How to play 4-Way Countdown Official Rules

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

4-Way Countdown! Game Rules


Hello there! If math is your thing (or even if it’s not), you’re in for a treat. Today, I’m going to introduce you to the thrilling world of the 4-Way Countdown! game.

The Objective

The goal of the game is simple – using the numbers 1 to 9, your aim is to reach the target number as quickly as possible. You’ll be given a target number and four random numbers to work with. With these four numbers, along with some basic math operations, you can make use of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to get to your target number.

How to Play

To play this game, you’ll need to stretch those mathematical muscles! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to conquer 4-Way Countdown!:

1. Take a thorough look at the four random numbers presented to you. These numbers can range from 1 to 9.

2. Take a moment to think and strategize. How can you use these numbers and basic math operations to create the target number? Remember, each number can only be used once, so choose wisely!

3. Start crunching those numbers! Use the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations to manipulate the given numbers and reach the target number. You can use each operation as many times as you need to.

4. Keep track of your progress. It’s a race against the clock, so make sure you’re staying on top of your calculations and moving efficiently towards your target number.

5. Celebrate your success! Once you’ve successfully reached the target number, pat yourself on the back. You’ve just conquered the 4-Way Countdown! game!


In the 4-Way Countdown! game, time is of the essence. Your score will be based on how quickly you are able to reach the target number. The faster you solve the puzzle, the higher your score will be. So, put on your thinking cap and try to beat your personal best!


There you have it – the exciting rules of the 4-Way Countdown! game. With some quick thinking and mathematical prowess, you’ll be on your way to mastering this mind-bending puzzle. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your numbers and let the countdown begin!

How to play 4-Way Countdown Official Rules UltraFoodMess

In the 4-Way Countdown game, the objective is to be the first to flip up all 10 keys on your side of the game board in order to win.

How to Play

How to play 4-Way Countdown Official Rules UltraFoodMess

  1. All 10 keys are placed on my side of the 4-Way CountDown unit.
  2. We roll a die each to find out who starts first. Whoever gets the highest number goes first, and then we go in a clockwise direction.
  3. I roll the dice in the center of the game board, right in the middle of the four groups of keys. The two numbers I roll need to be combined into one number using one of these methods:

Let’s imagine you roll a 2 and a 4 on the dice. What can you do with these numbers?

Well, you have a few options:

  • Add: You can add the two numbers together. 2 + 4 = 6. So, you can flip up the 6 key.
  • Subtract: Another option is to subtract one number from the other. 4 – 2 = 2. In this case, you can flip up the 2 key.
  • Multiply: What if you want to multiply the numbers? 4 x 2 = 8. You can flip up the 8 key now.
  • Divide: Finally, you can divide one number by the other. 4 divided by 2 equals 2. So, go ahead and flip up the 2 key.

Now, let’s consider a different scenario. This time, you roll a 5 and a 3. What are your options?

In this case, you only have two options:

How to play 4-Way Countdown Official Rules UltraFoodMess

  • Add: When you add 5 and 3, you get 8. This means you can flip up the 8 key.
  • Subtract: If you subtract 3 from 5, you get 2. So, you can flip up the 2 key.
  • Roll Double 6: If you roll two sixes, you have to flip down all of your keys and start over.
  • Roll An 11: If you roll a 6 and a 5, you have two choices. You can either count it as a 1 (by subtracting) or count it as 11. If you choose 11, you can pick any opponent and make them start over by flipping down all of their keys.

Welcome to the Junior Play Version!

Playing this version is similar to the adult one, but with a few differences. After rolling the dice, you have two choices.


You can add up the numbers on the dice to find the key number to flip.

Score Keys

Alternatively, you can use both numbers on the dice to flip two keys.

For example: If you roll a 5 on one die and a 3 on the other, you can either flip the 5 key and the 3 key, or you can add the numbers together (5 + 3) and flip only the 8 key.

Note: When you’re playing this game, it’s really important to remember that you have to use both numbers that you roll, unless you get a double.

Let me clarify that for you. Say you roll a 3 and a 5, but you’ve already flipped over the 8 and the 3 in previous turns. Well, in that case, you can’t flip over the 5 key on that turn because you have to use both numbers.

Now, let’s consider another scenario. If you roll two 5’s and the 10 key has already been flipped, you can still flip over the 5 key. It doesn’t matter that you’ve already flipped another key with the same number, because you’re dealing with a double.

Just so you know, rolling double 6 or rolling an 11 will have the same result as in the adult version of the game.

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