FAQ about Dune

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


Dune F.A.Q.

What is Dune?

Dune is a science fiction novel written by Frank Herbert in 1965. It is considered one of the most influential science fiction books of all time and has a devoted fan base.

What is the story about?

The story takes place in the distant future on a desert planet called Arrakis, also known as Dune. It follows the adventures of several characters, including Paul Atreides, as they navigate political intrigue, religious connotations, and the power struggles surrounding the planet’s most valuable resource, a substance called spice.

What is the spice?

The spice, also known as melange, is a highly sought-after substance that enhances mental abilities and grants extended life. It is only found on the planet Arrakis and plays a significant role in the economy and politics of the Dune universe.

Who are the main characters?

The main characters in Dune include Paul Atreides, the protagonist who becomes the messiah-like figure known as Muad’Dib; Lady Jessica, Paul’s mother and a member of the Bene Gesserit; Duke Leto Atreides, Paul’s father and the ruler of House Atreides; and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, the primary antagonist.

Why is Dune considered an important book?

Dune is considered important because of its complex world-building, political and ecological themes, and philosophical undertones. It explores concepts of power, religion, and the relationship between humans and their environment in a way that resonates with readers.

Has Dune been adapted into other forms of media?

Yes, Dune has been adapted into a feature film, television series, and video games. The most recent adaptation is a highly anticipated film directed by Denis Villeneuve, set to release in 2021.

Why should I read Dune?

You should read Dune if you enjoy immersive science fiction with intricate world-building and thought-provoking themes. It is a timeless story that continues to captivate readers with its richly imagined universe and compelling characters.

Answer: When you use the Family Atomics card, it won’t affect the sector that the storm is currently in. However, it will affect all the sectors that the storm moves into.

Q: Can you use the Family Atomics card if the Shield Wall or the adjacent territory is in the storm?

Answer: Yes, you can use the Family Atomics card in both of those cases.

Q: Does the explosion from the lasgun/shield also destroy the spice in the territory?

Answer: Yes, it does. Additionally, all the forces in the territory will be lost, including those of players who weren’t even involved in the battle.

Q: If a Karama Card is played to stop the Atreides player from looking at Treachery Cards, does it affect only one card or all cards up for bidding?

Answer: It affects all the cards that are up for bidding.

Q: Can a Tleilaxu Ghola card allow me to bring back a fallen leader and use them immediately in the same battle phase?

Answer: Absolutely! If you have a Tleilaxu Ghola card, you can revive a leader and use them right away in that battle phase.

Q: Is it free to bring back a leader with the Tleilaxu Ghola card if they have a force of 5?

Answer: Yes, it is completely free to revive a leader with a force of 5 using the Tleilaxu Ghola card.

Q: Can a Karama Card be used to prevent a player from using an advanced advantage in the advanced game?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! In the advanced game, you can use a Karama Card to stop another player from utilizing an advanced advantage.

Q: Does the Karama sandworm summoned by the Fremen in the advanced game signal a Nexus?

Answer: No, it does not. A Nexus is only signaled by a Shai-Hulud sandworm card in the advanced game.


Q: Do revived leaders still have a chance to become traitors?

Answer: Absolutely! Once a leader becomes a traitor, they remain a traitor for the entire game, even if they are revived.

Q: Can I revive leaders in the advanced game if they have been captured by the Harkonnens?

Answer: Absolutely! If you find yourself without any available leaders to play in battle, including Harkonnens, you can start reviving them.


Q: Are the Great Flat territories included when counting the two territory range from the Great Flat during Fremen reinforcements?

Answer: No, they are not. The Great Flat should never be included when calculating the two territory range.

Q: Some people think the 2017 World Boardgaming Championship tournament rules were unclear about shipping into Arrakeen or Carthag and using ornithopters. Why do you allow it in these rules?

In our game, the designers made it possible for you to send troops into Arrakeen or Carthag and utilize ornithopters. We wanted to reflect the militaristic cultures in the Dune universe, where raids sanctioned by Kanly (or taken advantage of by the Fremen) were quite common.

