Clue suspect card game game rules – how to play clue suspect card game

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor



Hey there! Let me tell you about the Clue Suspect Card game. It’s a super fun version of the classic Clue board game that skips all the slow stuff like rolling dice and moving around the board. Instead, we dive right into the exciting part! In this game, each player gets a hand of evidence cards and a set of case file cards. Our goal is to solve the crime by asking each other questions. The first one to crack the case wins!


Hey there! Let me tell you about the awesome CLUE deck and how it works. It’s super cool! The deck has four sets of Case File cards. Each player gets one set, and any extras are taken out of the game. We organize the cards by type and keep them face down. Oh, and don’t worry, each player’s set has a special symbol on the bottom right, so you know which ones are yours. We can’t let our opponents see our cards, of course! At the start, everyone has the same set, but as we investigate the case, we remove some of the cards. If we want to play the advanced game, we leave out the cards with a plus symbol in the bottom left corner. They’re only for the basic game.

Clue suspect card game game rules - how to play clue suspect card game

Hey there! Let me break down the three types of Evidence Cards for you and give you some pointers on how to handle them.


The first type of Evidence Cards is all about suspects. These are the people who could have committed the crime. You’ll want to gather all the suspect cards and shuffle them up.


The second type of Evidence Cards is weapons. These cards represent the tools that could have been used in the crime. Grab all the weapon cards and give them a good shuffle too.


Lastly, we have the location cards. These cards represent where the crime might have taken place. Make sure to shuffle all the location cards as well.

Now, after you’ve shuffled each pile separately, it’s time to reveal some clues. Take one card randomly from each pile and put them inside the envelope marked CONFIDENTIAL. It’s like creating a secret combination of suspects, weapons, and locations that could lead us to the culprit.

Remember, this envelope is off-limits to everyone. No peeking allowed! We want to keep the investigation fair and unbiased.

Good luck with your detective work! Let’s crack this case together.

Clue suspect card game game rules - how to play clue suspect card game

So here’s what we’re gonna do: let’s mix up all the remaining Evidence Cards and hand them out evenly, face down. If there are any cards left over, we’ll just put them face up in the middle of the table.

Clue suspect card game game rules - how to play clue suspect card game

Okay, so here’s the deal. Right now, we gotta focus on removing those Case File cards that match the ones we have in our hands or on the table. But no peeking, okay? We gotta keep it a secret from our opponents. We each have our own discard pile for those Case File cards, so make sure you remember that.

And hey, speaking of secrets, keep all your cards hush-hush. We don’t want anyone figuring out what we’re up to.

Time to Play!

Now, when it’s your turn, the goal is to figure out who did the crime, what weapon they used, and where it all went down. You got two options: you can ask a question, or you can make an accusation.

Ask a Question

So here’s how the game works: I’ll start by asking the person on my left a question about two items. It can be two things of the same kind or two different things. For example, I might say, “Can you help me find the Plum in the Living Room?”

The person I ask will look at their cards. If they have one or both of the cards I mentioned, they’ll show me one. But they have to keep it a secret from everyone else. If they don’t have any of the cards, they’ll say, “No, I can’t help you.” Then it’ll be their turn to ask the next person.

If I see an Evidence Card during the game, I can remove it from my case file without anyone seeing. But if we go all the way around the table without anyone showing me the card, I’ll know it’s in the CONFIDENTIAL envelope.

Accuse and Conquer

Hey there! Are you ready to make your move? I’ve got an exciting game for you – it’s time to make an accusation! Here’s how it works: at the start of your turn, you have the option to accuse. To do this, simply place three Evidence Cards (one from each category) face down in front of you. Remember, your accusation must include a person, a weapon, and a location.

But wait, there’s more! Before you dive into your accusation, check with the other players to see if they want to join in on the fun. If they’re up for the challenge, each of them will also assemble a stack of three cards for their accusations.

Now, if you’re the only one making an accusation, it’s time for the big reveal. Open up the CONFIDENTIAL envelope and check if you’ve hit the jackpot – is your accusation correct? If it is, my friend, you’re a winner! Show everyone the cards and celebrate your victory. However, if your accusation turns out to be wrong, don’t lose hope just yet. You’ll have to accept defeat this time, but the game isn’t over. The remaining players will continue playing, and you’ll get another chance to prove your detective skills.

So, gather your evidence, strategize, and take a shot at cracking the case. Good luck, detective!

If more than one person wants to accuse, we all need to gather three cards for our accusation pile. Once we’re ready, we reveal our accusation cards all at once. Starting with the first person who decided to accuse, we check the envelope until someone matches it. That person is the winner. But if none of us guess correctly, we all lose.

Playing with 2 People

In a game with only 2 players, both of us must make an accusation if one of us is ready to do so. If neither of us is correct, the game ends and the criminal escapes!

How to Win

To win the game, all you need to do is be the first player to figure out who the murderer is, what weapon they used, and which room the crime was committed in. Good luck!

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