Fortune s favor – learn to play with

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Hey there! Welcome to Lucky Break, a card game that’s all about fortune and strategy. To play, we’ll need a standard 52-card French deck. Let’s get started!

First, we’ll set up the game by taking out the four Aces and placing them face up in a row. These Aces will be the foundation of our game. We’ll build up the foundations by adding cards in ascending order, matching the suit.

Next, we’ll shuffle the remaining deck and deal out two rows of six cards, face up. This is called the tableau. The tableau is where we’ll make most of our moves and strategize our way to victory.

The rest of the cards will form the draw pile, which we’ll use to refill our tableau when needed. With these simple steps, we’re ready to embark on our journey to success!


Every pile in the tableau starts with a card. I can build the tableau piles by putting cards in descending order and matching the suits. I am allowed to move the top card of each tableau pile to another tableau or foundation pile.

To start the game, I need to look through the tableau for cards that can be placed in the foundation piles. If there are any spaces in the tableau, I can fill them by taking cards from the draw pile. Once I can’t make any more moves in the tableau, I can start drawing cards from the draw pile.

When I draw a card, I have to put it in a suitable tableau or foundation pile. If I can’t play it, I have to put it face up on the waste pile. I can always play the top card on the waste pile. But I can’t move cards from the foundation back to the tableau once I’ve placed them there.

Hey, let’s keep playing until we win or get stuck. If the draw pile runs out of cards and we can’t make any more moves, then the game is blocked.

How to Win

We win by putting all the cards in their foundation piles, from Ace to King, in the right order for each suit.

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