How to play 7 Ghosts Official Rules

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Rules for Playing 7 Ghosts

When you decide to dive into the mystical world of 7 Ghosts, you’ll be undertaking an exhilarating adventure. These rules will guide you through the game, providing the framework for an unforgettable experience. So, brace yourself and let’s explore the enigmatic realm of 7 Ghosts together!

The Objective:

The name of the game is to capture as many ghosts as possible. Your ultimate mission is to become the Ghost Master, harnessing the power of these ethereal beings. But beware, this quest is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to summon all your wits and courage to outmaneuver your opponents and achieve victory!

Setting Up:

First things first, gather your materials. You’ll need a standard deck of 52 cards, along with 7 tokens or chips per player. Each card represents a different ghost, with its own unique abilities and quirks. Shuffle the deck and evenly distribute 7 cards to each player. Now that everyone is armed with their spectral arsenal, it’s time to begin!

The Gameplay:

To start off, the youngest player goes first, and the turns go clockwise from there. On your turn, you can either draw a card from the remaining deck or take a ghost card from the discard pile. When you have 7 cards in your hand, it’s time to make your move.

Each ghost card has a symbol indicating its special ability. Some ghosts have the power to nullify other ghosts, while others can spy on your opponents’ cards. Plan your moves carefully and use your ghosts’ abilities to your advantage. Remember, strategy is key in this intricate dance of spirits!

To win a round, you must capture the highest-ranking ghost on the table. If multiple players have ghosts of the same rank, a fierce battle erupts. In this showdown, the player with the most tokens or chips wins the round and collects all the captured ghosts. Blazing with triumph, the victorious player takes the first turn in the next round.


Throughout the game, keep track of your earned ghosts. At the end of each round, count the ghosts you have gained. The player with the most ghosts at the end of the final round is crowned the Ghost Master, emerging as the undeniable conqueror of the spirit realm!


Now that you know the ins and outs of 7 Ghosts, it’s time to embark on your exciting journey. Remember, capturing ghosts requires cunning, skill, and a dash of luck. So, channel your inner Ghost Master, step boldly into the unknown, and may the spirits guide you to victory!

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Guess what? The winner of this game is the first player to gather seven ghosts. You’ll find these sneaky spooks hidden in two decks: the main deck and the “Spooky Action” deck, which is made up of small cards.

Getting Ready to Play

But hang on a sec! Before we start, let’s take the “Escape” card and set it aside. Now, deal four piles of six main deck cards each. Make sure they’re face-down, like this:

How to play 7 Ghosts Official Rules UltraFoodMess

When I play the game, the first 12 cards that are dealt need to include the “double ghost” card. It’s important that this card is randomly placed among the others to add some mystery to the game.

Once the cards are dealt, I reveal the top card from decks 1 to 3. Deck four, which we call the “mystery deck,” has its top card face-down until a player chooses to collect it. That card stays face-up once it’s collected.

Now it’s time for each player to receive their starting “spooky action” card. These cards come in handy when you want to capture cards from the main deck or make it more difficult for your opponents to do so. As we play the game and roll the dice, we earn more spooky action cards. They’re also given as rewards when we win certain cards from the main deck.

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How to Play the Game

Hey there! Let me tell you all about how to play this super fun game. It’s really easy, so don’t worry! On your turn, you just need to pick a card from the main deck to go for. There are four types of cards: ghost cards, zombie cards, scary pumpkin cards, and haunted house cards. The goal of the game is to collect seven ghost cards to win!

If you want to add a little mystery to the game, you can also choose to flip over the mystery card. But remember, if you do that, you have to play for it on that turn. Each card has a number on the right side that shows the roll you need to make in order to win it. So make sure to keep an eye on those numbers!

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So, check this out: this zombie card needs a roll of 2 aqua to capture it. It’s pretty clear in the bottom right corner of the card that if you win it, you also score one “Spooky Action” card. And get this, the card even gives you an action to use if you trade in (discard) 3 of these cards.

Let’s Roll the Dice

Alright, here’s how it goes: I get two rolls per turn – the initial roll and the reroll. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. I can choose to reroll one, two, or even all three dice. Once I win a card from the main deck, I put it face up in front of me and ta-da! The rolling part of my turn is a wrap.

But hold up, there’s more! I can still play spooky action cards (or vanish cards) that I like before I give up my turn. Cool, right?

Note: Hey there! I just wanted to share an interesting rule with you. It’s called the “spooky action” card. You can get this card if, during your turn, the dice show one of each color – aqua, purple, and black. Pretty cool, right? Oh, but just a heads-up – you can only get one spooky action card per turn based on the dice roll.

