Dragon Castle Spirit Card Powers

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

The Magic of Spirit Cards

Did you know that Spirit Cards have amazing powers? They can help you in your quest to become a powerful player in the game. Let me tell you about one of these powers called “Spirit Card Powers”.

The Power of Consolidation

One of the key powers of Spirit Cards is the ability to consolidate a set of 4 or more Faction tiles with the same number. Normally, you would only be able to consolidate tiles of the same type, but with Spirit Cards, you have the freedom to consolidate based on the number. This opens up new possibilities!

By consolidating tiles with the same number, you can build up to 2 Shrines on top of them. This is a great advantage because Shrines give you Victory Points (VP). Each consolidated set is treated as a set of Dragons, which means you get the VP for it!

This is a powerful ability that can give you an edge over your opponents. It’s a clever strategy that can help you score more points and secure your victory!

The Spirit of Wind

Hey there! I’ve got a neat trick for you. Check this out – you can actually turn one of your face-up tiles face down. Pretty cool, huh? Don’t worry, it won’t count as Consolidated. But wait, there’s more! You also get to move one of the Shrines you’ve built to any other face-down tile in your Realm. Awesome, right? Just remember, you still need to follow all the rules for building Shrines, so keep that in mind. Happy gaming!

The Mighty Spirit

Hey there! Let me show you a cool move you can make in your castle. You can actually move up to 2 tiles, whether they’re facing up or down, to any other space in your Realm. Pretty neat, right? Just make sure to follow the tile placement rules as you do this. Oh, and don’t worry about consolidating sets right away – you can do that later!

Got any questions? I’ve got answers:

Q: Can I put a tile on top of another face-up tile?

A: Nope! Gotta stick to the regular tile placement rules for that.

Q: Can I stack the second tile on top of the first one I moved?

A: If the first tile you moved was facing down, then you’re good to go. But if it was facing up, sorry, you can’t stack them.

The Elegance Within

Alright, here’s the deal, folks. From now on, whenever you select a tile from the Dragon Castle, you have the option to grab tiles that have one of their short sides free, even if they aren’t available. And guess what? You’ve got to do this at least once, no exceptions.

Got any questions? We’ve got answers:

Q: Can I first grab a tile using this Spirit’s power and then grab a tile I just freed, even if it only has one short side open?

A: Absolutely! Once you activate this Spirit’s power, it stays active for the entire turn.

Meet the Sneaky Spirit

When you perform a “Pair of Tiles” Action, as your second tile take 1 of the tiles next to the first tile you Picked (even if it is not the same and/or Available).

The Power of Choice

Hey there, have you ever played Mahjong? It’s a really cool game! Let me tell you about a special tile called the Spirit of Faith. This tile can be a game-changer!

You might have some questions, so let me answer them for you:

Q: Can I use the Spirit of Faith to change a Special tile into something else, just to stop a set from coming together?

A: Nope, sorry! You can only use the Spirit of Faith when it helps you create a set.

Q: What if I want to prevent one specific tile from being part of a set, but I still want to Consolidate the rest?

A: Unfortunately, you can’t pick and choose like that. If you want to use the Spirit of Faith, the tile you transform must be part of the set you’re Consolidating.

So, that’s the Spirit of Faith for you. Play smart and use it wisely!

When I Consolidate a set of tiles, I get to build 1 additional Shrine. This is a special ability that I have, and it’s important to follow the rules of Shrine building.

Questions that come up a lot:

Q: Can I build the extra Shrine on face-down tiles or on tiles that were Consolidated in a previous turn?

A: No, I can only build the Shrine on the set of tiles that I am Consolidating when I activate this power.

Q: What if I’m Consolidating multiple sets of tiles this turn?

A: In that case, I can choose any one tile that is part of one of those sets to build my extra Shrine on.

Q: If I’m Consolidating a set of Special tiles, can I build a third Shrine on top of the extra one I’m already allowed to build?

A: Yes, I can. The Spirit of the Deep allows me to build 1 additional Shrine, on top of any Shrines that I would normally be allowed to build.

The Spirit of the Deep

When you choose to take an action called “Pair of Tiles,” you have the opportunity to select a second tile that is of the same type as the first tile you selected. This means that even if the second tile is not an exact match, as long as it is the same type, you can still choose it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use this power to select a second tile that is exactly the same as the first tile, simply to remove a tile from my realm?

A: Yes, you have the option to do so. However, it is important to note that this is a very specific scenario!

Spirit of Destruction

Hey there! I’ve got an interesting tip for you. How about discarding a tile from the Dragon Castle? It might just be the trick you need!

Got some questions? I’ve got answers:

Q: Can I discard a tile from the Dragon Castle to unlock a tile I couldn’t access before?

A: Absolutely! That’s one of the coolest things you can do with this power.

The Sneaky Spirit

Hey there! Did you know that when you’re playing this awesome game, you have the ability to consolidate just three tiles of the same type instead of the usual four? It’s a pretty sweet deal, because you’ll still get two victory points for doing so. And here’s another neat thing: the number of Shrines you can build is determined by the type of consolidated tiles you have. So, keep that in mind as you strategize and plan your moves. Have fun!

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