Constitution – learn to play with

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Welcome to Constitution, a unique Solitaire game that will challenge you to think strategically! In this game, we’ll be using two decks of cards but with a little twist. Before we get started, we need to remove all the Kings and Queens from the decks – you won’t be needing them this time.

Alright, now it’s time to set up the game. Take out all eight Aces from the deck and lay them out in a row. These Aces will become the foundations for your game. After that, give the remaining cards a good shuffle and deal them into four rows with eight cards in each row. The leftover cards will form your draw pile.

The Play

Hey there! Let me explain how to play this game. The goal is to build all eight foundations up to the Jacks in the same suit.

Now, pay attention! You can only move cards from the top row of the tableau to the foundation piles. And here’s the trick: the cards in the top row can only be placed in descending order, and you have to alternate the colors. That means if you have a black 7, the next card must be a red 6. Got it so far?

But wait, there’s more! You can also move cards from the top row and the second row, but they can only be placed on the top row piles. Keep that in mind!

Here’s another thing to remember: if you create an empty space in a row, you have to fill it right away with a card from the row directly below it. As you keep playing, you’ll notice that spaces will appear lower and lower in the tableau until they reach the bottom row. When there’s an empty space in the bottom row, you fill it with a card from the draw pile.

You know, it’s interesting how cards from the draw pile can only be played by putting them in a spot on the bottom row. You can’t just drop them onto a foundation pile like you can with stock cards. And hey, here’s a tip: if you run out of spaces to move cards to, you’re out of luck and the game is over!


Guess what? You win the game! Yep, that’s right, when you’ve managed to move all the cards to where they belong in the foundations, you can do a little happy dance because you’ve achieved total victory. Congrats!

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