Now let’s imagine you’re player one, and you decide to go for the zombie card we talked about earlier. So, you roll all three dice and cross your fingers for 2 aqua to win that card.

If luck isn’t on your side and you don’t get the desired result, don’t worry! You have a chance to reroll one, two, or even all three dice. But keep in mind, if you still don’t succeed, you can play cards from your “spooky action” hand before your turn ends. That might give you a little boost!

Now, on the bright side, if you do manage to get those 2 aqua, congratulations! You snatch the zombie card and proudly place it in front of you. But wait, there’s more! The zombie card also tells you to draw one “spooky action” card. Exciting, right? Just a small tip – remember to keep your spooky action cards a secret, but feel free to share what you draw from the main deck. Let’s keep the game fun for everyone!

When we play this game, I get to choose a card and roll for it. But wait, there’s a twist! Instead of just picking a card, I can decide to flip the mystery card and try my luck. If I do choose the mystery card, I have to roll for it right then and there.

This back-and-forth continues until one of us proudly announces that we have collected seven ghosts. And that lucky player becomes the winner!

The Nitty-Gritty of the Game

We’ve talked about the basic rules, but there’s more to it! Throughout the game, we can strategize and come up with cunning plans to increase our chances of winning. Let’s explore the different strategies we can use with the “Spooky Action” cards.

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Guess what? There’s this really cool card in the game called the “OFF LIMITS” card. It’s like a secret weapon! When you play this card, you can stop your opponent from using a specific deck on their turn. How neat is that?

All you have to do is place the “OFF LIMITS” card on top of the deck you want to block, just like this. Then, when it’s your turn again, you get to throw that card away. Bye-bye, “OFF LIMITS” card!

But guess what? Your opponent can also use this sneaky card against you! So watch out!

How to play 7 Ghosts Official Rules UltraFoodMess

The “SCARED WITLESS” card is a real game-changer! It’s like having a secret weapon up your sleeve. When you play this card, your opponent is forced to play a specific card, leaving them helpless. They can’t play any other cards that might have given them an advantage against you. It’s a sneaky move that puts you in control of the game.

How to play 7 Ghosts Official Rules UltraFoodMess

When I have the “WISE MOVE” card, I can do something really interesting – I can “split” the top card from the stack. Here’s how it works: I move the top card to the side, and then I flip over the one right beneath it. Now, I have two options. I can choose to play either card.

If I don’t win either card, that’s okay. Both of them stay for the next player to deal with. But if I do win one of the cards, I take it and place the other one on top of the deck (if it’s not there already). And you know what? Sometimes, this move can give me an easy ghost to collect.

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Hey there! Let me tell you about the “DOCTOR FUTURE” card. It’s a pretty nifty card that lets you see either the top face-down card of a deck or the bottom card of any deck. Cool, right?

How to play 7 Ghosts Official Rules UltraFoodMess

Hey there, let me tell you about the “UNDERTAKER” card. It’s a special card that can help you win a card from the bottom of any deck without having to roll for it. Pretty cool, right?

Now, here’s the trick: if you remember what’s at the bottom of a deck, this card becomes super handy. You can use it to snatch that card right up!

But hold on, there’s something you need to keep in mind. When a deck only has one card left, that card is considered to be on top of the deck. So, if you want to use the undertaker card, make sure there’s another card on top of it.

So, with the “UNDERTAKER” card, you have a special power to grab cards from the bottom of any deck. Just remember to work your magic when there’s a card on top of it!

How to play 7 Ghosts Official Rules UltraFoodMess

Hey there! Let’s talk about the “GRIM REAPER” card. This card is super cool because it gives you a special power. With the “GRIM REAPER” card, you can win any card that you’re allowed to win without having to roll for it. How awesome is that?

Not only that, but you can also use the “GRIM REAPER” card to take one card from your opponents’ spooky action hand. It’s like you have the power of the Grim Reaper!

So, if you’re looking for a way to get an advantage in the game, the “GRIM REAPER” card is perfect for you. It’s a powerful card that can help you win the game. And who doesn’t want that?

How to play 7 Ghosts Official Rules UltraFoodMess

When you play the “DIRTY RAT” card, you have the chance to roll a card from the bottom of any deck. If you don’t win the card, it goes back to the bottom of that deck.

Special Dice Cards

Some cards let you change the color of a die, which can be really helpful in winning a crucial card. Other cards allow you to choose any color for one die before you roll it. These cards are best saved for important moments in the game’s later stages.

