Gelatinous dice game rules – game rules

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Greetings, fellow adventurer! I’m here to explain the exciting rules of the Gelatinous Dice Game. Get ready to embark on a thrilling and unpredictable journey!

Let me start by telling you about the gelatinous cubes. These mysterious creatures are known for their squishy bodies and tendency to dissolve anything in their path. In this game, we’ll be using their dice as our guide. Each side of the dice has a symbol relating to different outcomes.

When it’s your turn, you’ll roll the dice, unleashing the unknown. The results will dictate your fate in this peculiar game. The possibilities are endless!

Now, let’s delve into the meanings behind each symbol. The first symbol represents a treasure chest, which means you’ve stumbled upon a valuable reward. Imagine the excitement of finding hidden riches!

Next, we have a sword symbol. This signifies a fearsome battle that awaits you. Prepare to showcase your skills and defeat formidable foes!

The third symbol is a shield, offering you protection. It means you’ve successfully dodged a powerful attack. Luck is on your side!

Our fourth symbol shows a pair of wings. This represents a swift escape from danger. Fly away like a bird and avoid any troubles!

Finally, we have a skull symbol. Brace yourself, for this means you’ve encountered a deadly trap. Use your wit and find a way to overcome this peril!

Keep in mind that the outcome of each roll is determined by the gelatinous dice. It’s like having a sentient creature guiding your destiny. Trust in its wisdom!

In conclusion, the Gelatinous Dice Game is a thrilling and unpredictable adventure. Roll the dice, face the unknown, and let fate guide you through the twists and turns of this extraordinary journey. Are you ready to embrace the chaos and discover what lies ahead?

Gelatinous is a super fun game by Steve Jackson Games. In this game, we’re all trying to catch these slippery cubes and create our own 2×2 cube. Each round, we roll our dice – we can keep them, pass them, or stack them. The first one to finish their 2×2 cube is the winner. If you’ve played other dice games like Left Center Right or Aces away, you’ll have no trouble jumping right into Gelatinous!


Gelatinous dice game rules - game rules

Hey there! I’ve got something cool to share with you. This awesome box is filled with thirty-five shiny six-sided dice. Plus, it comes with five coasters that have a slime theme. You can use them to hold your drinks, and they even double as a player aid. And that’s not all! The box also includes a custom dice bag. But wait, there’s more – the bag has the game rules printed on it! You can also use it to keep everything organized.


Gelatinous dice game rules - game rules

Alright, let’s get this game started! At the beginning, each player gets seven dice. If you have any extra dice, put them back in the bag. And don’t forget your trusty coaster for reference or to hold your cold drink. Now we’re all set to play!

Ready to Roll

The excitement begins with a series of rounds. In each round, all players roll the dice they have. If you don’t have any dice left, you can take a break for that round.

After rolling the dice, pass any 1’s you get to the player on your left. And if you happen to land a 6, pass it to the player on your right. But 3’s are special – keep them and stack them to build a 2×2 cube. For any other numbers you roll, just hang onto them for the next round.

When we start the game, each of us will have seven dice. In the following rounds, it’s possible for someone to not have any dice in front of them. If that happens, they can take a break until they get more dice. We shouldn’t roll stacked dice because once they’re stacked, they can’t be moved.

We keep playing until someone finishes their 2×2 cube. That person is the winner! If two or more players finish their cube at the same time, the person with fewer unstacked cubes wins. If nobody finishes their cube and there are no more dice left to roll, the game ends without a winner.

Two Player Variant

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