Caves Variant for The Quest for El Dorado

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Caves Variant Rules


Welcome to the wonderful world of caves! Today, I want to talk to you about some interesting variant rules that can take your cave game to the next level. Caves are mysterious and enchanting places, and exploring them can be quite an adventure. If you’re ready to delve into the depths and uncover hidden treasures, then these variant rules are for you!

Light Sources

When exploring caves, it’s crucial to have a reliable light source. Without one, you’ll be stumbling around in the dark, and that’s no fun for anyone. One option is to use torches, which provide a flickering glow that adds an eerie ambiance to your spelunking experience. Another option is to use magical crystals that emit a soft, soothing light. Whichever light source you choose, make sure to keep it close by. You never know when you’ll need it!


In the depths of a cave, you’re likely to encounter all sorts of creatures. Some are friendly and will help you on your quest, while others are fierce and will do everything in their power to stop you. It’s important to be prepared for these encounters. Make sure to bring weapons and armor to defend yourself, and keep an eye out for any signs of danger. If you come across a creature, assess the situation, and decide whether to fight or flee. Remember, in the world of caves, anything can happen!

Environmental Hazards

Caves are not just home to creatures; they also harbor a variety of environmental hazards. From treacherous pits to slippery slopes, you need to be on your toes at all times. Keep an eye out for any signs of danger and proceed with caution. It’s also a good idea to bring along the proper equipment, such as ropes and grappling hooks, to help you navigate these hazards. With the right preparation and a bit of luck, you’ll be able to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Hidden Treasures

One of the most exciting parts of exploring caves is the chance to find hidden treasures. These can be anything from valuable gems to ancient artifacts. Keep your eyes peeled for any glimmers or unusual objects that catch your attention. Just be careful; sometimes, treasures come with traps. Always approach with caution and take your time to ensure your safety. With a bit of luck and some careful searching, you might just uncover an incredible treasure that will make all your hard work worthwhile!

In Conclusion

So there you have it – some interesting variant rules to enhance your cave exploring experience. Remember, caves are filled with wonder and mystery, but they can also be dangerous. By following these rules and being prepared, you’ll be able to navigate the caves with confidence and uncover amazing treasures along the way. Happy spelunking!

Caves Variant for The Quest for El Dorado UltraFoodMess

So, you think you’re pretty good at exploring? Well, once you’ve proven your skills by playing a few games, it’s time to take things up a notch with the caves variant.

Let’s Get Started

Now, the goal is still to be the first expedition to reach El Dorado, but here’s the twist: you have the option to explore caves along the way. Inside these mysterious caves, you’ll discover tokens that give you an extra advantage.

Setting Up

Before we dive in, make sure to shuffle all 36 cave tokens. Once that’s done, create piles of 4 tokens each, placing one pile on every mountain space that has a cave symbol.

Time to Play

Okay, here’s how it works: if your playing piece stops next to a cave, it’s time to do some exploring. Just remember, you can’t explore while passing a cave – you have to stop there to investigate.

To explore the cave, simply take the top token from the pile and turn it face up in front of you. Collect as many cave tokens as you like and save them to use during your turn. It’s up to you!

Note: If you want to explore the cave again, you have to first move away from the cave and stop on a space that is not right next to it. Then you can move your piece next to the cave once more. You can’t move “alongside” the cave to collect multiple tokens!

Once you have a cave token, you can use it whenever you want during your current turn or any future turns.

When you use a cave tile, it’s taken out of the game. After using it, put it back in the box.

Caves Variant for The Quest for El Dorado UltraFoodMess

For example: Let’s say I’m playing a game called “Scientist’s Journey” and I decide to move my game piece next to a cave in the jungle.

I reach out and grab the top cave token. I flip it over and put it in front of me. This cave token allows me to move to the next space.

The next space is also next to a cave, but because I moved from one adjacent space to another, I won’t get another cave token. I could have chosen to save my cave token for later or use it to buy a card, but I decided to use it right away.

In this game, there are different kinds of cave tokens that I can collect and use to my advantage.

Caves Variant for The Quest for El Dorado UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Let’s talk about playing a fun game with machete, coin, or paddle tokens. Are you ready to join me?

Here’s how it works: you can move onto spaces that match the color of your tokens. So, if you have a machete token, you can move onto a space with the same color as your token. Pretty cool, right?

But that’s not all! You can also use coin tokens to buy cards. It’s like having your own currency in the game. So if you have some extra coins, why not spend them on a card that could give you an advantage?

Now, let’s get started and have some fun! Grab your tokens and let the game begin. Good luck!

Caves Variant for The Quest for El Dorado UltraFoodMess

Imagine this: you have a special power that lets you get an extra card from your deck. Pretty cool, right? Well, that’s exactly what these tokens do. They give you the ability to draw an additional card from your draw pile. It’s like having your own personal Cartographer, except this token is even better, because you can play the card you just drew in the same turn. Talk about a game-changer!

Caves Variant for The Quest for El Dorado UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Let me tell you about a cool trick you can use when playing cards. It’s called token play. Basically, you can use these special tokens to take any card in your hand and remove it from the game. Pretty neat, huh?

Caves Variant for The Quest for El Dorado UltraFoodMess

When you have tokens, you can swap them in for the cards you have in your hand. So, if you use a token, you can replace up to four cards from your hand three times. These cards will go above your expedition board. And, to make the deal even sweeter, you get to draw the same number of cards from your pile.

Caves Variant for The Quest for El Dorado UltraFoodMess

When you use an item card, you can play this token right away. Instead of getting rid of the item, you move it to your discard pile later on, either during phase 2 or your turn.

Caves Variant for The Quest for El Dorado UltraFoodMess

When you play this special token, something exciting happens – you get the ability to move not just to an empty space, but also to any space that another player is already on! It’s like having a superpower for the duration of your turn. You can zoom ahead and bypass any occupied spaces that might have slowed you down before. However, there is one exception – mountains. You still can’t go beyond those, so keep an eye out for those towering obstacles. But otherwise, with this token in hand, you can navigate the game board like never before!

Caves Variant for The Quest for El Dorado UltraFoodMess

If you ever need a little help getting around in the game, this token is here for you. It’s called the “Move and Skip Token.” With this token, you can teleport to any space next to you, even if it would normally require twice as much effort. Pretty handy, right?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind, though. You can’t use this token to land on a space that’s already occupied by someone else or on a mountain. So, sorry, no shortcuts to the top of that peak!

But besides those restrictions, the Move and Skip Token is your ticket to freedom. Use it wisely to skip over some obstacles and get right where you want to be. Good luck!

Caves Variant for The Quest for El Dorado UltraFoodMess

When you play this token, it lets you change the symbol of the next card you play. So, for instance, you can take a Trailblazer (a machete with a value of 3) and use it as a coin worth 3 or a paddle worth 3 instead.

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