Garbage game rules – how to play garbage

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Discover the Joy of Garbage!

Hey there! Have you ever played Garbage, the exciting card game that kids love? Well, let me tell you all about it! Garbage is a timeless classic that you can play with a regular deck of cards. But guess what? There’s a super cool version published by Regal that takes the fun to a whole new level! This special edition includes sixteen awesome garbage cards and eight wild cards, adding a fantastic twist to the game.

In Garbage, the goal is to arrange your tableau of face-up cards from low to high. Sounds easy, right? But don’t be fooled – it’s a challenging game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! You’ll be playing multiple rounds, each more intense than the last. And here’s the exciting part: when you finally manage to order your cards perfectly, the round ends, and you get dealt fewer cards than your opponents. Now, that’s what I call a winning advantage!

But wait, there’s more! The ultimate moment of victory comes when you have only one card left in your tableau – and guess what it is? The number 1! Can you imagine the exhilaration of revealing that card and becoming the champion? It’s an amazing feeling that will make you jump for joy!

So, grab a deck of cards and get ready for non-stop fun!

Hey there! Let’s talk about Garbage, a really cool card game. It’s got a 104-card deck with eight sets of numbers from 1 to 10. The goal of the game is to arrange these cards in numerical order on your table. Pretty neat, huh?

Now, there’s something you need to watch out for – those sneaky Garbage cards. If you draw one of these, well, sorry buddy, but you miss your next turn. They can really throw a wrench in your plans. You’ll find 16 of them in the deck, so be prepared!

But don’t worry, there’s a way to counter these Garbage cards – the wild cards! These bad boys can be used to stand in for any of the other cards you need in your tableau. Not only that, but they can also help unlock other spaces on your table. Talk about versatile!

So, if you’re up for some card game excitement, Garbage is the way to go. Give it a try and see if you’ve got what it takes to arrange those cards and come out on top. Good luck, my friend!

Garbage game rules - how to play garbage

Let’s Get Started!

First, we need to set up the game. To do this, we’ll shuffle the deck of cards and deal ten cards to each player. Once you have your ten cards, place them face down in two rows of five. The rest of the deck will be placed face down in the center of the table.

Garbage game rules - how to play garbage

Okay, so here’s the deal. The whole point of this game is to get all ten of your cards in order from lowest to highest. Simple, right? Here’s how it works:

Imagine you have two rows in front of you. The top row will have cards numbered from 1 to 5, and the bottom row will have cards numbered from 6 to 10. Your job is to flip them all face up, one by one, and make sure they’re in the right order.

It might sound easy, but trust me, it’s not as simple as it seems. You’ll need to think strategically, making smart moves to get those cards lined up just right. It’s like a puzzle that you have to solve, using your brainpower and a bit of luck.

So, are you up for the challenge? If you enjoy solving puzzles and testing your skills, then you’re in for a real treat with this game. It’s a fun way to challenge yourself and see how quickly you can put things in order.

Remember, the goal is to get all your cards face up and in numerical order. It’s time to put your thinking cap on and get ready for some table-top excitement!

Garbage game rules - how to play garbage

The Game

Let me explain how the game works. First, I draw a card from the pile. Then, I place it in the correct spot on my tableau. But before I do that, I pick up the face-down card. Now that I have the face-up card in place, I take a look at the card I just picked up. If I don’t already have that number face-up on my tableau, I can put it where it belongs. And I keep doing this until I flip over a card that I already have.

An Example Turn

Let me give you an example of how a turn might go. I draw a card and it’s a 3. I replace the face-down card in the third spot on my tableau with it. The card that was in that spot is a 5, so I replace the face-down card in my number 5 spot. But guess what? That card is also a 3, the same one I just flipped over. Since I already have a face-up 3, I don’t need this one anymore, so I discard it and my turn ends.

As I keep going to the left, you have the choice to draw a card from the pile or take one from the cards facing up.

If you happen to draw a wild card (or pick one up from your own set of cards), you can place it in any of your spaces with a face-down card. It’s important to note that you can’t win the game if you have a wild card in your set of cards. However, the wild card can bounce around from one space to another until you are able to replace it as the very last card in your set.

If someone draws or reveals a garbage card, their turn ends right away. The card gets discarded, and it’s the next player’s turn on the left.

Ending a Round

Once you have all ten cards, numbered 1 to 10, in your set of cards, the round ends, and you win! All the cards are collected and dealt again. However, this time, the player who won the previous round only receives 9 cards. Play continues until one player completes the final round.


Now, here’s the exciting part: the final challenge! You’re about to complete a tableau using just one card. Once you replace your face down card with a single 1, victory is yours!

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