Beerio kart game rules – how to play beerio kart

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Let’s Dive into Beerio Kart!

Welcome to the world of Beerio Kart, a game that puts a new spin on your beloved childhood video game. With Beerio Kart, you get to experience the excitement of racing as your favorite Nintendo characters, all while enjoying a refreshing beer!

What You’ll Need

So, here’s the deal: To get in on the action, you’ll need a Nintendo console like a Wii, GameCube, or Nintendo Switch. And don’t forget to grab a Mario Kart disc or have the game downloaded. Oh, and gather up as many controllers as you have friends playing, plus one beer for each player.

Let’s Get Started

First things first: everyone needs to pick their racing car and character. Once you’ve done that, crack open your beer and get ready for the race of a lifetime!

The Race is On

Beerio kart game rules - how to play beerio kart

Hey there! Let’s talk about a fun twist on the classic Mario Kart game that’ll definitely make things interesting. It’s called Beer Mario Kart – and trust me, it’s a blast!

So here’s the deal: the game works pretty much like the regular Mario Kart, but with a twist. You gotta finish your drink before crossing the finish line, or you’re out! You’ve got a few options on how to do this. You can either chug your whole drink when the race starts (but before you start driving), drink your beer slowly throughout the race, or finish the race and have your drink at the finish line. You do you, as long as that can or bottle is empty when you cross that line!

Want to crank up the excitement even more? You can play this game as a single race or go all out with a three-race Grand Prix. The choice is yours!


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