Creature Powers of Colossal Arena

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

The Incredible Powers of Colossal Arena

Today, I want to talk to you about the mind-blowing creature powers you’ll find in the amazing game called Colossal Arena. These powers are so unique and captivating that they will leave you in awe.

When you enter the world of Colossal Arena, you will uncover a whole new realm where fantastical creatures battle it out in a grand arena. Each of these creatures possesses their own extraordinary powers, making them both formidable and fascinating.

One of the key features of Colossal Arena is the diverse range of creature powers on display. These powers come in all shapes and sizes, representing an array of elements, abilities, and strategies that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As you explore the game, you’ll notice there are creatures with powers of fierce fire, capable of unleashing devastating flames upon their opponents. You’ll encounter beings with the power of thunder, summoning electrifying storms that can turn the tide of battle in an instant.

But that’s not all! Colossal Arena also introduces creatures with powers of ice that freeze their adversaries right in their tracks. These icy wonders can create barriers and obstacles, providing a clever defensive advantage.

Additionally, you’ll meet creatures with powers of teleportation, allowing them to move swiftly and unexpectedly across the arena. This ability keeps their foes guessing and creates an element of surprise that is truly thrilling.

Moreover, the game features creatures who possess the power of camouflage. These masters of deception can blend seamlessly into their surroundings, making it incredibly difficult for their opponents to spot them.

And if you thought that was mind-blowing, wait until you encounter creatures with mind-control powers. These cunning manipulators can take control of their adversaries’ actions, turning them into unwitting allies or causing them to self-destruct.

By following the game’s rules and utilizing these magnificent creature powers strategically, you’ll have the chance to experience the thrill of victory and the satisfaction of outsmarting your opponents.

In conclusion, the creature powers in Colossal Arena are truly extraordinary. They provide a unique and captivating gaming experience, offering endless possibilities and endless fun. So, dive into this world of wonders and see which creature powers you can harness!

When you activate Amazon’s special ability, you have the option of drawing three cards from the deck and adding them to your hand. You can’t draw more or less than three cards. However, if you happen to draw the very last card in the deck while using this power, the game will end right away.


Colossus (Endurance)

When I activate the Colossus’ special power, I can choose and get back one of my bet tokens like I hadn’t bet it before. I can even get back tokens that were placed on creatures that got eliminated! If I get back a bet token that’s attached to my secret bet, I have to discard the strength card that’s attached to it.


Cyclops (Stunning Blow)

When I use my superpower as Cyclops, I get to do something really cool. I can pick another player and take away some of their cards. But here’s the fun part – I don’t even get to see what cards I’m taking!

After I take those cards, the player can’t use them on their next turn. They have to put them back in their hand later, but not until after they discard some cards and get new ones.


Wealth: The Power of the Daimon

When I activate the special power of the Daimon, I can immediately make a bet on any creature in any combat row that doesn’t already have a bet, even if there were previous combat rounds.

Let’s say it’s the 4th round. I have the option to place a bet on the Unicorn in the 1st combat row, as long as there isn’t already a bet there. The value of this bet is 4 gold, just like if I had placed it during the 1st round. It’s important to note that this power cannot be used to place a secret bet.


Meet Ettin, the Multi-Headed Beast

Hey there! Have you ever heard of Ettin? It’s a pretty special creature with multiple heads. When I activate Ettin’s awesome special power, something cool happens. I get to play an extra card right away, just like I had an extra turn! How awesome is that?

But wait, there’s a catch! I can only use Ettin’s special ability once per turn. So I need to choose the perfect moment to activate it and make the most of this incredible power. It’s like having a secret weapon up my sleeve!

Oh, and here’s a little reminder. Only the person who supports the creature, also known as the backer, can activate its special power. So if you’re lucky enough to have Ettin on your side, it’s up to you to unleash its true potential.

So, next time you’re in the heat of battle, remember the mysterious Ettin and its double trouble power. It’s a game-changer that can make all the difference. Activate it wisely and watch your opponents’ jaws drop!


Gorgon’s Petrifying Gaze

When I activate my special power as the Gorgon, I can choose any other player and name a creature that hasn’t been defeated yet. That player has to give me one combat card with that creature, if they have it.

If they don’t have the creature card, they have to show me their hand to prove it. I can’t disclose the contents of their hand to anyone else. However, if they have placed any cards face-down due to the Cyclops’ power, they don’t have to reveal those to me.


The Seeker of Secrets (Foresight)

When I activate my special power as The Seeker of Secrets, its effects don’t kick in until phase 3 of my turn. But when that phase comes around, I have the option to toss away combat cards that show both living creatures and those that have already been taken out.

Another thing: I don’t need to reveal each card to everyone else at the table. Instead, I can pile up all the cards I want to discard for that turn, then place the whole stack face up on the discard pile. Just remember, I can only discard up to 3 cards in total.


Seraphim (Heaven’s Summons)

When I unleash the power of the Seraphim, I have the ability to call upon a fallen creature and harness its special powers once more.

This extraordinary ability can only be used on creatures that have been eliminated during the course of the game, not on the four creatures that were set aside at the beginning.


The Sneaky Titan

When I use the special power of the Titan, I can pick another player who has at least 3 cards in their hand. I take 3 cards from their hand and secretly look at them. I get to keep 1 card that I like, and then I give the other 2 back to the player without letting anyone else see them.

I can tell the other players what the cards were, but I’m not allowed to show them the actual cards. Also, I can’t take cards that have been placed facedown because of the Cyclops’ special power.


Troll (Regeneration)

Hey there! When you use the Troll’s special power, you can grab a combat card that shows the Troll from before and add it to your hand. Cool, right?


The Incredible Power of the Unicorn

When I use the Unicorn’s special power, something truly amazing happens. I can basically teleport any two combat cards that have the same picture (even if it’s a Unicorn)!

Let me give you an example to make it clearer. Imagine there’s a powerful creature called the Wyrm. Right now, it has a combat card with a strength of 4 in the current combat row. But, in the previous combat row, there’s a much stronger combat card with a strength of 8. With my Unicorn power, I can magically switch these two cards!

So, what happens is that the strength 8 combat card goes from the previous combat row to the current one, instantly making the Wyrm much stronger in the fight. Meanwhile, the weaker strength 4 combat card is sent back to the previous combat row. It’s like a quick teleportation!


A Dragon’s Fiery Breath

When I unleash my special power, known as the Fiery Breath, I have the ability to choose one combat or spectator card from any other creature in the current combat row and discard it. This means I can remove a card that is causing trouble or hindering my progress. But be warned, once I select a card to discard, I can’t change my mind.

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