Celestial game rules – how to play celestial

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor



If you like poker, then you’re going to love Celestial. It’s a unique blend of Pot Limit Omaha and Draw Poker, two popular poker games. Celestial adds an exciting twist to your regular poker matches. With different names like Sviten Special and Drawmaha Poker, this game has gained a global reputation. Be prepared for non-stop action and the need for strategy, skill, and a touch of luck every time you sit down at the table.

Let’s Get Set Up!

First things first, we need to get set up for the game. Take the deck of cards and give it a good shuffle, making sure all the cards are mixed up. Once the deck is shuffled, we’ll need to choose someone to be the dealer. This person will be in charge of dealing out the cards. Now, you’ll notice that there are two spots on the left side of the dealer called the big blind and small blind. These are special positions that require the players to put in some extra chips before the game even starts. Once everyone is ready, the dealer will deal five cards to each player. Once all the cards are dealt out, we’re ready to start the game!

Time to Play!

Alright, now that we’re all set up, it’s time to start playing. The first thing we’ll do is have a round of betting. The player to the right of the big blind will start, and then we’ll go around the group until every player has had a chance to act. Once everyone has done their thing, it’s time for the flop. This is when three cards are placed face up in the middle of the table for everyone to see. Now it’s time for another round of betting. Starting with the small blind and going around the group, each player will have the opportunity to bet, check, raise, or fold. And that’s how you play the game!

When it’s my turn to play, I can get rid of some of my cards if I want to. I can choose up to five cards to throw away. I just have to say out loud how many cards I want to get rid of. The cards I don’t want anymore go in the middle of the playing area, called the discard pile. Then the dealer will give me the new cards I asked for. If I only want one card, the dealer will give it to me face up. I can either keep that card or ask for a different one. The dealer doesn’t show me my second card, though. I have to wait until later to see it.

After everyone has their new cards, another card is put in the middle of the playing area. This is the fourth card. Then we have another round of betting. After that, the fifth and final card is added to the middle. We have one more round of betting. Finally, it’s time for the showdown!

Celestial game rules - how to play celestial

The Game’s Conclusion

So, here we are, at the end of the game. The final round has arrived, and it’s time for the showdown. This is where things get interesting. Each player will now have two hands to use during the showdown: one for five card draw and one for Omaha.

Let’s start with the five card draw hand. This hand is made up of the cards that each player is holding after the final round. Just like in any other poker game, these cards are ranked according to the usual poker standards.

Now, onto the Omaha hand. This hand is a bit different. It’s made up of two cards from the player’s hand and two cards from the table. By combining these four cards, the player tries to create the best possible poker hand.

When it comes to the pot, it’s divided in half. The five card draw hand gets one half, and the Omaha hand gets the other half. It’s worth mentioning that the pot can be split more than two ways if multiple players have the same Omaha hand. It’s not uncommon.

And that’s it! This is how the game ends. The final round, the showdown, the two hands – it’s all here. So, who’s going to be the winner?

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