How to do Actions in Imperial Settlers

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Actions in Imperial Settlers


Let’s talk about the actions you can take in the game Imperial Settlers. There are several options available to you, each with its own unique benefits and trade-offs. In this guide, I will break down each action and give you some tips on how to make the most of them.

1. Gather

Gathering resources is an essential action in Imperial Settlers. By selecting this action, you can collect the necessary materials to build your empire. Resources can include wood, stone, food, and cards. You’ll need these resources to construct buildings, recruit units, and complete other tasks.

Tips for Gathering:

  • Focus on collecting the resources you need most urgently.
  • Prioritize resources that are scarce or difficult to obtain.
  • Consider the production capacity of your buildings when deciding how many resources to gather.

2. Build

Building is another important action in the game. This action allows you to construct new buildings that can provide various benefits. Buildings can generate resources, grant victory points, and offer special abilities. Each building requires specific resources to be constructed, so make sure you have collected enough materials before attempting to build.

Tips for Building:

  • Plan your building strategy in advance to ensure a balanced and efficient empire.
  • Consider the long-term benefits and synergies between buildings.
  • Don’t overlook the special abilities that buildings can provide.

3. Invade

Invading is a more aggressive action in Imperial Settlers. It allows you to attack your opponents and seize their resources. By invading, you can weaken your opponents and hinder their progress, while also gaining valuable resources for yourself. However, be warned that invading can provoke retaliation.

Tips for Invading:

  • Choose your targets wisely and assess the potential rewards and risks.
  • Consider the strength of your opponents and their defensive capabilities.
  • Don’t rely solely on invading; maintain a balanced strategy to secure long-term success.

4. Produce

Producing is a versatile action that allows you to convert your resources into more valuable goods. By selecting this action, you can upgrade your resources into more advanced forms, such as weapons, tools, or food. These upgraded goods can be used for various purposes, including building more powerful structures or trading with other players.

Tips for Producing:

  • Consider the current needs of your empire and choose the most valuable upgrades.
  • Balance your production between different types of goods.
  • Consider the potential benefits of trading with other players before using all your resources for production.


Understanding the different actions available to you in Imperial Settlers is key to success. By effectively utilizing each action, you can build a strong and prosperous empire. Remember to adapt your strategy to the changing circumstances of the game and make the most of your available resources. Good luck!

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Every time you earn Victory Points at a Location, make sure to update your score on the Victory Point track right away. ��

Gold tokens are pretty versatile! You can use them instead of Wood, Stone, and Food, but be aware that you can’t go the other way around. Unfortunately, you can’t exchange Gold tokens for Resource markers. ��

When you receive Resources, Workers, or tokens, just grab them from the general supply, unless the rules say otherwise. It’s the default way to collect them. ��

On the other hand, if you ever need to discard Resources, Workers, or tokens, just send them back to the general supply. They’ll find their way back there. ♻️

Remember, any Resources, Workers, or tokens you have in your supply should be visible to everyone at the table. Let’s keep it fair and transparent. ��

Whenever you have the opportunity to draw a card, you can choose to get it from the Common deck or the Faction deck, unless the game specifically tells you otherwise. Take your pick and good luck! ��

Hey there! Let’s talk about how to manage your cards in the game. It’s important to keep things organized, so I’ll explain how to discard cards and reshuffle your decks.

First off, each type of card should be discarded to its own pile. So, if you have different types of cards, make sure to put them in their respective discard piles. And don’t worry if you run out of cards in any deck. Just grab the appropriate discarded pile and reshuffle it to create a fresh deck.

Now, it’s important to note that card rules take priority and can modify the general rules. So, make sure to pay attention to any specific rules that come with your cards.

Time to Build!

Building a location is a cool action that allows you to place Common or Faction cards from your hand into your playing area. This will help you improve your Empire and strengthen your game.

Here’s what you need to do to build a location:

  1. Choose the card from your hand that you want to build. It could be a Common card or a Faction card – the choice is yours!
  2. Pay the building cost shown in the upper left corner of the card. Use the Goods indicated on the card from your personal supply to cover the cost.
  3. Place the card in your Empire based on the Location placement order. There’s a specific order to follow, so make sure to follow it closely.

