Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Fury of Dracula: Extra Rules

Welcome, fellow hunters! Today, I want to talk to you about some additional rules that you can use to enhance your Fury of Dracula game. These rules will add extra layers of excitement and strategy to your gameplay, making your hunt for Dracula even more thrilling!

The Hunter’s Arsenal

When it comes to hunting Dracula, it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal. One of the key aspects of the game is the hunter’s arsenal, which consists of a variety of items and abilities that can help you in your quest. By understanding and utilizing these tools effectively, you’ll have a better chance of tracking down the elusive Count.

Each hunter has their own unique set of items and abilities. For example, Van Helsing has his famous Crosses and Knife, while Dr. Seward has his medical skills. It’s up to you to learn how to make the most of these assets and use them strategically to your advantage.

Traveling the Map

Now, let’s talk about navigating the map. In the game, the map is divided into various locations, each represented by a specific card. These cards are placed facedown, and as a hunter, it’s your job to uncover them and explore the world.

When revealing a new location, you have the option to search for Dracula’s trail. This is a crucial step in your hunt, as it allows you to gather information about Dracula’s whereabouts and plan your next move. Remember, Dracula is cunning and evasive, so interpreting the clues correctly is key!

The Powers of Dracula

Now, let’s delve into Dracula’s powers. Dracula is a formidable adversary and possesses a range of abilities that can make it challenging for hunters to capture him. For example, Dracula can hypnotize his pursuers or lay traps to divert their attention.

As a hunter, it’s important to be aware of Dracula’s powers and take them into account when planning your strategy. By understanding his capabilities, you can predict his moves and stay one step ahead.


In conclusion, these additional rules will elevate your Fury of Dracula game to new heights. With a solid understanding of the hunter’s arsenal, map navigation, and Dracula’s powers, you’ll be well-equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Remember, my fellow hunters, it’s not an easy task to hunt down the infamous Count Dracula, but with perseverance and strategy, you can achieve victory. So gather your courage, sharpen your wits, and embark on this thrilling adventure. The fury of Dracula awaits!

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Let me tell you some extra rules you need to know to play Fury of Dracula. If you want more details or have questions about specific game effects, make sure to check out the Rules Reference.

Dawn And Dusk

When we’re in the hunter phase, we have dawn before day and dusk before night. It’s during these times that we move forward in time and, if Dracula is revealed, fight him.

The time track is divided into day and night spaces. In the morning, our time marker moves from a night space to a day space. Then, in the evening, it moves from a day space to a night space. Each space represents a different day of the week, which is abbreviated.

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

When I wake up on Monday morning, I notice that a whole new week has begun. I see that the time tracker has moved from Sunday night to Monday day, which means that seven days have passed since the last time I checked. To mark this milestone, I take a despair token and place it on one of the three spots in the middle of the time track. There’s even a helpful little graphic on the time track to remind me to do this.

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Let’s talk about despair tokens in “Fury of Dracula.” These tokens represent how Dracula’s influence spreads over the innocent folks. They’re pretty important because they affect how much the influence track moves when the hunters get defeated. Oh, and here’s a cool fact: Dracula’s “The Fury of Dracula” ability kicks in once all three despair tokens are on the board.

Event and Item Cards

Now, let’s move on to event and item cards. These cards bring some useful stuff for both the hunters and Dracula. The event cards can give them cool effects and allies, while the item cards give hunters handy assets that come in handy when they’re fighting against Dracula.

Event Cards

When a player draws an event card, they have to read it carefully to see when it takes effect. The timing text at the top of each card tells when it can be played. Some cards need to be used right away, while others can be saved for specific moments later on.

When you want to play an event card, you simply read the text on the card and follow the instructions. After that, you put the card face-up in the event discard pile.

Event cards can do different things, and you have to choose which effect you want to use when you play the card. Some of these cards can also be played as an ally. These cards have a special “Ally” effect at the bottom. If you play a hunter card as an ally, you put it in the ally slot on the board. If you play a Dracula card as an ally, it goes into Dracula’s play area face-up.

