FAQ about Eclipse

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


The Lowdown on Eclipse: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is an eclipse?

An eclipse occurs when the moon, the Earth, and the sun all line up in a certain way. This causes the moon to cast a shadow on the Earth, blocking out all or part of the sun’s light. There are two types of eclipses: a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse.

Question: What is a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth comes between the sun and the moon. This positioning causes the Earth’s shadow to fall on the moon, which makes it appear dark or reddish-brown. Lunar eclipses can be seen by anyone on the nighttime side of the Earth when they occur.

Question: What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse takes place when the moon comes in between the Earth and the sun, blocking the sun’s light from reaching certain parts of the Earth. There are three types of solar eclipses: total, partial, and annular. During a total solar eclipse, the moon completely covers the sun, leaving only a bright ring of light visible. In a partial solar eclipse, only part of the sun is obscured. And in an annular solar eclipse, the moon is in front of the sun, but the sun forms a ring around it.

Question: Are eclipses rare?

Eclipses are not necessarily rare phenomena. However, the chance of witnessing a specific type of eclipse in a specific location is relatively low. For example, a total solar eclipse can only be seen along a narrow path on Earth, while a lunar eclipse can be seen from anywhere on the nighttime side of the planet.

Question: Is it safe to look at an eclipse?

No, it is not safe to look directly at an eclipse, whether it is a lunar or solar eclipse. Staring at an eclipse with the naked eye can cause serious damage to your eyesight. If you want to view an eclipse, make sure to wear special eclipse glasses or use other safe viewing methods to protect your eyes.

Question: Why are people so fascinated by eclipses?

Eclipses have captivated people for centuries due to their rare and awe-inspiring nature. The sudden darkness and dramatic celestial alignment during an eclipse create a unique and mysterious atmosphere. Eclipses also provide scientists with opportunities to study the sun, moon, and Earth in ways they normally cannot. It’s no wonder people travel far and wide to witness these extraordinary events.

When playing, you’ll need to place Influence Discs on sector hexes and use Colony Ships to move your Population Cubes onto the Population Squares. As you progress, research the Advanced Technologies to unlock the Advanced Population Squares. To expand your civilization further, build Orbitals to acquire more Population Squares. Additionally, be sure to collect Discovery Tiles along the way.

Q: What is the purpose of Money?

A: Money is essential for covering the Upkeep costs of your civilization. The more actions you take and sectors you control, the higher your expenses will be each round.

Q: Is there anything else Money can be used for?

A: Absolutely. You have the option of trading Money for other valuable Resources, and vice versa if needed.

Q: I find myself short on Influence Discs to accomplish everything. What should I do now?

Q: How can I influence the game by using sectors?

A: You have the power to impact the game by using the Influence action. This action allows you to bring back up to two discs from the sector hexes and place them on your Influence Track. This gives you more control and options as you progress in the game.

In addition, you can also research Advanced Robotics and Quantum Grid Technologies. These technologies provide you with even more discs, expanding your capabilities and strategic possibilities.

Furthermore, there is a risky yet potentially beneficial tactic you can employ. By deliberately bankrupting your civilization, you can use more discs than you can afford in the Upkeep Phase. As a result, you will be forced to return some of the discs from the sectors to your Influence Track. While this may set you back temporarily, it can create opportunities for regeneration and response.

Q: How can I afford the expensive Technologies?

A: Acquiring these costly Technologies may seem daunting, but there are methods to make them more manageable. One strategy is to focus on purchasing Technologies within the same category. By doing this, you can increase the discount you receive when buying additional Technologies. To maximize these discounts, it is advisable to buy the Technologies in increasing price order. This way, you can enjoy the full benefit of the reduced costs.

Q: What advantages come with being the first player?

A: Being the first player comes with its advantages. As the first player, you have the opportunity to set the tone and pace of the game. You can establish your presence and make early moves that can significantly impact the outcome. By acting decisively, you can potentially gain an early advantage and dictate the course of the game.

Player A: When it’s my turn, I have the advantage of choosing which Technologies to research and which areas to explore. Plus, I’m usually the first one to act in a contested area, giving me the upper hand in ties.

Player Q: What if I can’t place a Population cube on a track because it’s already full? Like, if I move cubes from gray squares to different tracks than where they came from.

Player A: Well, sometimes a track can fill up completely, so you can’t see any numbers on it. That means you won’t produce any of that Resource. But if you still need to return cubes to a full track, you’ll have to put them on any other track(s) instead.

Player Q: What if I get extra Influence Discs from Advanced Robotics and Quantum Grid Technologies, but they don’t fit on the Influence Track?

A: Hey there! So, here’s what you do: take those extra discs and stack them on the disc at the rightmost spot on the Influence Track. Easy peasy!

Q: Now, let’s talk about the Influence action. Can I move an Influence Disc from one hex to its neighbor if they’re connected by a Wormhole?

A: Nope, you can’t. If you move that disc, the connection goes poof!

Q: Alright, let’s move on to the Upkeep Phase. When can I remove Influence Discs from my hexes?

A: You’re only allowed to do that if you don’t have enough Money to cover the Upkeep costs. You can remove discs until the cost is low enough. But keep in mind, if you take a disc off a hex, the Population cubes go back to your Production tracks, which might also lower your Money production. Gotta be careful!

Q: Can I remove population cubes from the board without giving up control of the hex?

A: Nope. But if you use the Influence action, you can take the disc and cubes off the hex, and then put the disc back on.

Q: My ships keep getting destroyed. How can I win more battles?

A: Well, if you shoot first, dodge enemy attacks, or absorb some damage, you’ll have the upper hand. Upgrade your Drives and Computers to boost your Initiative, and get Missiles to strike before close combat.

To nullify the enemy’s Computers, equip Shields. To withstand more hits, add Hull parts. And don’t forget to collect Discovery Tiles for special Ship Parts.

Q: Are Interceptors useless because they’re so small?

A: Nah, not really. Like, if you give ’em a better energy source, they can actually pack a punch. Plus, they work best when they’re specialized in some way.

Q: So, are Shields any good if my opponents don’t have Computers?

A: Nope. But hey, if they can’t hit you without Computers, take advantage of it.

Q: If I have Gluon Computer Technology, can I use Positron Computer Ship Parts?

A: Nope. Each Ship Part (besides the Ion Cannon, Nuclear Drive, Nuclear Source, Hull, and Electron Computer) needs its own Technology.

Q: If all my ships try to retreat but they all get destroyed, do I still get the Reputation Tile for being in a battle?

A: Nah. As soon as you decide to retreat them, your ships are considered to have already retreated.

Question: Can the Descendants take the Discovery Tile if their controlled hex is destroyed but they still control the hex?

Answer: To take the Discovery Tiles, you must place an Influence Disc. If the hex is controlled by the Descendants, but the Ancient Ships are destroyed, you’ll need to remove and replace the disc using the Influence action.

Question: Am I required to use the Descendants’ or Planta’s Explore ability? If not, when can I choose whether to use it or not?

Answer: No, you are not obligated to draw two hexes with the Descendants or explore twice with Planta. After seeing the first hex, you can decide whether or not to use their Explore ability.

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