Oh, and one more thing – when you build a Production Location, you’ll immediately get the benefits that the Location provides. That’s a nice little bonus!

Note: Some of the Locations can have a special Bonus ability that gives you a one-time-only Goods when you build the Location.

Costs of Building

How to do Actions in Imperial Settlers UltraFoodMess

To create a Common Location, all you have to do is get rid of certain resources like Wood and Stone. For instance, if you want to build a Wood Storage, you just have to get rid of 2 Wood and 1 Stone.

On the other hand, to build a Faction Location, you might need to already have another Location built in your Empire. Some Faction Locations require you to discard a Location that you’ve already built (either a Common or Faction Location) from your Empire.

You still have to pay the Resource costs shown on the Faction Location. Only after you’ve paid those costs can you place the card in your Empire, following the Location placement order.

For example, if you want to build a Barbarian Dark Chapel, you have to discard 1 Location card that you’ve already built, along with 1 Wood and 2 Stone.

When building a Faction Location, you have the option to discard a Foundation instead of a Location. This action is known as Razing a Location.

Alternatively, you may also discard an Action Location that has already been activated in the current round to build a Faction Location. In this case, the Goods used to activate the Action are also discarded.

It’s important to note that if there are any tokens or markers placed on the card you are discarding (such as Defense tokens, Samurai, or Goods spent to activate the Action), they are also discarded.

Location Abilities

Both Common and Faction Locations are categorized into 3 groups based on their abilities:

  • Production Locations – these cards give you specific things like Resources, Workers, cards, tokens, and victory points. You get the benefits right away when you build one of these Locations, and you get them again during each Production phase in the next rounds.
  • Feature Locations – these cards have special abilities described on them. They are active during your whole turn, or they give you things after you do certain actions.
  • Action Locations – to use the ability of one of these Locations, you have to put your Worker or a specific Resource or both on that Location card.

Note 1: Some Locations also have a Building Bonus. This is just an extra ability that only happens once and doesn’t affect where the Location is placed.

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Let’s Make a Deal!

Hey there! Did you know that in this game, you have the power to make deals with Faction cards from your hand? It’s a pretty cool action you can take.

Now, it’s important to remember that you can’t make a deal with a Common card. Only Faction cards are up for grabs.

Each Faction card has something called a “Deal” field. This field tells you what kind of awesome stuff you can get from making a deal. It could be Resources, Workers, cards, or other cool things. Making a deal comes with some sweet benefits. Not only do you get something right away, but you’ll also enjoy those benefits during the Production phase of each round that follows.

So, how do you make a deal? Here’s what you need to do:

How to do Actions in Imperial Settlers UltraFoodMess

  1. First, pick a Faction card from your hand.
  2. Next, discard 1 unit of Food.
  3. Place the card underneath the top of your Faction board, making sure that only the “Deal” section is visible.
  4. Finally, gain the benefit indicated in the “Deal” section.

There’s no limit to the number of Deals you can have.

An Example of Making a Deal

Let’s say you’re playing as the Barbarians and you want to make a deal using the Sentry Tower card. You discard 1 unit of Food and place the Village card under your Faction board, so that only the “Deal” section with the Worker is visible. As a result, you immediately gain 1 Worker from the general supply, because making a Deal provides you with that type of Good.


Imagine this: you have a card in your hand, and you’re just itching to get rid of it. Well, good news! You can use the Raze action to do just that. By activating this action, you can choose to discard a Common Card from your hand or from an opponent’s Common Location. And the best part? You’ll immediately gain some Goods for doing so.

But hold on a second. There’s a little catch. You can only use the Raze action if you have Raze tokens. So make sure you have those handy before you go on a discarding spree.

If you want to raze a common card from your hand, here’s what you need to do:

How to do Actions in Imperial Settlers UltraFoodMess

  1. Select a card from my hand that is common.
  2. Get rid of 1 Raze token.
  3. Take the goods shown in the Raze field of the card from the general supply.
  4. Throw away the card.

