How to play Cubist Official Game Rules

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Cubist Game Rules

Hey there! Let’s dive into the exciting world of Cubist, a fun and mind-bending game that will challenge your imagination and strategic skills.

Here’s how it works:


In Cubist, the objective is to manipulate and arrange cubes to match the pattern shown on the game card. It’s like solving a colorful and three-dimensional puzzle!


Before you start, gather all the cubes and game cards. Make sure there’s enough space for you to arrange the cubes freely.


On your turn, take a game card and place it in front of you. Study the pattern and try to recreate it using the cubes.

You can rotate and stack the cubes in any way you like, but be careful! If a cube falls or doesn’t match the pattern, you’ll have to start over.


Once you’ve successfully recreated the pattern, you earn points based on the difficulty level of the card. The harder the card, the more points you’ll get. Keep track of your score as you play!

Strategy Tips

To become a Cubist master, here are some handy tips:

1. Start with the edges: It’s easier to work from the outside in. Begin by creating the borders of the pattern before focusing on the details.

2. Visualize in layers: Imagine the pattern as a series of layers. Build each layer step by step, making sure they fit perfectly together.

3. Use your spatial skills: Cubist is all about manipulating space. Pay attention to the orientation and position of the cubes to create an accurate recreation.


Feeling adventurous? Try these variations to spice up your Cubist experience:

1. Speed Round: Set a time limit for each turn. Can you recreate the pattern under pressure?

2. Cooperative Mode: Work together with a friend to solve the patterns. Teamwork makes the cube work!


So there you have it, the exhilarating world of Cubist! With its creative challenges and endless possibilities, this game will keep you entertained for hours. Gather your friends, sharpen your spatial skills, and let the cubist adventure begin!

How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

Welcome to CUBIST! I’m an architect, and I’m excited to compete with you in building an incredible Modern Art Museum. We’ll be using dice as our building materials – how cool is that?

Each turn, we’ll roll two dice and use them to create sculptures for the museum. The sculptures are called installations, and we’ll position them inside the museum to make it look stunning.

Here’s the fun part: if we get two dice with the same number, we can stack them on top of each other to make the sculptures taller and more impressive. If the dice have adjacent numbers, we’ll put them beside each other to create unique and avant-garde footprints.

Now, there are two ways to play – you can take a risk and commit to a challenging installation, hoping that no one else completes it before you. Or, you can play it safe by setting aside your dice for later use.

Guess what? I have some exciting news for you! Did you know that you can use your dice in a really cool way? You can actually ask some famous artists like Juan Gris, Franz Marc, and Olga Rozanova to help you out. How cool is that? When you finish a project, you get to donate dice to build a Museum. And guess what? The Museum might even be named after you! But here’s the trick – you have to be both clever and fast with your sculpting skills. Are you ready to give it a try?

How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess


  • 81 dice
  • 1 Museum Board
  • 4 Individual Studio Boards
  • 9 Museum Cards
  • 25 Artist Cards
  • 23 Installation Cards
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

In CUBIST, I want to collect the best installations for the brand new Modern Art Museum. To do this, I’ll have to use dice and create installations based on the cards.

If I successfully complete an installation, I’ll receive that card and score points based on its value. Not only that, but completing installations also contributes to my final score by adding dice to the museum.

The game ends when either the Museum is finished or one player completes five installations. At that point, we all add up our scores. Whoever has the most points wins, and the new Modern Art Museum will be named after them!


  1. Museum Board: Put it right in the middle of the table, just like you see in the Setup Diagram below.
  2. How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMessMuseum Cards: Each Museum Card has a symbol for 2-4 players. Choose one randomly that matches the number of players and put it face up on the Game Board. This Museum Card is the plan for the new Museum that all players will build together (but competitively) during the game. Put the other Museum Cards back in the box.
  3. Museum Die: Roll the red Museum Cornerstone Die and put it on the Museum Board in the building area, just like it’s shown.
  • How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

    To start playing Cubist, you first need to prepare the Installation Cards. Take the deck of Installation Cards and make sure to shuffle them well. Once shuffled, place the deck face-down in the lower right corner of the board. Now, draw three cards from the top of the deck and place them face-up to the left of the deck, just like shown in the Setup Diagram. These face-up cards represent the incredible sculptures that players will strive to construct throughout the game.