How to play 7 Ghosts Official Rules UltraFoodMess

Spooky Action: Ghost Cards Unleashed!

Hey there, it’s me! I’ve got some bone-chilling news for you – Ghost cards have entered the haunted arena! These spooky cards have the power to send shivers down your spine and contribute to your overall ghost count. You’ll find three of them lurking in the “Spooky Action” deck, ready to cast their otherworldly influence on your gameplay.

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Escape Card (a Main Deck Card)

I’m here to tell you about a special card called the Escape Card. It’s a pretty cool card that you can add to your main deck. You might be wondering, “What does this card do?” Well, let me explain.

The Escape Card is a unique card that can help you out in a tight spot. It’s like having a secret escape route that you can use when things get tough. With this card in your deck, you’ve got an extra trick up your sleeve.

When you play the Escape Card, it allows you to escape from a difficult situation. It’s like a get-out-of-jail-free card in a game. It can help you avoid danger, overcome obstacles, or make a hasty retreat when things aren’t going your way.

But how does the Escape Card work? It’s simple, really. When you play it, you get to skip your turn and draw two extra cards from your deck. This can give you more options and resources to use in the game. It’s like pressing a reset button and giving yourself a fresh start.

Now, you might be wondering why you would want to skip your turn. Wouldn’t that put you at a disadvantage? Well, sometimes taking a step back can actually be a good thing. It allows you to regroup, rethink your strategy, and come back even stronger. As they say, it’s better to retreat and fight another day.

So, the Escape Card can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. It gives you the flexibility to adapt and react to any situation. It’s like having a safety net that you can rely on when things go awry. With this card in your hand, you can face any challenge with confidence.

In conclusion, the Escape Card is a valuable addition to any main deck. It offers you a way out when you’re cornered, a chance to regroup, and an opportunity to turn the game in your favor. So, next time you’re building your deck, don’t forget to include the Escape Card. It might just be the key to victory.

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Just so you know, this card is put aside at the start of the game. If you get the Plant Escape Ghost card, you can hide the escape card anywhere you want in the Mystery Deck.

Make sure you don’t look at the other cards while doing this. A good trick is to hide it under the table, so nobody can see. Then you can “count” which position the card is in.

If you draw this card or are forced to play it, you have to roll 2 black dice. If you lose, you have to put one of your main deck ghost cards at the bottom of the mystery deck. Win or lose, the escape card gets thrown away after that.

Here’s a tip: If the mystery deck is empty, you can decide to hide the escape card in one of the other decks.

Why it’s Good to Collect Multiple Cards

If you manage to collect 3 haunted house, zombie, or pumpkin cards, you’ll get specific rewards for each set.

Hey there! I wanted to tell you about some cool stuff I discovered while playing this awesome card game. See, each card in the game has a special benefit, and I’ll explain them to you.

At the bottom left of each card, you’ll find the benefit it provides. For example, if you collect three Zombie cards, you can use them to trigger an off-limits effect. It’s like having a secret power to mess with the game! Just place the three Zombie cards on the card you want to put off limits, and you’re good to go.

Now, let’s talk about Pumpkin cards. These bad boys are considered “wild.” That means you can change the result of any one die to another color. It’s a game-changer, especially when you need it the most. Imagine being able to tweak a roll to your advantage. Pretty cool, right?

Lastly, we have the Haunted House cards. When you collect three of these spooky cards, something really fun happens. You can trade them in for a “scared witless” effect. I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say it’s a treat you won’t want to miss.

After you use the cards in these special ways, make sure you discard them. They’ve done their magic, and now it’s time to say goodbye.

But wait, there’s more!

Here’s an exciting twist. If you already have a haunted house, pumpkin, or zombie card when your turn starts, you can go for a run. A run is when you collect two cards of the same type in a row on your turn. It’s like hitting a winning streak, and it can really give you an edge. So keep an eye out for those opportunities!

Winning the first card is crucial if you want to go for the second. And here’s a rare occurrence – if you have a pair, you can even aim for a run of three in a row. But keep in mind, ghost cards don’t count for runs.

Imagine player one, who has a zombie card they snagged in their previous turn. Now, on the board, there are 2 Zombies showing. Player one decides to try their luck and go for a specific zombie card. They really want to win it and keep the turn going.

So, if they succeed in winning the first card, they get to roll the dice again for a shot at the second card. But, if they don’t win the first card, they still have the chance to play any spooky action cards they have in their hands before their turn ends.

