Ghost castle game rules – how to play ghost castle

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Welcome to the Spooky Ghost Castle!

Step inside if you dare! Ghost Castle is an old-school game that’s all about racing through a haunted house. Can you be the first brave soul to make it out alive? Be warned, though – this place is filled with curses, traps, and tricky surprises that will test your courage at every turn. It’s a race against time to escape the clutches of this ghostly abode, and only the fastest will taste victory. Are you ready to take on the challenge and outrun your fellow adventurers? Venture forth and see if you can cheat fate, but beware, for not everyone will be so lucky. Some unfortunate souls may find themselves trapped forever within these haunted halls. Your destiny awaits, but remember, even in a game, there can be more tricks than treats. Will you conquer the Ghost Castle? Step inside and find out!

The Game Setup

Alright, let’s get this game started! Before we dive into the mystery, there are a few things we need to set up first. First things first, we need to put together the castle. It’s a three-dimensional castle that will serve as our playing board.

Next, it’s time to choose our characters. This is the fun part because we get to pick who we want to be in the game. Each of us will have an investigative team made up of two pawns. Just remember, you need to keep track of which pawns are yours and which ones belong to the other players.

Now, if we have five or six players, things change a little. In that case, each player only gets to choose one pawn for their team. Once we’ve selected our pawns, we’ll place them behind the start line, on the upstairs floor of the castle. And voila, the game is ready to begin!

Ghost castle game rules - how to play ghost castle


Alright, let’s talk about how this game goes down! The person who’s been around the longest gets the honor of making the very first move. Then, we keep things flowing by going clockwise around the group. It’s a simple system.

So, when it’s your turn, get ready to roll that die! The number you land on decides how far you move your pawns. Each number corresponds to a specific number of spaces. Easy, right?

Now, here’s a little rule to remember: you can only move one pawn at a time. Don’t try to cheat! Just choose one pawn and move it along the board according to your roll.

When I play this game, I have to move my first pawn down the stairs and into the laboratory before I can move my second pawn. If my pawn lands on a space that has already been occupied by another pawn, I simply move forward one space to find an empty spot. But if my pawn happens to land on a red space or on a step on the old stairs, I have to drop the ball through the chimney. As long as my pawn lands on a green, yellow, or blue space, I’m safe and my turn is over.

If I roll the die and it shows a ghost, I have to drop the ball and my pawns won’t move. To drop the ball, I need to press the button on top of the ghost’s head so that it falls into the chimney. Once the ball is dropped, it can either come crashing down the stairs into the laboratory, shoot out from the bookcase, activate the portrait shortcut, or slam the axe. Depending on how hard it hits, any of these actions may cause one of my pawns to start over or be cursed.

The Game’s End

We keep playing like this until one player safely gets both of their pawns out of the house. The first player to do this, by landing on the exit space, wins the game. If there are five or six players, the first player to reach the exit space is the winner!

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