  • I’ve got a fun game to tell you about! It’s called Cubist, and it’s all about creating awesome art installations. Let me walk you through the setup and the materials you’ll need.

    First, we need to shuffle the Artist Cards. These cards show different artists who can help us build our installations or mess with other players’ plans. Shuffle them up and create a facedown deck in the upper left corner of the game board. Take the top four cards and place them face-up to the right of the deck, just like in the Setup Diagram.

    Next, each player gets to choose a color and collect all the dice in that color. These dice are your building materials in the game. Make sure to keep your dice within reach, so you can easily use them during your turns.

    Now it’s time to set up your individual Studio Boards. Each player places their Studio Board in front of them, facing up. This is where you’ll create your amazing art installations.

    And that’s it for the setup! Now you’re ready to dive into the world of Cubist and unleash your creativity. Have fun building and exploring the art scene!

    How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

    I want to tell you about this really cool game I found. It’s called Workroom Shuffle! Have you ever played it before? It’s a lot of fun and it’s super easy to learn. Let me explain how it works.

    Workroom Shuffle is a board game that has different rooms where you can build things. Each board has two Workrooms where you can build Installations. There’s also a Storage Space where you can temporarily store up to two dice. And there’s a Storeroom that includes a Turn Summary for each player to reference if they need help.

    When you play Workroom Shuffle, the first player can be chosen randomly or in any way that the players decide. It’s up to you how you want to start the game.

    So, that’s all there is to it! Workroom Shuffle is a game where you can build things and have a great time with your friends. If you’re looking for a new game to play, I definitely recommend giving it a try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

    1. Each board contains two Workrooms for building Installations, plus a Storage Space for temporarily storing up to two dice, plus a Storeroom which includes a Turn Summary for each player to reference if needed. See the Setup Diagram.
    2. The first player may be chosen randomly or in any manner decided upon by the players.

    Let’s Play the Game!

    When it’s my turn, I’ll complete four actions in a specific order:

    1. First, I’ll roll two dice from the supply and put them in my Studio’s Storeroom.
    2. Next, I can assign the dice from my Storeroom to different places like the Workroom, an Artist Card, or a Storage Space.
    3. During my turn, I have the option to perform actions on an Artist Card, complete or abandon Installations, and even move dice from Installation Cards.
    4. Finally, I’ll remove any extra dice from the Storeroom and end my turn.

    1. Roll the Dice

    At the start of my turn, I’ll take two dice from the supply and roll them. Then I’ll place them in my Storeroom, making sure not to change the numbers I rolled. All the dice in the Storeroom are now available for me to use, including any dice I had left in the Storage Space from my last turn.

    How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

    Hey there! Let me break down how the dice work in the game.

    During your turn, you can have multiple dice in your Storeroom. You start with two dice in the Storage Space, and you can add more dice through Artist actions and other ways. There’s no limit to the number of dice you can assign from your Storeroom in a turn. Just remember, you can’t assign dice directly from your Storeroom to the Museum.

    If you don’t have enough dice in your supply to roll two of them, you need to return some dice to your supply. You can do this by performing one of the actions in step 3 of your turn.

    2. Assign Dice From the Storeroom

    Now, let’s get into assigning the dice from your Storeroom to different places.

    A. How to Place Dice in a Workroom

    • In your Workroom, you place the dice to create Installations. These Installations come in handy when completing an Installation Card.

    If you haven’t chosen a Workroom yet and it doesn’t have any dice in it, put the die or dice you rolled into that Workroom. Make sure to keep the same number value(s) facing up that you rolled originally, because that’s what the value is considered to be.

