Additional Rules for Chez Geek

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Chez Geek Additional Rules

Welcome to the world of Chez Geek, where life is all about avoiding work and pursuing your favorite geeky activities. Today, I want to talk to you about some additional rules that can enhance your gameplay and make it even more exciting.

Let’s start by discussing the concept of Slack points. These are the ultimate measure of your commitment to laziness and geekiness. You can earn Slack points by avoiding work, engaging in geeky activities, or just generally being a slacker. The player with the most Slack points at the end of the game is declared the winner, so it’s important to keep an eye on your point count.

Now, let’s talk about Roommate cards. These cards represent the individuals with whom you live. Roommates can have a big impact on your gameplay, providing you with benefits such as extra Slack points or bonuses to certain activities. However, they can also be a burden, assigning you chores or bringing unwanted visitors into your home. It’s all part of the double-edged sword that comes with having roommates.

Another important element in Chez Geek is Money. Money is crucial for meeting your basic needs, such as buying food and paying bills. You earn money by working a job card, and you can spend it on things like rent, groceries, or even geeky entertainment. Managing your money wisely is key to staying afloat in this game.

Now let’s talk about Relationships. Relationships can be a great source of support or a major distraction, and their impact can be both positive and negative. Just like in real life, relationships require time and effort to maintain. The more time you spend on your relationships, the more benefits you can gain. However, neglecting your relationships can lead to negative consequences, such as losing Slack points or having your roommates leave you.

Last but not least, let’s delve into Events. Events are unexpected occurrences that can spice up your game and add a level of unpredictability. Events can be either positive or negative and can affect all players simultaneously. They introduce new challenges and opportunities, keeping the game fresh and exciting with each turn.

So, there you have it. These additional rules add depth and complexity to the Chez Geek experience, giving you more choices and strategies to explore. By embracing these rules and finding the right balance between work and geeky activities, you can become the ultimate slacker and triumph over your fellow players. Enjoy the game and may the best slacker win!

When you have a card that can cancel other cards, it only affects a card when it’s being played. When a card is canceled, it gets discarded. If the canceled card was an Activity, the Free Time you had for that Activity is lost.

If someone cancels your Shopping card, all the Thing cards that you were trying to buy will be returned to your hand. But a canceling card won’t have any effect on cards that are already in play.

A card is considered “being played” when a roommate announces it and puts it in their room. So, if you want to cancel a card, you need to play the canceling card before your roommate does.

  1. When I want to make a move in the game, I have three choices: I can put down another card,
  2. I can roll to see if a Person is coming over or to see how much Slack a card gives, or
  3. I can end my turn.

For example: If I have a Moron with a Chainsaw card, I can cancel a Sleep card played by another player. Let’s say Tri played a Sleep card and ended her turn, and then I draw a Moron with a Chainsaw on my next turn. I cannot affect the Sleep card that Tri already played. I will have to wait until someone announces that they are playing a Sleep card, at which point I can cancel it.

Tv Cards

I have the option to play TV cards as a normal Activity, or I can play them against a roommate to cancel one of their Free Times.

Here’s how it works: when a roommate announces what they will do with their Free Time, whether it’s Shopping or performing an Activity, I can play a TV card on them to cancel it.

So here’s what happens when I have some Free Time: I settle down in front of the TV, looking for something interesting to watch. If I happen to have an Activity card that I want to play, I’ll take a break from the TV and give it a shot. Once I’m done with the activity, if I had any Thing cards in play, I collect them back into my hand. As for the TV card, I hang onto it and keep it in my room. Oh, and by the way, I earn 1 Slack while I’m at it.

But hey, just a heads up: the TV card doesn’t do anything to stop me from calling people, in case you were wondering.

Meet the Characters

Hey there! Let me fill you in on some important rules for dealing with these unexpected guests. When you come face-to-face with the Hungry Girl, Clumsy Drunk, or Choad Warrior, you’ve got to take action. See, each of these characters has a specific requirement, and you’ll need to discard a card from your room that matches that requirement. It could be Food, Booze, Weed, or even a Live-In S.O. The choice of which card to get rid of is up to you. Here’s the catch: every time it’s your turn and one of these individuals is still lingering in your room, you must discard another card of the same type. This goes on until you’ve cleared out all the cards of that type from your room.

Now, even after these pests have chomped through all the cards they crave, they won’t just disappear. Nope, they’ll stick around in your room until you find a way to get rid of them. So, make sure to deal with them before they cause any more trouble!

Let’s Talk About Jobs and Slack

Here’s an interesting tidbit: some jobs can actually increase the Slack of other cards in your room. For example, if you have a Waitstaff job, it’ll give a boost to the Sleep Slack of other cards. To keep track of this extra Slack, just place a little marker on those cards. Easy-peasy!

If you happen to get a new job while playing the game due to the “You’re Fired!” or “New Job” cards, any additional Slack you obtained from cards during your previous job will still be in effect. However, the special ability of your new job will only apply to cards played after you acquire the new job card.

For example, let’s say Jose has the Slacker card and has already played some Booze in his room. If he then plays the “New Job” card and draws the “Professional Research Subject” card, he will be able to keep the Booze he already played. However, he will not be able to play any additional Booze, Weed, or Shrooms cards.

Similarly, let’s say Russ draws the “Web Designer” card, which grants him 2 extra Slack if someone successfully plays the “Surf the Net” card. If Vikki already has the “Surf the Net” card in her room, Russ will not receive the bonus Slack from her card. This is because her card was already in play before Russ drew his new job.

Double Cards

Did you know that there are some cards that belong to more than one category? Take Hash Brownies, for example. It falls into both the Weed and Food categories. Another example is Sloths: Nature’s Sedatives from Slack Attack, which falls into both the TV and Sleep categories.

Because these cards belong to multiple categories, they are affected by both the attacks and benefits of those categories. So, if you have Sloths: Nature’s Sedatives, it can be canceled by a Car Alarm but gains Slack from a TV Queen.

Noisy Nookie

Here’s an interesting rule. If a player ever manages to gather Nookie worth 5 or more Slack points, the roommates on either side of them will lose one Sleep card from their rooms, if they have any. Yes, it’s true, this can even remove a Sleep card that has already been played.

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