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

When it comes to the game, there can only be one hunter ally in play at a time. If you, as a hunter, choose to use the effect of an ally card and there is already an ally on the board, the old ally is replaced by the new ally. The same rule applies to Dracula – he can also only have one ally in play at a time. When an ally card is removed from play, it is placed face-up in the event discard pile.

Item Cards

When you, as a hunter, draw an item card, you take the top card from the item deck and add it to your hand. Most hunter cards can only be used during combat. You can recognize these cards by the banner they display. However, there are some item cards that can be played outside of combat, and they will be clearly labeled as such.

What Are Hand Limits

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Hey, did you know that each hunter sheet has two slots for cards? Yeah, there’s one at the top for item cards and one at the bottom for event cards.

Most hunters can only hold up to three cards for each type – items and events. You can tell how many cards they can hold by looking at the hand limit icon on their character sheet in each slot.

But here’s the cool part: hunters can actually place their cards in these slots instead of holding them in their hands. This really comes in handy when you’re controlling multiple hunters and need to manage multiple hands.

Now, let’s talk about Dracula. Unlike the hunters, he’s a bit of a card hoarder. Dracula can hold up to four event cards, and you can see this limit in the event card slot at the bottom of his character sheet.

Let’s Chat

Hey there! Let me tell you what happens during the game. We, the players, can talk to each other and share information about the cards we have. But here’s the catch – we have to do it in front of Dracula. So, if we decide to share cards with each other, we have to share them with Dracula as well.

However, there’s a special trade action that hunters can do. When we perform this action, we can trade cards in secret and have a private conversation without Dracula knowing what we’re up to.

Ticket Tokens

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Did you know that ticket tokens are super cool? They let us hunters ride the train and have lots of fun exploring new places. Pretty awesome, right?

So, here’s how it works. If I want to get a ticket token, I just have to reserve a ticket. Easy peasy! Once I reserve a ticket, I get my hands on one of these nifty ticket tokens, and that means I can hop aboard the train and go on an exciting adventure.

Now, let’s talk about how we can get these ticket tokens. All we need to do is perform a reserve a ticket action. That’s it! It’s like a special task we can do to earn ourselves a ticket token. And let me tell you, once you have a ticket token, the possibilities are endless.

With a ticket token in hand, I can use it to travel to different places and uncover all kinds of amazing things. It’s like a magical pass that opens up a world of adventure. I can go to places I’ve never been before and see breathtaking sights. The best part is, I can go wherever I want whenever I want. How cool is that?

So, my friend, whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting out, ticket tokens are your ticket to incredible journeys. They’re like little treasures that open up a whole new world of excitement. All you have to do is reserve a ticket, and you’re ready to embark on a grand adventure. Happy hunting!

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

To ride the train, I have to use one of my ticket tokens. Don’t worry, I’ll reveal the side with the picture on it. That will determine how far I can move. After I reach my destination, I’ll just flip the token over and put it back with the others. Easy peasy!

Now, there are two types of railway tracks – white and yellow. Each ticket token has values for both. These values tell me how many tracks I can use when moving to a new city. If I decide to only use the white tracks, I’ll look at the white value on the ticket token to calculate my distance. But if I choose to use only the yellow tracks or a combination of both, I’ll use the yellow values on the ticket tokens instead. Oh, and if a ticket token doesn’t have a yellow number, I can’t use it for yellow tracks.

Now, let’s talk about maturing encounters. It’s like when something grows up and becomes mature. In the game, when an encounter matures, it means I can resolve the effects it has. It’s kind of like harvesting the fruits of my labor. Makes sense, right?

When I’m in the Dracula phase, all the hideouts on the trail move aside so that Dracula can add a new card. If there are already six hideouts on the trail at this time, the hideout in the sixth spot becomes matured.

When a hideout matures, I have the option to resolve any special effects from the encounter card associated with that hideout, if there are any. Then, I discard the card and return the location card from that hideout to the location deck.


Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

At the bottom of certain encounter cards, you’ll find a red section labeled “Matured Effect.” During the Dracula phase, if a hideout is removed from the trail, Dracula has the ability to mature any encounter cards located in that hideout. This is done by following the instructions in the “Matured Effect” section on those cards.