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Note: Once you win the zombie card, the next card that is revealed is also eligible for the run. If it happens to be a like card, like a zombie, you can include it in your run.

What Peek and Look Cards Really Do

When you grab one of these cards, you can take a peek at the card that comes next from the stack it came from. Or, if you prefer, you can look at the bottom card of any two decks. This will help you plan your next moves and maybe even figure out where a ghost is hiding.

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Going incognito – The Vanish Effect

Have you ever wanted to disappear? To blend into the background and become invisible? Well, let me introduce you to the Vanish Effect. It’s a fascinating concept that allows you to become virtually undetectable.

So, what is the Vanish Effect? It’s like wearing a cloak of invisibility, but instead of magic, it involves psychology and perception. The Vanish Effect works by manipulating how others perceive you, making you seem unremarkable and easily forgotten.

Imagine walking into a crowded room and seamlessly blending into the sea of faces. People might glance in your direction, but they won’t remember you. You become a ghost, fading into the background.

But why would anyone want to disappear? Well, there are many reasons. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a break from the constant scrutiny of others. Or maybe you want to observe a situation without being noticed, like a spy gathering intelligence.

But the Vanish Effect isn’t just about disappearing physically. It’s also about fading from memory. It’s about being forgettable in the best way possible. You can use this technique to become invisible in public, or even in your personal life.

Let’s say you’re starting a new job and you want to make a good impression. By embracing the Vanish Effect, you can fly under the radar and avoid drawing attention to yourself. Instead of standing out, you blend in with the rest of the team, allowing your skills and work ethic to shine.

And the best part? The Vanish Effect is something anyone can achieve. You don’t need to be a master of disguise or possess any supernatural powers. It’s all about mindset and perception. By adopting the right attitude and adjusting your behavior, you can become a master of disappearing in plain sight.

So, are you ready to embrace the Vanish Effect? Are you prepared to blend in and become a ghost in the crowd? If so, then get ready to vanish. With the Vanish Effect, you can become invisible whenever you want, leaving no trace behind. It’s time to disappear and see the world from a whole new perspective. Are you ready?

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Did you know that in a deck of cards, there are only five cards that can make you “vanish”? These cards are the Zombie card, the Pumpkin card, and the Haunted House card. They are considered special because they have the ability to be used for a vanish effect.

So, how do you vanish a card? Well, it’s pretty simple. On your turn, all you have to do is discard one of the vanish cards that you already have. Then, you can move the top card of any stack to the bottom of that same stack. This little trick can actually prevent your opponent from getting a card that you don’t want them to have. Plus, it keeps that card available for you to use later on in the game. It’s like having a secret weapon up your sleeve!

But here’s the thing: using a vanish card might cause a bit of a dilemma for you. You see, when you move a card to the bottom of a stack, it could potentially break up a set of three cards that you were planning to use at some point. It’s a tough decision to make, but sometimes you have to choose between vanishing a card and keeping a set intact.

Now, let’s talk about the “OH NO YOU DIDN’T” and “OH YES I DID” cards. These cards have the power to counteract certain actions that your opponent might take. For example, if your opponent tries to play an “OFF LIMITS” or a “SCARED WITLESS” card, you can stop them in their tracks by discarding an “OH NO YOU DIDN’T” card from your hand. It’s a little bit like saying, “No way, not on my watch!” The catch is that the player who initiated the “off limits” or “scared witless” action loses their Spooky Action card. So, it’s a double-edged sword – you have the power to stop your opponent, but it comes at a cost.

But wait, there’s a twist. If they hold the “OH YES I DID” card, they can use it to counter the “OH NO YOU DIDN’T” card. This means that their original move can still happen, regardless of the other person’s attempt to block it.

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Hey there! Welcome to “7Ghosts” – the spookiest game in town! I’m here to make sure you have an amazing time full of fun and excitement. Get ready for some hauntingly good adventures!

Let me explain how you can win the Pumpkin Cards:

Winning a pumpkin card is no easy task. To claim one, you’ll need to roll one die of each color. But wait, there’s more! If you manage to do it, you won’t just get the pumpkin card, you’ll also receive 2 cool spooky action cards as a reward. These cards are packed with special abilities to help you on your ghostly journey. And don’t worry, the instructions for the “Draw 2 spooky action” are right there on the card itself. How convenient!

Just to clarify, you won’t be getting a total of 3 spooky action cards. The 2 cards you receive are the ones you earned for rolling the dice and completing the card challenge. So keep your eyes on the prize and keep those dice rolling!

Now, let’s talk strategy and tactics:

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