Additional Rules for Nothing Personal

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Nothing Personal Additional Rules

Hey there! I’m here to tell you about some extra rules for Nothing Personal. These rules add new elements to the game, making it even more exciting!

Player Powers

In this version of the game, each player gets a special power that gives them an advantage. These powers can range from being able to move extra spaces to having the ability to steal money from other players.

You can choose your power at the beginning of the game, and it can really change the way you play. It’s important to take your power into account when making decisions during the game.


Events are special cards that can affect the game in different ways. They can give you extra money, change the rules for a round, or even force the players to make difficult decisions.

Events are drawn at the beginning of each round and remain in play until the end of that round. They can really shake things up and add a lot of tension to the game!


In this version of the game, you can make Contracts to earn money and take control of different areas on the board. Contracts are like mini goals that you can work towards during the game.

You can choose to complete a Contract by placing your Influence markers on the board. Once you complete a Contract, you earn money and gain special abilities that can help you in the game.


These additional rules add new dimensions to the game and give players more options and strategies to explore. They can really change the dynamics of the game and make each playthrough unique.

So, if you’re looking for an enhanced and more thrilling version of Nothing Personal, give these additional rules a try. You’ll find yourself immersed in a game that’s both familiar and fresh!

Additional Rules for Nothing Personal UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Did you know that in this game, you can do a Shakedown any time you want? It’s pretty cool because when you do a Shakedown, you can get rid of one of your Influence cards and get $8 in return. And the best part? It doesn’t count as an action, so you can do it before, after, or even during another action. How awesome is that?

Getting Rid of Gangsters

Additional Rules for Nothing Personal UltraFoodMessWhen there’s a mark on a Gangster, I roll the Whack die. If I roll a gun or a Capo symbol, I get the job done. I discard the targeted Gangster and send them to sleep with the fishes. All the Influence markers on that Gangster go back to their rightful owners. And guess what? The player who controlled the hit Gangster loses 4 Respect, while I gain 4 Respect for doing the Whacking. But if I roll a Additional Rules for Nothing Personal UltraFoodMess, things get messy. Instead of the mark, the Gangster trying to make the hit ends up six feet under. And you know what I lose? 4 Respect for taking the Whack action. That’s the risk I take. Now, if I roll the blank side, the Gangster just fails miserably. And their controller loses 4 Respect because of the embarrassment. Tough break, my friend.

For example: If I control Steve Averso in the Capo position and Bob Whacks me, then I lose four Respect and Bob gains four Respect.

The downside of having no Respect

If a player Whacks or “Makes a Move” on a Gangster that has zero or negative Respect, then no Respect is transferred between the players.

The art of negotiation

  • I encourage you to negotiate with others all the time.
  • You can trade money, Influence cards, promises, threats, or whatever it takes.
  • Remember, you cannot trade Respect unless a card specifically allows it.
  • You have the power to give control of a blackmail Influence token to another player by swapping your respective Influence markers on the Blackmail token.
  • Keep in mind that deals are not binding.

Example: Imagine this scenario: I convince my friend, Tom, not to do something by promising to give him money later. And then, when the time comes, I say I was just delirious and changed my mind. Can you guess what Tom’s response would be? He would never trust me again. And that’s exactly what happened in this situation. Tom decides to retaliate by attacking my character in the game. I then try to bribe him with $9 to stop him, but he takes the money and goes ahead with his plan anyway.

Additional Rules for Nothing Personal UltraFoodMess

A Twist in the Family Affairs

Just when I thought our family had everything under control, along comes another group of troublemakers determined to steal the spotlight… or maybe even worse.

For an even more exciting gaming experience, you can enhance Nothing Personal with the Young Turks expansion, which includes three sets of additional gangsters.

These expansion decks, namely Game Designers, Historical, and Young Turks, offer a thrilling collection of 18 new gangsters that seamlessly integrate into the original game. Whether you choose to add just one expansion or all three, get ready for a wild mob extravaganza like you’ve never seen before!

Empowering Your Position

Additional Rules for Nothing Personal UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Let’s talk about the tactics of the different guys in Whack a Gangster.

Third Guy: As the third guy, I can spend $10 to attempt to Whack a Gangster. Unfortunately, you can’t cancel this action once I’ve decided to go for it.

Second Guy: Now, as the second guy, things get interesting. I have the power to place the Negate Action token on any Gangster on the board, except for the Third Guy. This means that the player controlling the Gangster who receives the Negate token won’t be able to take any action with that Gangster during the Resolve Gangsters phase. But keep in mind, I can’t just cancel any action, there are some limitations.

First off, it’s important to know that tie-breaking power is tied to the Capo ring, not the position. This means that the tie-breaking power cannot be canceled, no matter what action I take.

However, there are some things I can cancel. For example, innate abilities like “Requires 12 Influence Tokens to be sent to Prison” can’t be canceled. So there are limitations to my power.

Once the Gangster with the Negate token has been resolved during the Resolve Gangsters phase, the Negate token is removed. So it’s a one-time thing.

First Guy: And finally, as the first guy, my ability is to remove one Influence marker from any Gangster on the board. So if I want to weaken a Gangster, I can take away one of their Influence markers. Pretty neat, huh?

If you get an Influence marker from a Blackmail token, you have to remove the Blackmail token.

You can also remove a neutral Influence marker.

Bean Counter: When you control the Bean Counter, you can steal $3 from any other player. If someone has less than $3, they have to give all their money to you. But you can’t steal from the bank.

Racketeer: As the Racketeer, you can swap one Influence marker on the board with another Influence marker. It doesn’t matter what color the markers are, and they can both be on top of a Blackmail token.

This power can change who controls the Gangsters, including the Racketeer, and also the ownership of a Blackmail Influence token.

Enforcer: When I’m playing as the Enforcer, I have the power to place one Influence marker on any Gangster on the board. But there are a couple of rules I need to follow. First, I can’t place the marker on top of a blackmail token. And second, I can only place an Influence marker of my own color.

Counselor: Now let’s talk about the Counselor. As the player controlling the Counselor, I can place not one, but three Neutral Influence markers on the board. These markers can be put on the same Gangster, or split between two or three Gangsters. Now here’s an important thing to keep in mind – when it comes to controlling a Gangster, if the Neutral Influence markers are in the majority or tied for the majority, then no player actually controls the Gangster. It’s a kind of stalemate situation.

By the way, these Neutral Influence markers also come into play when we’re deciding if a Gangster should be thrown into Prison. They count towards the overall count.

Underboss: Last but not least, there’s the Underboss. If I’m the player controlling the Underboss, I have a cool ability – I can draw an Influence card from the deck and add it to my hand. It’s a way to get some new cards and keep my options open.

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