Abilities of Persons in Port Royal

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

The Remarkable Talents of the People of Port Royal

Port Royal is a small, yet astonishingly unique town. Its residents possess an array of extraordinary abilities that truly set them apart. Let me introduce you to some of the remarkable talents you’ll find within the vibrant community of Port Royal!

The Gift of Healing

One of the most fascinating abilities found in Port Royal is the power of healing. The people here have an uncanny knack for soothing ailments and restoring well-being. No matter the injury or illness, they have an innate ability to bring comfort and relief. It’s as if they hold the healing touch within their very fingertips, and through their compassionate care, the residents of Port Royal become beacons of hope and restoration.

The Art of Storytelling

Port Royal is renowned for its captivating tales and enchanting legends. From the youngest child to the wisest elder, the art of storytelling is ingrained in the fabric of this town. The inhabitants have an extraordinary ability to transport you to different worlds with their words. They can make you laugh, cry, and feel a whole range of emotions with their incredible narratives. It’s as if they possess a magical ability to breathe life into stories, leaving you spellbound with every word.

The Harmony of Music

Music flows through the streets of Port Royal like an eternal melody. The townspeople have an undeniable gift for creating harmonious tunes. Whether it’s the strumming of a guitar or the sweet melodies of a violin, they have an innate ability to captivate hearts with their music. It’s as if they can channel their emotions and thoughts into every note, creating an enchanting symphony that resonates deep within your soul.

The Power of Invention

Innovation is in the very DNA of Port Royal. The residents harbor an incredible aptitude for envisioning and creating groundbreaking inventions. From intricate machines to cutting-edge technologies, their minds are brimming with ideas that push the boundaries of possibility. It’s as if they can peer into the future, bringing forth revolutionary advancements that shape the world around them.

The Spirit of Connection

Connection is at the heart of every person in Port Royal. They possess an exceptional ability to forge deep and meaningful relationships. Their empathy and understanding allow them to connect with others on a profound level. It’s as if they can see beyond the surface, delving into the depths of another person’s thoughts and emotions, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie within the community.

Port Royal is truly a haven of remarkable talents and abilities. The people here are not simply ordinary; they possess something extraordinary within them. Their healing touch, storytelling prowess, musical enchantment, inventive spirit, and profound connections make Port Royal a place unlike any other. So, why not immerse yourself in the magic of this exceptional town and discover the wonders that await?

When you look at a person’s card, their abilities are displayed on the top part of the card in a banner. The number of victory points you earn is shown on a small shield to the right of the ability banner.

Whenever you take an action, whether you’re the one currently playing or during your turn as a chance player, you can use all the abilities of the people in your personal display. If you have multiple cards of the same type, their abilities will add up. For example, if you have 2 Mademoiselles, you’ll be able to hire people at a discount of 2 gold coins.

Settlers, Captains, Priests (5 times each) Jack of all Trades ( 3 times)

You know, if you want to claim an Expedition, you gotta get rid of these cards from your personal display. You’ll notice that the ability banner looks a bit darker to show that you can use it for this. The Jack of all Trades is like a wild card that can be used instead of a Priest, Settler, or Captain. Pretty handy, huh?

If you have a Trader who matches the color of your Ship in your personal display, you will receive an extra golden coin. That means you’ll get one more golden coin than usual.

Sailor (10 times) / Pirate ( 3 times)

When I first saw these Swords, my mind was filled with wonder. How could such simple objects hold such power? But as I delved deeper into their meaning, I began to understand their significance.

You see, these Swords are not just ordinary weapons. They possess a unique ability – the power to repel Ships. Yes, you heard me right! By wielding these Swords, Ships can be pushed back and kept at bay.

Admiral (you) (6 times)

Whenever it’s your turn to grab a card or cards during Phase 2: Trade & Hire and the harbor display already has 5 cards or more, you instantly get 2 coins.

Jester (5 times)

If you’re not currently playing and it’s your turn to draw a card in Phase 2: Trade & Hire, but there are no cards left in the harbor display, you’ll instantly get 1 coin. If a player decides to skip their turn in Phase 1: Discover and we move on to the 2nd Phase, all players with a Jester will gain 1 coin.

Governor (4 times)

When it’s my turn to take a card or cards during Phase 2: Trade & Hire, I have the option to take an extra card from the harbor display. If I’m not the one taking the card, I need to pay the active player 1 coin for each card I take.

Mademoiselle (4 times)

When you hire someone, their cost is reduced by 1 coin. But remember, the cost can’t go below 0.

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