Because i said so game rules – how to play because i said so

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Because Parents Know Best is the ultimate game for a baby shower, because it’s all about poking fun at our parents’ well-intentioned advice. This game is equal parts hilarious, heartening, and enlightening. Times have changed, but one thing remains constant – our parents always seem to have the answers, don’t they? Get ready to share a laugh and reminisce about the quirks of parenting.

Let’s Get Started

Okay, here’s how we’re gonna set up this game. Each of us will need a pen and a piece of paper. In the middle of our group, we’ll put a bowl to hold all the pieces of paper. And that’s it! We’re good to go.

Time to Play

Now it’s time for the fun part – playing the game! Each of us will write down something that reminds us of our parents. Keep it short and sweet, like a funny saying, a special memory, or a piece of advice that comes to mind when we think of our moms and dads. Remember, don’t write your name on the paper.

Once we’ve all finished writing, we’ll put our papers into the bowl and mix them up. One by one, we’ll take turns drawing a paper from the bowl and reading it out loud to the group. Then, we’ll all vote on who we think wrote it. The person who wrote it will then tell us why they wrote what they did. It’s gonna be a blast!

Because i said so game rules - how to play because i said so

That’s a Wrap!

When all the pieces of paper have been read, the game is over. It’s not about winning or losing in this game, because we’re all winners!

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