Invading is a similar concept in the book. You can transport a fighting force into Carthag or Arrakeen, steal ornithopters, and then use them to move other forces through three territories on the board.

Q: Can I move or ship my forces that have been spread across different parts of the same territory at different times, as a single group?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Does a sandworm movement count as the only group move the Fremen can make each turn?

Answer: Nope. Actually, the sandworm move happens during the Spice Blow Phase, right after the Nexus, and not during the Movement Phase.

Q: Do sectors have any impact on movement?

Answer: Nah. Check out the response to the first movement question (above). Sectors are all about controlling storms, spice placement, and collection. They don’t mess with movement.

Q: If there’s a storm over Arrakeen or Carthag, does it mess with the three territory (ornithopter) move?

Answer: Nope, unless you’re going into, out of, or through the storm itself.

Q: Can two players who are separated by a storm and stuck in Pasty Mesa ally with each other when a Nexus occurs on the next storm round, even though allies are not allowed to battle each other?

Answer: Yes, they can. But in that case, the first player who ships and moves must make sure to move their forces out of the territory where the two allied factions are located. If they fail to do so, the second player will have to move their forces, or else the Tleilaxu Tanks will capture them.


Q: Can a player use a cheap hero as a substitute for a weapon or defense card to discard it, or can it only be played as a leader?

Answer: No, you can’t swap out a cheap hero for a weapon or defense card. Heroes can only be used as a substitute for a leader.

Q: Can you use the same weapon or defense card in multiple battles, if you win? What about in the same phase?

Answer: Yes, you can use the same card in more than one battle if you win. And yes, you can use it in multiple battles in the same phase.

Q: If your forces have moved into different sectors of the same territory at different times, can they fight as a group?

Answer: When your forces have moved into different sectors of the same territory at different times, they must fight as a single group (if the storm allows).

Q: What happens if truth trance, Bene Gesserit Voice, and Atreides Prescience are all being used in the same battle?

Answer: I always have to use the Bene Gesserit Voice before I can tap into the Atreides Prescience. Any player can play Truthtrance at any time during this interaction. It’s worth noting that I can make changes to my Battle Plan that won’t be affected once I’ve used the Voice, Prescience, or Truthtrance.

Q: Can I choose not to reveal my traitor if someone plays it against me in battle?

Answer: Absolutely. If my traitor is revealed in battle against me, I don’t have to disclose that they’re actually working for me.


Q: Do my allies have to pay the Spacing Guild for all their shipments?

Answer: Yes, they do.

Q: How many forces do I need to send back to the Spacing Guild reserves in exchange for 1 spice?

Answer: You’ll need to send 2 forces to get 1 spice.

Q: What happens if at the end of the last turn, no one has won and the Spacing Guild are not in play?

Answer: If the Spacing Guild is not in play and there is no clear winner by the end of the last turn, the Fremen wins. However, if there are multiple players who have the same number of strongholds, all of them are considered winners.

Q: In the advanced game, when reshuffling the Spice Deck, must you reshuffle the entire deck?

Answer: Yes, when playing the advanced game, you must reshuffle the entire Spice Deck when conducting a reshuffle. This ensures a fair and random distribution of spice cards.

Q: In the advanced game, does the Fremen get the sandworm advantage bonus if a second sandworm appears in a Spice Phase?

Answer: Absolutely! Even in the advanced game, the Fremen still receive the sandworm advantage bonus if a second sandworm appears during a Spice Phase. Their deep connection with the sandworms grants them this advantage.

Q: How does the Spacing Guild pay for an odd force shipment?

Answer: When it comes to paying for an odd force shipment, the Spacing Guild follows a simple rule. All fractional costs are rounded up. For example, if a 5 force shipment is made, the Spacing Guild will be required to pay 3 spice. Similarly, a 1 force shipment will cost them 1 spice. This ensures a fair and consistent payment system for the Spacing Guild.

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