Deblockle game rules – how to play deblockle

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


When I play Deblockle, I take turns moving my blocks according to the symbol on each block. If I tip a block onto a Star Space, I remove it from the board. The goal is to be the first player to remove all four of my blocks and win the game.


To start the game, I roll my opponent’s blocks on a flat surface, just like rolling dice. This will determine which symbols start face-up. If a block lands on its edge, I roll it again. I place my opponent’s blocks diagonally across from their home star, following the diagram. I can place the blocks in any space and orientation as long as the tipped symbols remain face-up.

The player who is youngest goes first. However, if my opponent and I have played Deblockle before, the player who won the previous game gets to go first, even if they’re not the youngest.


Let me tell you about the fascinating world of block symbols! One block symbol I want to talk about is the Star. You see, the Star is a special block symbol that has some cool rules. I’ll explain them to you. Are you ready?

So, the Star block symbol is pretty unique. It’s like a celebrity among the other block symbols. But the Star can’t be placed face up on just any space on the board. Nope, it’s picky! The only place the Star can be tipped face up is on the star space of the opposite side of the board. That makes it extra special and mysterious. Isn’t that interesting?

But here’s the thing, once the Star block is tipped onto the star space on the opposite side, it disappears from the board. Poof! Gone in an instant. It’s like a magic trick. So, you gotta be careful when you’re playing with the Star block symbol. It may be powerful, but it’s also fragile. One wrong move and it’s gone forever.

That’s all there is to know about the Star block symbol. It’s a real game-changer, but you gotta use it wisely. Good luck, and have fun exploring the world of block symbols!

Deblockle game rules - how to play deblockle

Hey there! Let’s talk about an interesting game called Stop. This game is all about using your words to match different categories within a time limit. It’s a fun way to test your knowledge and challenge your friends. So, how does it work?

STOP: The Stop symbol means your turn is over. You are not permitted to move the block to any other spaces during that turn.

Deblockle game rules - how to play deblockle

Let’s talk about the Cross symbol – it’s a cool symbol that lets you make one hop in any direction. That means you can move up, down, left, or right. It’s really handy when you’re trying to get to a nearby spot and you don’t want to go all the way around. It saves you time and helps you get to where you want to go faster! So next time you see the Cross symbol, remember that it’s like a shortcut that can help you reach your destination more quickly.

Deblockle game rules - how to play deblockle

Hey there! Let’s talk about the X symbol and what it can do. It’s a nifty little thing that lets us take one little hop in any diagonal direction. Pretty cool, right?

Deblockle game rules - how to play deblockle

Let’s talk about the Slider symbol. It’s a cool game piece that can move either up and down or left and right on the board. It’s pretty neat how it can keep going until it hits the edge of the board or another block. Even if it’s pushed up against the side, it still has to move at least one space. Oh, and you can stop it next to a star space, but not on the star space itself. How cool is that? It adds some extra strategy to the game.

Deblockle game rules - how to play deblockle

Hey there, let me tell you about the awesome hoops symbol! It’s a really cool symbol that lets you move in either vertical or horizontal directions. You can make any combination of three movements using this symbol. And guess what? You can even go back to a space that you’ve already been to. How cool is that?

Deblockle game rules - how to play deblockle

How to Play the Game

When you play this game, you need to remember a couple of important things. Let me explain.

First, let’s talk about the gameplay. It’s all about moving and tipping blocks. Here’s how it works:

STEP ONE: TIP a block

On your turn, you get to choose a block and tip it into an open space next to it. But there are a few rules you need to follow:

  • You can only tip the block to an adjacent space, which means it has to be right next to it.
  • Don’t try to tip the block diagonally. Keep it straight!
  • And most importantly, you can’t tip the block into a star space. You have to avoid those.

So, there you have it! Just remember these rules and you’ll be ready to play the game.

Deblockle game rules - how to play deblockle

Let’s move on to step two: hopping a block.

Once you’ve tipped your block, it’s time to hop it in the direction indicated by the symbol facing up. But here’s the catch: you can only move the block to open spaces, without rotating it.

Deblockle game rules - how to play deblockle

STAR SPACES: Imagine this: on the game board, there are two special spaces that are marked by a shiny golden star. Each player gets to start with their blocks in the four spaces that form a diagonal line from their own star. The mission here is to move those blocks all the way across the board and into the opponent’s home star space.

But wait, there are rules! No block can be tipped into any star space, except if it’s being tipped gently with the star side facing up onto the opponent’s home star space. If that happens, the block is taken off the board. Oh, and just so you know, no block is allowed to stay in either star space at the end of a turn.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. If you see the Slider or Hoops symbols, you have the power to make your block hop or slide across the star space during the “hop” step of your turn. However, there are two important conditions: your block should not have been tipped into the star space and it cannot end up there either. Got it?

Deblockle game rules - how to play deblockle

Hey there! Let’s talk about a fun game called DEBLOCKLE’D. It’s all about using your blocks and the edges of the board to trap your opponent and prevent them from moving. But don’t worry, if you’re the one who’s trapped, you can still continue taking turns until you’re freed. Pretty cool, huh?


Now, let’s explore some different ways you can play Deblockle. You can actually play with 1, 2, 3, or 4 blocks without changing the rules. This is great if you and your opponent are not evenly matched, as one player can start with fewer blocks to even things out. If you’re looking for some ideas on where to place the blocks, you can use the suggested starting positions we provide or come up with your own configurations. It’s totally up to you!

Just remember that when using fewer blocks, the set-up rules stay the same as in a regular game. So, go ahead and get creative! Have fun playing Deblockle’D!

Deblockle game rules - how to play deblockle

If you’re looking to make the game even more challenging, you can try adding a new rule: blocks cannot end a turn if they are next to an opponent’s block. You can have your own blocks side by side, but you can’t finish your turn with any of your blocks touching an opponent’s block. However, it’s allowed to have your blocks positioned diagonally from your opponent’s. This rule adds an extra layer of strategy to the game and forces you to think carefully about your moves.

If you’re interested in learning more about the creators of Deblockle, you can find them here.

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