Chicken dice game rules – game rules

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


So, you want to learn how to play the Chicken! dice game? Great! Let me walk you through the rules.

First, gather your friends around the table. This game is best played with a group of people, so make sure everyone is ready for some fun.

To start the game, each player will need a six-sided dice. You can use regular dice or get creative with some fun and colorful ones.

The goal of the game is to be the last player standing. Sounds simple, right? Well, here’s where things get interesting. Each player takes turns rolling the dice.

If you roll anything other than a 1 or a 5, you’re safe. Phew! Your turn is over, and the next player goes. But if you roll a 1, things get a little tricky.

When you roll a 1, you become a Chicken! Don’t worry; it’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s quite fun! As a Chicken, you have a choice to make.

You can either pass the dice to the player on your left or keep rolling. If you choose to pass the dice, the player on your left becomes the new Chicken. But if you decide to keep rolling, things can get exciting.

When you choose to keep rolling, you are taking a risk. You have to keep rolling until you either roll a 1 again or decide to stop. If you roll a 1, you become the Chicken, and the cycle continues.

However, if you choose to stop, you don’t become the Chicken, but you don’t get any points either. It’s a strategic move to stay in the game without taking too much risk.

The game continues like this, with players taking turns and becoming Chickens as they roll a 1. The last player left standing, the one who hasn’t become a Chicken, is the winner!

Wasn’t that fun and easy to understand? Now you have everything you need to start playing the Chicken! dice game. Gather your friends, grab some dice, and let the fun begin!

Are you ready for a clucking good time? Introducing Chicken!, a thrilling dice game where the race is on to move your token around the board. The goal? Collect as many points as possible by rolling chickens. But beware: every egg you roll adds more dice to the mix. It’s a game of risk and reward, as you push your luck to the limit, hoping for those tasty points.


Chicken dice game rules - game rules

The cloth board is where all the action happens. It’s the main part of the game that we focus on. To keep score, we move our pieces around the outside of the board. There are a total of twelve dice in the game. They come in three different colors: white, yellow, and orange. Each turn, we roll four white dice. But as we go along, we add yellow and orange dice to the mix. These extra dice can give us more points, but they also bring more foxes, which can cause trouble for us. To keep track of our scores, we use eight tokens that have farm-themed designs.


Chicken dice game rules - game rules

Hey there! Let’s get started on a fun game! First, we need to set up the table. Place the cloth board right in the middle. Every player gets a player token, which you put on the starting space. Any extra tokens go back in the box. Next, make sure the dice are arranged correctly. Put the yellow dice in the yellow squares and the orange dice in the orange squares on the board. The player going first gets the four white dice.

Ready to Play?

Now it’s time to start the game! On your turn, you have a choice to make: roll the dice or chicken out.

Rolling the Dice

The player who starts the game will roll the four white dice. After that, any player can roll the dice they have. When you roll, separate the chickens to the right and the foxes to the left. Chickens earn you points, while foxes make you bust. If you roll three foxes, you go bust and your turn ends right away. Put any orange and yellow dice back on the board and pass the four white dice to the next player.

So, assuming I didn’t get a bad roll, I get to keep the blank dice and the eggs for another chance. And hey, if I rolled any egg symbols, I can add a yellow die for each one. But let’s say I don’t have any yellow dice left, no problem! I can just add an orange die for each egg I rolled instead.

Now that I’ve got my new dice, I can take my second roll. Here’s the deal: if I think I’ve gathered enough chickens and don’t want to push my luck, I can end my turn and count my chickens. But if I’m feeling daring, I can choose to roll for a second time. To do that, I’ll need to put the foxes on the left and the chickens on the right. I’ll leave the blank dice and eggs in the center, and for each egg I rolled, I can grab a yellow or orange die from the center of the table. Just remember, if I end up rolling three foxes, my turn is over and I don’t get any points.

When my turn is over (without going overboard), I tally up my chickens. Every chicken is worth one point. If I roll the double chicken orange die, that’s two points. I then move my game piece a number of spaces equal to my total points. At the end of my turn, I gather up all the dice – chickens, foxes, blanks, eggs, and any new ones – and pass them to the next player.


When it’s my turn, I have a choice. Instead of rolling all the dice I’ve been given, I can chicken out. If I choose to do so, I lose one point from my score. I return all the yellow and orange dice to the board, and I start my next turn with just the four white dice. I don’t lose a point if I chicken out while still on the starting space.


We keep playing until someone reaches a score of 25 points or more. The first person to reach that score wins the game right away!

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