    How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

    Hey there! Let’s talk about how to use your dice effectively in the game. So, in this particular situation, I rolled a 5 and a 6, and I decided to put them in my Storeroom. Now, I can combine these two dice with the 1 and 3 that I already have in my Storage Space. By doing this, I can add them to the Installations in the Workrooms on the left side. If I have dice with the same number, I can stack them on top of each other. If the number is 1 higher or 1 lower, I can place the dice adjacent to each other.

    Alright, now let’s move on to placing dice on an Artist Card.

    • If you want to place a die on an Artist Card, you need to put multiple dice at the same time. And crucially, all these dice must have the exact same number.
    • Here’s the thing: the number of dice you need to place must match the number of dice symbols on the card. Don’t worry, though – cards usually have either two or three symbols. As long as the numbers match, you can use any number value on the dice.
    • If I see an Artist Card with someone else’s dice on it, I can swipe their dice and replace them with mine. But the numbers on my dice have to be equal to or higher than the numbers on their dice. When I do this, their dice go back to them.
    • My dice can stay on top of an Artist Card until I want to do the dice-swapping move, or until someone else knocks them off. But I can’t use the Artist Card on the same turn that I put my dice on it.
    • If all four Artist Cards have dice on them, we get rid of all four cards and return the dice back to their owners.
    • I have to wait until a later turn to do the Artist Card action (more on that below).

    How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

    So, here’s what happened: I played two 3’s in a game called “Spatial Force Construction” by Lyubov Popova.

    And get this – in future turns, I can claim this Artist card and reduce any die in my Storeroom by 1. How cool is that?

    C. Putting dice on a storage space

    • During my turn, I can have any number of dice in my Storeroom, even ones that I just rolled or that were already on the Storage Space. But by the end of my turn, the Storeroom has to be empty, and the Storage Space can only have two dice. Those two dice can be used in later turns, though.
    • Any other dice that I have must be assigned to something or returned to my supply by the end of my turn.

    3. Actions / Installations

    Okay, here’s the deal – during my turn, I can do a few things:

    I. Do stuff with Artist Cards

      To perform a special action on an Artist Card, you need to have placed dice on it in a previous turn. Take those dice back to your supply and carry out the action on the Artist Card. Then, place the discarded Artist Card face up at the bottom of the Artist Card deck. Make sure to immediately fill the empty space on the board with a new Artist Card.

      Keep in mind that Artist Card actions can change the dice on Installation Cards.

      Now, let’s move on to the second part.

      II. Complete/abandon Installations

      Complete an Installation:

      – If you have all the required dice on an Installation Card, you can complete it. Follow the instructions on the card and gain the associated benefits.

      Abandon an Installation:

      – If you find that an Installation Card no longer suits your strategy or if you want to free up space for a new card, you can abandon it. Remove all the dice from the card and return them to your supply. Discard the abandoned Installation Card face up on the bottom of the Installation Card deck.

      Remember, the choice to complete or abandon an Installation Card is an important strategic decision you need to make during the game.

      How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

      When it’s my turn, I can choose to complete an Installation. If I have an Installation Card that matches one of my Installations, I get to do a few things:

      • I return all the dice I used to complete the Installation back to my supply.
      • I collect the completed Installation Card and show it in front of me, face-up.
      • I immediately put a new Installation Card in the empty space on the board.
      • I place one die from my supply on each space shown on the Installation Card. The dice have the numbers shown on them. (If there’s more than one number, I can change it later).
      • I can choose to put these dice in the Museum right away, or I can do it later (more about that in the Move Dice from Installation Cards section).

      How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

      Abandon an Installation
      • When you decide to abandon an Installation after careful consideration, all the dice on that specific Workroom must be removed together.
      • Instead of just removing one or a few dice, you must remove all dice on that particular Workroom. These dice cannot be assigned to any other location except Artist Cards or returned to your supply. Storing them in the Storeroom or assigning them to another Workroom or the Museum is not allowed.