Vampire Encounters

There are three encounter cards that have the word “Vampire” in their title: “New Vampire,” “Aristocratic Vampire,” and “Reckless Vampire.” These encounters are known as vampire encounters. When you resolve these cards, their “Matured Effect” advances the influence track.

When you encounter a vampire, you’ll receive instructions to find and clear specific hideouts along the trail. Clearing a hideout involves returning all location cards from that hideout to the deck, discarding encounter cards found there, and adding any tokens back to the pool.

Search for the Trail

Whenever a hunter finishes moving to a city, Dracula needs to examine all the cards on the trail. If the city happens to be one of Dracula’s hideouts, he reveals the location card by flipping it faceup. This card stays faceup until it is placed back into Dracula’s location deck.


When I’m hiding in a hideout and a hunter comes my way, I have a choice: do I ambush them or let them be? If I decide to ambush, I pick an encounter card from the hideout, reveal it, and carry out its effect. Once I’m done, that card is discarded. But if I decide not to ambush, the encounter card stays put, and I can still ambush in the future if another hunter comes by.

Searching for Clues

Now, why would I ever pass up an ambush opportunity? Well, sometimes I want to let my newly-created vampires mature undisturbed. In that case, if a hunter is at a location with an encounter card, they can perform a search action. This action lets them resolve all the encounter effects on those cards, except for the matured effect.

Revealing Yours Truly

If I end my movement on the city where Dracula is hiding (that’s the location card on the first space of the trail), Dracula will be exposed. Once Dracula is revealed, I place his figure on the board in that city. Then, a fight will happen during the next morning or evening. But remember, Dracula can’t be exposed while he’s on a sea zone.


A Fight


If I find myself in the same city as Dracula during the morning or evening, we’ll have a battle.


Before the fight starts, I grab one “Dodge,” “Punch,” and “Escape” card from my hunter combat card stash and add them to my item card collection. These extra cards won’t count against my hand limit. Then, Dracula shuffles his combat deck and draws five cards from it to use during the fight. We resolve the combat using these steps:


    \ Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess\

Choose Your Battle Strategy

When it’s time to face off against the formidable Dracula, there are several steps you need to follow. Let me walk you through them:

Step 1: Choose Your Combat Cards

First things first, you’ll want to select the combat cards you’ll use in the fight. These cards will determine your actions and abilities during the battle, so choose wisely.

Step 2: Reveal Your Combat Cards

Once you’ve made your selection, it’s time to reveal your combat cards. This is where you show your opponents what you’ve got up your sleeve and give them a taste of your battle prowess.

Step 3: Compare Combat Icons

Now comes the thrilling part – comparing combat icons. Each combat card has different icons associated with it, representing special abilities and attacks. Take a close look at these icons and see how they stack up against your foes.

Step 4: Resolve Dracula’s Effect

Watch out for Dracula’s sneaky tactics! He has his own deck of combat cards and special abilities. After comparing combat icons, it’s time to see what tricks he has up his cape. Be prepared for anything!

Step 5: Resolve Hunter’s Effect

As a skilled hunter, you also have your own bag of tricks. Once Dracula’s effects have been resolved, it’s your turn to unleash your power. Utilize your combat cards and abilities to outsmart and overpower your bloodthirsty opponent.

Step 6: Refresh Your Hand

Every round of combat takes a toll on your resources. After each round, make sure to replenish your hand by drawing new combat cards. This will ensure that you stay on top of your game and have a variety of options at your disposal.

Now that you know the steps involved in combat, let’s talk about how a combat can come to an end:

  • Dracula plays six combat cards, signaling the conclusion of the fight.
  • Dracula manages to advance the influence track to space “13”, resulting in Dracula’s victory.
  • The hunters emerge victorious by defeating Dracula.
  • If all hunters engaged in the combat are either defeated, bitten, or have managed to escape.
  • Dracula employs his “Escape as Bat” or “Escape as Mist” abilities. The conditions for these escapes are detailed in Dracula’s “Pride” ability description.

