FAQ about Call to Adventure

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Calling All Adventurers: FAQs

Q: Can I use any rune stones I want in a challenge?

A: No, the rune stones you can use are determined by the ability icons in your character tableau. When it’s your turn to face a challenge, you can use the rune stones that match your ability icons and are relevant to the challenge. Keep in mind that all players share these rune stones, so you’ll need to take turns using them.

Q: Can I have more than three rune icons in one ability?

A: Absolutely! While you can only cast a maximum of three runes per ability, you’re allowed to keep gaining rune icons and adding them to your character tableau. For example, if you have the “Wise Master” destiny, collecting a fourth Wisdom rune would give you an extra triumph at the end of the game.

Q: Can I play a Hero or Antihero card after the runes have been cast in a challenge?

    Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s lay down a few ground rules. When it comes to playing cards in Call to Adventure, timing is everything. Here’s what you need to know:

    1. “Before you attempt a challenge”: This means you have to play the card before you cast any runes. It’s the first step to prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

    2. “As you are facing a challenge” or “as an opponent is facing a challenge”: This is your chance to play a card after casting runes but before the attempt is resolved. It’s a strategic move to give yourself an extra edge.

    Now, let’s talk about some cards that have a specific timing requirement. These cards can only be played after the challenge is resolved. They are designed to enhance the aftermath of the challenge and can make a big impact.

    Now, let’s tackle a couple of common questions:

    Q: When attempting a challenge, do I only get to add in the Ability runes of the path I’m choosing?

    A: Nope! You can add in all the Ability runes listed on the left side of the challenge. Usually, there are two abilities, sometimes only one. It’s all about maximizing your chances of success.

    Q: During a challenge, if I get a result of #image.jpg, when do I draw the Hero or Antihero card?

    A: That’s a great question! You draw the Hero or Antihero card when the challenge is resolved and you tally up your points. It’s the cherry on top of a hard-fought victory.

    Remember, timing is everything in Call to Adventure. So make sure to plan your moves wisely and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Good luck, adventurer!

    If you’re facing a challenge, you can immediately draw a card and play it. But here’s the twist: it can only be a card that is specifically meant to be played in response to a challenge.

    Now, let’s talk about the Corruption track and how it affects your Destiny score.

    Q: How does the Corruption track affect my Destiny score?

    A: When the game begins, your hero is neutral. But if you gain the symbol #image.jpg, you move up the track by one level. On the other hand, if you gain the symbol #image.jpg, you move down the track. It’s an interesting mechanic that allows you to explore the dark side of your character and become a “tragic hero”. And if you fully embrace your dark side, you gain 4 Tragedy points with two #image.jpg symbols.

    Hey, just a heads up. If you happen to get #image.jpg #image.jpg #image.jpg, you’ve gone into evil territory. And guess what? That means you don’t get any extra points. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Now, if you push it even further, you’re gonna end up with a penalty. Yeah, it’s a big deal! But listen, don’t go thinking you can rack up the values ’cause they don’t stack; only the last one you’ve got counts on the Corruption track.

    Q: So, what happens if I go above three Corruption points?

    A: If you get four Corruption (#image.jpg), you can’t get any more, and you can’t use Dark runes (unless an Antihero card says you can). If you manage to remove Corruption (by gaining #image.jpg), you go back to #image.jpg #image.jpg#image.jpg.

    Q: How are new Story cards revealed in the game?

    Q: What do I do when I gain a trait or overcome a challenge in the game?

    A: When it’s your turn and you gain a trait or successfully overcome a challenge, you add it to your Story tableau. If you fail to overcome a challenge, you put that challenge in the discard pile. After you add the trait or challenge to your tableau, you reveal the next card from the deck and place it face up next to the Story deck.

    Q: What happens if one of the decks runs out of cards?

    A: If one of the decks runs out of cards, don’t panic! Simply gather all the discarded cards and shuffle them back into their respective decks. However, please take note that if all Hero or Antihero cards have been played or are currently in players’ hands, you won’t be able to draw any more cards of that type.

    Q: Can I try to gain Act II cards if another player has already revealed them, but I have less than three cards under my Origin?

    Q: Can I use cards that have been revealed by other players?

    A: Absolutely! Once any cards are revealed, they are available to all players. For example, let’s say you’re facing an Act II challenge and you have two cards under your Origin. If you successfully overcome that challenge, you would tuck it under your Origin, not your Motivation. This not only helps you catch up in terms of points, but it also adds an extra layer of risk, as challenges from higher Acts are generally more difficult.

    Q: Do Hero and Antihero cards count towards my “Story”?

    A: No, Hero and Antihero cards are not included in your “Story”. Destiny cards that count Triumph or Tragedy icons in your “Story” will not take into account those from your Hero or Antihero cards.

    Q: If I’m forced to retry a challenge by a Hero or Antihero card or another game effect, do I have to buy back the Dark runes I just used?

    Q: Do I need to purchase Dark runes again for a second attempt?

    A: Absolutely not! Once you’ve acquired Dark runes through Experience or special cards, you can use them in subsequent attempts without having to buy them again.

    Q: Can I enhance my odds by adding extra runes in a second attempt?

    A: You bet! If you have Hero cards that can assist you or Experience points to invest in Dark runes, feel free to utilize them during a second attempt. They can significantly boost your chances of success.

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