Frozen t-shirt race – game rules

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Hey there! Have you ever heard of a Frozen T-Shirt contest? It’s the coolest game to play when summer is in full swing and the heat is unbearable. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this one. It’s fun, it’s refreshing, and it’s a breeze to set up and play! Get ready for some serious entertainment that will keep both kids and adults engaged!


To start the frozen t-shirt game, you’ll need a few things. First, gather some old t-shirts and a gallon freezer bag for each player. Take the t-shirts and soak them in water. Then, wring them out and fold them up neatly. After that, put each t-shirt into a gallon freezer bag and lay the bag flat in the freezer. Let the shirts freeze for a few hours, or even overnight if possible.

Now, let’s talk about the game area. Some versions of the game require a specific area for players to play in. You can create this area by marking lines on the ground with tape or any other method you prefer.

On the day of the game, give each player a frozen t-shirt. It’s time to start playing!


Frozen t-shirt race - game rules

When the signal is given, your challenge is to don a frozen t-shirt faster than your opponents. But the frozen t-shirt is no easy feat to conquer. Firstly, you must extract it from its icy fortress within the bag. Once you’ve freed the t-shirt, the next step is to unfold it. However, unfolding may require thawing the fabric first. There’s no shortage of ingenious methods to accomplish this. You could try employing a blow dryer, hot water, a microwave, or even harness the power of the sun. The possibilities are limitless, as long as your chosen method yields results! Prepare to face the frosty obstacle with cunning and creativity.

Keep in mind, you’re prohibited from using sharp objects, and the t-shirt must remain undamaged throughout the game.

Once the t-shirt has thawed sufficiently, your final task is to unfold it and put it on.


So, here’s how it goes: the challenge is simple – be the first to get that frozen t-shirt on, and you’re the winner! Now, here’s the catch – the t-shirt doesn’t have to thaw completely. Just make sure you’ve got your head, arms, and torso safely snug inside, and victory is yours.

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