Cats in the corner – learn to play with

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Cats in the Corner is a super fun game that teaches kids the basics of solitaire. It may seem simple, but it’s actually quite strategic. If you can stay focused and organize your cards well, you’ll have a pretty good chance of winning every time.

To play this game, you’ll need a standard deck of 52 French cards. Take out the four aces and lay them face up to create a 2×2 grid. These aces will be the foundation piles.

During the game, your goal is to build up the foundation piles in ascending order, following the suit of the cards.

Now, shuffle the remaining 48 cards and place them on the table as the draw pile. This is where you’ll be drawing cards from throughout the game.

All set? Great! Now it’s time to start playing Cats in the Corner.

To start the game, flip over the first card from the draw pile. If you can place this card on its foundation, go ahead and do so. If not, put it on one of the four waste piles. The waste piles are located on the corners of the 2×2 grid. You can choose any waste pile to place the card. This is where your strategy comes in – make sure you manage the waste piles in a way that allows for easy movement of cards to their foundations.

If a card from the waste pile can be moved to its proper foundation, you’re allowed to do so.

Once the draw pile is empty, you can gather all the cards from the waste piles and create a new draw pile. Remember not to shuffle the cards. When doing this, consider how you strategically built your waste piles and form the new draw pile accordingly.

When I’m playing this game, I notice that there’s only one waste pile. All I have to do is flip through the draw pile, one card at a time, and put the cards onto the foundations if I can. The game ends when the second draw pile runs out of cards. It’s pretty simple, but it can be challenging.

Feeling Victorious

Hey there! Good news! If you manage to place all the cards where they belong in the decks, congratulations, you win the game. However, if you reach the end of the second set of cards and still have some leftover in the discard deck, unfortunately, you lose.

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