropolises possess. The second person to build a Metropolis will choose a card as well, and their city will have its own unique power. However, any Metropolis built after that will not have any special powers, only the standard ones.

    Each power is directly linked to the Metropolis it belongs to. If someone conquers a Metropolis, they will gain control of its powers. The previous owner will have to give them the corresponding card.

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    Welcome to the Military Metropolis!

    Here, I’ve got an exciting piece of news for you. This amazing place comes with a special advantage – a +3 defensive bonus in ground battles! That’s right, instead of the usual +1 bonus, you get a big boost to protect yourself.

    Now, let me explain what that means. When you find yourself in a ground battle, which can be pretty intense, this Metropolis has got your back. It’s like having a secret weapon that helps you defend yourself even better!

    So why is this so important? Well, in a battle, having a strong defense can make a huge difference. It’s like having a shield that keeps you safe from enemy attacks. And believe me, that extra +2 bonus can really turn the tide in your favor.

    Picture this: you’re in the heat of battle, facing off against your enemies. They’re throwing everything they’ve got at you, but you’re holding your ground. Thanks to the Military Metropolis, you’re able to withstand their attacks and emerge victorious.

    But remember, this advantage only applies to ground battles. So make sure you strategize and choose your battles wisely. Use the Military Metropolis to your advantage and watch as your defenses get a serious boost.

    Now, go out there and conquer! With the Military Metropolis by your side, you’ll be unstoppable.

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    Welcome to the Seaside Metropolis!

    Hey there! I’m excited to tell you all about the amazing Seaside Metropolis. It’s unlike any other city you’ve ever seen! When you’re in this magnificent place, you’ll get a fantastic +3 bonus in case of a sea battle on any of the adjacent sea spaces. How cool is that?

    Not only that, but this incredible bonus isn’t limited to defense. You can use it when you’re on the attack too! It’s a total game-changer, giving you an edge in any maritime conflict. You’ll be unstoppable!

    So, whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a curious explorer, the Seaside Metropolis is the place for you. Come and experience the thrill of battle on the high seas, and revel in the power of this awesome city. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your gameplay with this amazing advantage!

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    A City of Faith

    Welcome to the Religious Metropolis! Here, when you purchase a Creature, you’ll receive a generous discount of 2GP instead of the standard 1GP. It’s like having two temples in one!

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    Welcome to the Cultural Metropolis!

    I bet you didn’t know that with this amazing Metropolis, you can create new ones with just three Philosophers instead of the usual four. It’s a pretty cool power, right?

    And here’s the best part: you have to use this power every time! It’s not optional – you gotta do it!

    How to play Cyclades Titans Official Rules UltraFoodMess

    A City of Commerce

    Welcome to this bustling city known as the Commercial Metropolis. It’s a place where the money flows freely, and opportunities abound. Are you ready to explore its secrets?

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