      III. Move Dice From Installation Cards

      • You have the option to add only the dice from the Installation Cards you have successfully completed to the Museum. Additionally, if you choose, you can also utilize these dice for your Workroom Installations or Artist Cards in the same way you would use dice from the Storeroom.
      • When you add a die to the Museum, make sure to follow the same rules as you would for any installation. You don’t want to create a situation where the Museum can’t be completed. If that happens, you need to remove the die immediately.
      • Each die you place in the Museum will earn you two points at the end of the game.
      • Once you have placed all the dice from your Installation Card, flip the card over and place it face down in front of you. The points marked on the card will be scored at the end of the game.

      How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMess

      Once I finish this task, I’ll put the two dice on the Installation Card. I can decide to add one or both dice to the Museum, an Artist Card, or an Installation-in-progress, following the placement rules in my Studio.

      4. Get Rid of Extra Dice

      I need to remove any extra dice from the Storeroom and end my turn. I can then move one or two dice from the Storeroom to the Storage Space as I want. Any dice left in the Storeroom will go back to my supply.

      Artist Cards

      • How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMessUmberto Boccioni: I get to take one die from my supply and place it in my Storeroom. The number on the die will be one of the two values on the card. I can use this die right away. (3)

      I’m Franz Marc and I have a special ability in this game. When it’s my turn, I’m going to take one die from my supply and put it in the Storeroom. The cool thing is, I get to choose the number on the die. And the best part is, I can use that die immediately. It’s like a double-edged sword, giving me the power to make strategic moves and elevate my chances of winning. So, if you’re looking for a game where you have control over your destiny, then you’ll love playing with me, Franz Marc.

      Now let’s meet Juan Gris. Look at this picture of him. Juan Gris has a different ability in the game. He can remove any one die from one of his Installations and return it to his supply. But here’s the catch, Juan Gris can’t divide an Installation by doing this. It’s a smart move that allows him to regenerate his resources and respond to the changing dynamics of the game. So if you’re looking for a character who can adapt and make strategic moves, then you’ll love playing with Juan Gris.

      Lastly, let me introduce you to Jules Pascin. Check out this cool picture of him. Jules Pascin has an interesting ability in the game. He can move one die from one of his Installations to another space in the same Installation or his other Installation. But just like Juan Gris, he can’t divide an Installation by doing this. This ability gives Jules Pascin the flexibility to rearrange his pieces and optimize his strategy. So, if you’re looking for a character who can make clever moves and manipulate the board to their advantage, then you’ll love playing with Jules Pascin.

      With these characters in mind, you have three unique options to choose from. Each character has their own special ability that can give you an edge in the game. So, take your pick and enjoy the thrilling adventure of Cubist!

    • How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMessRoger de La Fresnaye: You can change the number on one of your dice in the Storeroom or on a completed Installation Card by adding or subtracting 2, as indicated on the card. This ability can be used 4 times. (4)
    • How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMessLyubov Popova: You can change the number on one of your dice in the Storeroom or on a completed Installation Card by adding or subtracting 1, as indicated on the card. This ability can be used 4 times. (4)
    • How to play Cubist Official Game Rules UltraFoodMessKazamir Malevich: You can take a die from your supply and place it in the Storeroom. The number on the die should match the value shown on the card. This die can be used immediately. (6)
    • I’m Olga Rozanova, and I have a special move in the game of Cubist. What I do is I choose a die from one of my opponents’ Studios and claim it as my own. Then, I take a die from my own supply and make sure its value matches the one I claimed. This new die goes straight into my Storeroom, ready for immediate use. But don’t worry, I give the stolen die back to its rightful owner.

      Now let’s talk about the end of the game. If you manage to complete five or more Installations or if the Museum is fully built, the game comes to an end. It’s time for the final scoring. Add up the points from all the completed Installation Cards in front of you, including those face up and face down. And here’s a bonus: for each die you’ve contributed to the Museum, you’ll earn an extra two points.

      So, keep playing until someone meets the end-game conditions, and then tally up your scores. Good luck!

      Whoever scores the highest number of points becomes the victor and earns the honor of having the Museum named after them!

      If there is a tie, the player who has a greater number of dice in the Museum will be crowned the winner. And if that doesn’t settle it, the triumph is shared between the tied players.

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