When a battle is finished, all hunters involved put their combat cards (such as “Dodge,” “Punch,” and “Escape”) back into the piles near the game board. As for Dracula, he mixes all of his combat cards back into his deck.

Multiple Hunters in Battle

Although the rules mentioned above assume only one hunter is battling Dracula, it’s possible for multiple hunters to fight him at once.

When there are multiple hunters at Dracula’s current location, each hunter selects a card. Before revealing the cards, Dracula picks one hunter to be the “engaged” hunter. Only that particular hunter can block Dracula’s combat card. Afterward, the cards from both the hunter and Dracula are resolved.

Inflicting Damage

Every time I, as a hunter, or Dracula, suffer any damage, I have to take a number of damage tokens from the token pool. The number of tokens I take is equal to the amount of damage I have suffered. I then place these tokens on my character sheet. On the other hand, if I recover any damage, I can remove a number of damage tokens from my character sheet. Again, the number of tokens I remove is equal to the amount of damage I have recovered. These tokens go back into the token pool.

If the total value of damage tokens on my character sheet reaches or surpasses my health value, I am defeated.

When a hunter is defeated, at dawn, their figure is put on a hospital space on the game board. All of their event and item cards are discarded, and all the damage, bite, and ticket tokens are returned to the token pool. If Dracula has also been defeated, the hunters win the game.

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

The Curse of the Bitten Hunter

Hey there! So, imagine this – you’re out in the wild, hunting down some supernatural beasts, when all of a sudden, you feel a menacing bite on your skin. Ouch! Now, what happens next is crucial.

When us hunters get bitten, we mark that moment by placing a bite token on a special space on our character sheet. It’s like a badge of honor, but not the good kind. Instead, it’s a sign that we’ve been weakened by the bite.

Here’s the deal: when a hunter is weakened, they have to reveal one event card and one item card. It’s like our way of saying, “Hey, I’m not at my best right now, so go easy on me!”

Now, there’s this hunter named Mina. Poor Mina is permanently weakened, which means she always has to keep one event card and one item card revealed. Talk about being constantly on guard!

So, remember, my fellow hunters, if you ever find yourself facing the bite of a beast, don’t panic. Just mark that bite, reveal your cards, and show that you’re still in the game. We’re tough like that!

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

When you play the game, you’ll notice that there are slots on the top and bottom of each character sheet for placing revealed item and event cards. These cards are important, so make sure to keep them hidden during combat.

If a hunter gets bitten by a vampire but doesn’t have any space left to place a bite token, they are defeated. This means that Mina is defeated as soon as she gets her first bite token, while Van Helsing is defeated when he gets his third bite token.

When a hunter is defeated, their influence track moves forward by two spaces, plus the number of despair tokens on the time track. The number of despair tokens is determined by Dracula’s “Rage” ability on his character sheet. At dawn, the defeated hunter is placed at the nearest hospital location. You can easily identify these locations by the double icon on the map.

A Combat Example

Hey, guess what happened during the second week? Dracula and Mina found themselves in the same place at dusk! And you know what that means – combat time! Dracula got his hands on five cards from his combat deck, while Mina got three hunter combat cards to add to her collection of item cards. Things are getting interesting!

Now, since we’re in the second week of the game, there’s only one despair token on the board. If Dracula wants to make a run for it, he’ll have to wait until at least round 3 to play an escape card. Tough luck!

Round 1:

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

I don’t see any icons on the banner that match the one on “Claws”, so that issue is resolved. It’s nighttime, so I take four damage. Then, Dracula flips “Claws” facedown and I play “Punch”, which makes Dracula take one damage.

Nobody got defeated, so we keep fighting. Dracula draws one combat card from his deck, and I keep “Punch” faceup in front of me.

Round 2:

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Now it’s my turn again. This time, I flip over one of the icons and it turns out to be “Strength”. Since it matches the previous card played by Dracula, it is taken out of the game and flipped face down. I feel a sense of relief as I avoided its effects. Next, I decide to use my “Dodge” ability, which doesn’t have an immediate impact on the game. I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that I won’t be affected by Dracula’s next move.

Dracula then takes a combat card from his deck. I keep my “Dodge” card in front of me, face-up, as a reminder of my defensive move. I return the “Punch” card to my hand, ready to use it in the next round.

