Christmas lights game rules – how to play christmas lights

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Hey there! Let’s talk about Christmas Lights, an exciting card game that combines set collecting, deduction, and hidden information. In this game, the goal is to keep track of your cards (which you can’t see) and create sets of beautiful lights. You can ask other players questions and organize your hand strategically to help you remember important clues. The first player to complete two sets of lights becomes the winner of the game.


Now, let’s take a look at what’s inside the game. The bulb deck contains six different sets of lights, each represented by a different color. Each set has seven cards. You’ll find bulbs in red, green, yellow, blue, purple, and pink. Apart from the bulb cards, there are also eight plug cards, five broken bulb cards, and three present cards. These cards add some excitement and unexpected twists to the game.

In addition to the bulb deck, we have the event deck. This deck includes six elegant bubble light bulbs and six event cards that introduce new elements into the game. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the fun! Next, we have the pattern deck, which consists of 18 pattern cards. These cards provide various patterns for you to follow and create your sets of lights. Along with the pattern cards, you’ll find six different character cards and six player aids to assist you during gameplay. These aids will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable and help you stay on top of things.

Let’s Get Started!

Okay, here’s what you need to do. First, shuffle the bulb, event, and pattern cards separately. You want to mix them up really well.

Next, each player gets five bulb cards and two pattern cards. Remember, don’t look at your own cards! Keep them facing away from you, in a nice fan shape so your opponents can see them.

Now, those pattern cards you just got? Keep them a secret for now. But watch out, because that might change later depending on what happens during the game.

All right, we need to make sure everyone has a character card. So, mix up the character cards and give one to each player. Make sure Santa is in there too!

Christmas lights game rules - how to play christmas lights

The Exciting Game

Alright, it’s time for some action! If you’re holding the Santa card, you’ll be leading the way. Get ready to jump into the thrilling world of card play. Here’s how it goes:

Now, remember, don’t peek at your hand! It’s a secret. But guess what? You can totally arrange your cards however you want to help your memory. Flip ’em, turn ’em sideways, or even hold them in different hands. Creative, right? Just make sure your opponents can see your hand, though. We gotta play fair!

Here’s the goal: each of us wants to collect sets of cards based on the pattern cards we were given. Make sure to pick one set to complete first. As we play, we’ll be placing bulbs face up on the table. But hey, before you can say “done,” there’s a catch! You’ll need a plug at the end of your first set to make it complete. And trust me, you’ll want to show off that pattern card to prove it to your opponents. Talk about a winning moment!

If you succeed, throw away your cards. Keep any broken or bubble bulbs in a pile nearby until the game ends. The next set starts from the plug. You don’t need a plug to finish your second set.

If you ever see your cards, even just one, you must throw away your whole hand and draw the same number of cards.


You can choose to do any or all of these four things. You can only do each one once per turn and you have to do them in the order listed below.

When it’s my turn, I get to choose a card from my hand and a card from any of my opponents’ hands. We trade those cards, and I can look at the card I receive before adding it to my hand. I can position the card however I like in my hand, as long as my opponents can still see it.

Next, I choose one card from my hand and place it face up in my set. If the card matches the pattern for the next card, I can keep it. But if it’s the wrong bulb, I have to toss it aside.

After I pick a card from my hand, I draw another card from the bulb deck. Both cards are placed face up in the middle of the table. I can either choose one of these cards to add to my set or try to negotiate a trade with one of my opponents. If I want to trade, I select an opponent and offer them one of my cards in exchange for information.

When I trade the bulb with someone for information, I can ask a question that can be answered with just one word. Once I receive the information, I get to choose the bulb I want and immediately place it in my set. It doesn’t go into my hand.

If none of the bulbs can be used in anyone’s set and we can’t make a trade, we have to discard the cards.

After that, I draw new cards from the bulb draw pile to replenish my hand. If the draw pile runs out, we have to shuffle the discard pile and start the draw pile again.


If I have a broken bulb, I can still play it in my set. It allows me to play the next colored bulb, but I have to cover the broken bulb with the correct one in order for the set to be considered complete. I can cover the broken bulb during the PLAY and SALE actions.


When you play a present card during the PLAY or SALE actions, something interesting happens: you draw an event card! These cards have special effects that take place right away. But once the event is over, the card is removed from the game. Keep in mind that if multiple presents are played, the events happen one by one.


Have you heard of bubble lights? They’re like magical wild cards that can be used instead of the colored bulb that the pattern requires. How cool is that?


Now, let’s talk about winning. To win the game, you need to complete two sets of lights. Easy, right? But here’s a twist. If more than one player completes two sets, don’t worry. The player who used the fewest broken bulbs takes the crown. And if there’s still a tie, the player with fewer bubble lights wins. It’s all about being efficient and strategic!

Christmas lights game rules - how to play christmas lights

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