Note: I, as the one controlling the Japanese, can also raze one of my Faction Locations from my hand because Japanese Faction cards have a Raze field.

Let me give you an example of razing a card from my hand:

Let’s say I want to raze one of my cards from my hand. I need Wood, so I choose the Wood Storage and get rid of the card along with 1 Raze token. As a result, I get 2 Wood from the general supply.

If I want to raze an opponent’s location, here’s what I do:

  1. Choose an enemy and one of their Common Locations in their Empire.
  2. Throw away 2 Raze tokens.
  3. Take the goods shown in the Raze field of the card from the general supply.
  4. Convert the destroyed Place into a Base.

Note: Only Japanese Faction cards can be destroyed. However, Japanese Faction cards themselves can be destroyed by other players. When a Japanese Faction Location is destroyed, it is not transformed into a Base, but is instead discarded.

Example of Destroying an opponent’s Place

Let’s say I want to destroy one of your Places. I decide to attack your Armorer, so I get rid of 2 Destroy tokens. As a result, I get 1 stone from the general supply and increase my score by adding 1 VP. You then turn the Armorer card face down (it becomes a Base) and receive 1 wood from the general supply.

How to do Actions in Imperial Settlers UltraFoodMess

Transforming a Location into a Foundation

When I demolish a Location and turn it into a Foundation, I flip its card face down and receive 1 Wood from the general supply, which I add to my own supply. A Foundation card can only be used to construct a new Location where the demolished one used to be.

If I decide to build a Faction Location on top of a Foundation, I simply discard the Foundation card.

Activating an Action Location

This action lets me utilize the ability of an Action Location in my Empire.

I can only take this action if I have any Action Locations in my Empire. These Locations enable me to trade Workers and/or Resources for cards, other Resources, Victory Points, and more.

To activate a location, I need to:

  1. First, choose the Empire’s Action Location and the Action you want to activate.
  2. Next, pay the required Goods and place them on the Location. The Goods will stay on the Location card until the end of the round to show that the action has been used. Remember, each Action Location can only be used once per round, unless stated otherwise on the card.
  3. Once the Goods are placed, you can use the card’s action.

It’s important to note that each Location can only be activated once, unless otherwise specified on the card.

Remember, the Faction board has a reminder of this Action at the bottom.

Also, when activating the Action, place the used Goods in the bottom section of the card with the ability, while other tokens like Defense tokens and Egypt tokens should be placed in the top section with the Location picture.

When I have an Action Location that can be used twice, I can decide whether to use it once per turn or both times at once. If I choose to use it twice, I need to spend double the Goods and take the action twice. It gives me flexibility in how I use my actions and can be a strategic advantage in the game.

It’s important to remember that any Victory Points I earn from the ability of a card are immediately recorded on the Victory Point track. As for other Goods, I take them from the general supply.

Let me show you some examples of using an Action Location:

I have 3 Action Locations in my Empire: 2 Common, the Masons Guild and the Castle, and 1 Barbarian, the Saboteurs. First, I use the Saboteurs – I place 1 of my Workers on the card and take 1 Stone from my opponent Tom. During a later action, I use the Masons Guild, paying 1 Worker and 2 Stone, and placing them on the card. In return, I gain 3 Victory Points (VPs), so I adjust my score on the Victory Point track. In my next action, I use the Castle – I place 1 Worker on the card and draw a card, choosing to draw it from my Faction deck.

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Spend worders to get resources or draw cards

If you want to get more resources or draw cards in the game, you can use this action. It’s a way for you to exchange 2 Workers for 1 Resource of your choice or for 1 Common or Faction card.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. You need to discard 2 of your Workers. Say goodbye to them!
  2. After that, you can take 1 Resource of the kind you want (Wood, Stone, or Food) from the general supply. Or, instead, you can draw a card from your Faction deck or the Common deck.

Remember, you can use this action multiple times in one go. So, each time you discard a pair of Workers, you’ll get 1 Resource or draw 1 card. It’s all up to you!

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