Round 3:

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

When I’m playing the game, I notice that there aren’t any matching icons and my character, Dracula, satisfies the “Pride” ability on my character sheet. This means I can resolve my card and it causes the combat to end right away, before Mina has a chance to resolve her “Pistol” card.

Fighting Vampires

If I perform a search action and I’m told to “fight this vampire”, then a combat happens. The rules for combat are the same whether I’m fighting a vampire or fighting Dracula. And it’s important to remember that Dracula controls his own vampires during combat.

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

The health value of each vampire is displayed on its card. When a vampire is harmed, you follow the same rules used for hunters or Dracula, putting damage tokens on the vampire’s encounter card instead of a character sheet.

If the total value of damage tokens on a vampire equals or exceeds its health value, that vampire is defeated, and its encounter card is discarded. If a vampire survives after a battle, any damage it sustains remains on its card.

Dracula cannot use escape cards for his vampires until he has three combat cards in play.

Tokens for Events and Encounters

Some event and encounter cards tell you to place tokens on the board which have ongoing effects on the game, following these rules:

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Let me tell you about Bats Tokens: When you’re playing the game, you might come across these special tokens. They are called Bats Tokens, and they have an important role to play. When a hunter figure is near one of these tokens, something interesting can happen. Dracula, the mysterious character, can use these tokens to move that hunter to a nearby city as their next action. It’s like having a secret power! Once Dracula moves the hunter, the bats token is taken off the board and put back in the token pool. It’s a cool way for Dracula to keep things interesting and keep the hunters on their toes!

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Host Tokens: When you place the holy ground token on a spot that’s on the trail, you uncover that spot and everything on it. Dracula is not allowed to go to that spot.

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

If Dracula is currently in a certain location, he has to find a new location in the next Dracula phase. The tokens called heavenly host have the same effect as the tokens called consecrated ground, but they disappear at dawn.

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Fog Token: When a city has a fog token, I can’t search for anything while I’m there. Not only that, but I also can’t go to or pass through a city with a fog token.

If I’m Dracula, I can decide to avoid a fight in a city with a fog token. And every evening, one fog token is taken away from each city on the board that has at least one.

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Roadblock Tokens: Roadblock tokens are obstacles that prevent hunters from moving through certain paths on the board.

When I, Dracula, place a roadblock token, I put it on a road or railway. The token is placed on the board with the road or railway side facing up.

Every time dusk falls, I remove one roadblock token from the board.

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Storm Tokens: You can’t move into a sea zone if there’s a storm token there. Every evening, Dracula takes away one storm token from the board.

Unique Places

There are certain places on the board that work differently from the rest. Here’s how:

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Castle Dracula: Have you ever heard of Castle Dracula? It’s a pretty unique place. Let me tell you about it. So, the interesting thing about the location card for Castle Dracula is that it has a different back. This is so hunters can easily recognize when the card is played. Imagine being a hunter and seeing that card on the trail, it must be a little nerve-wracking, right? But wait, there’s more! When Dracula places this card on the trail, something remarkable happens: he actually heals five damage. That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it? It’s like Castle Dracula has some kind of magical powers. But here’s the catch: if a hunter happens to be on Castle Dracula, they can’t do the usual stuff like supply or reserve a ticket. It’s like the castle has a force field around it or something! So, next time you play, keep an eye out for Castle Dracula. It’s definitely a game-changer.

Additional Rules for Fury of Dracula UltraFoodMess

Hospitals: Hospitals are special places linked to cities on the game board. Madrid, Rome, and Budapest all have hospitals. As daylight breaks, if a hunter is defeated, they will be sent to the nearest hospital along the roads. If there happens to be two hospitals at the same distance, Dracula gets to choose which one the hunter goes to. The hunter’s figure will be placed at the top section of the hospital.

While the hunter is at the hospital, they have a chance to recover. They discard all their event and item cards, and return any damage, bite, and ticket tokens back to where they belong.

During the day, a hunter at the hospital can choose to move back to the city they are linked to. However, this action only allows them to draw more item cards.

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