Factions of Gaia Project

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Fantastical Factions in Gaia Project

Join me on a journey through the fascinating world of Gaia Project and its colorful cast of factions. Together, we’ll explore the diverse array of groups that vie for supremacy in this exciting board game.

Kicking things off, let’s delve into the vastness of space with the Xenos faction. These enigmatic beings, hailing from the far reaches of the galaxy, possess a deep connection with the cosmos. As a member of the Xenos faction, you’ll harness their mystical powers to uncover the secrets of Gaia Project.

Next up, we have the Terrians. These noble beings, deeply rooted in the earth, possess an unbreakable bond with the planet itself. As a Terrian leader, you’ll forge alliances with different interstellar civilizations and channel the power of Gaia to shape its destiny.

The Ambas, a shrewd and cunning faction, are masters of diplomacy and negotiation. With their vast network of connections and silver tongues, the Ambas weave intricate webs of power. As an Ambas ambassador, you’ll sway others to your cause and manipulate the delicate balance of power in Gaia Project.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Ivits. These adaptable creatures possess incredible mimicry skills, allowing them to blend seamlessly with other factions. As an Ivit infiltrator, you’ll master the art of transformation and cunningly infiltrate rival factions to sabotage their plans.

Finally, we come to the Geodens. These resilient beings are deeply attuned to the forces of nature and possess immense strength. As a Geoden leader, you’ll tap into the earth’s energy to reshape the very landscape to your advantage and dominate Gaia Project.

Each faction brings its own unique abilities and playstyle to the game, ensuring that no two matches are ever the same. So, whether you’re exploring the cosmos with the Xenos or manipulating the political landscape with the Ambas, Gaia Project offers endless possibilities for exploration and strategic mastery.

Now that you’re familiar with these fantastical factions, it’s time to choose your path and embark on an unforgettable journey through the cosmos of Gaia Project.

The planet I belong to is called Terra. I have a special ability that sets me apart from the others. During the Gaia phase, instead of moving the power tokens in my Gaia area to area I of my power cycle, I can move them to area II. This ability gives me an advantage and allows me to strategize in a unique way.

Additionally, my planetary institute gives me even more benefits during the Gaia phase. When I move power tokens from my Gaia area to area II of my power cycle, I have the option to gain resources as if I were spending that much power for free actions. It’s like getting extra rewards for the power I’m already using.

Let me give you an example to illustrate how this works. Imagine during the Gaia phase, I decide to move four power from my Gaia area to area II. Thanks to my planetary institute, I can gain one ore and one credit as if I had spent that four power for free actions. It’s a great way to maximize my resources and make strategic moves.

So, as a member of the Lantids, I have the advantage of this unique ability and the additional benefits provided by my planetary institute. It all adds up to make me a force to be reckoned with during the Gaia phase. You definitely don’t want to underestimate the power of the Lantids!


Planet Type: Terra

Ability: When I take the “Build a Mine” action, I can build a mine on a planet that someone else has colonized, even the Lost Planet. I just need to place my mine next to their structure.

I don’t have to pay for terraforming, but I still have to pay for the mine itself. This mine works like a regular mine in most ways, except that I can’t upgrade it and it doesn’t count towards effects that depend on how many types of planets I’ve colonized or Gaia planets I have.

Planetary Institute: Every time I build a mine on a planet that someone else has colonized, I gain two knowledge.


Planet Type: Desert

Ability: I’ll give you a cool perk – you get to place a third starting mine! But here’s the catch: you can only do it once all the other starting mines have been placed.

Planetary Institute: Now this is something special. You have the power to form federations with a total power value of six, instead of the usual seven. And that’s not all – instead of getting a measly power token, you’ll be raking in one Q.I.C. as your income. How cool is that?


Planet Type: Desert

Ability: Whenever I gain Q.I.C., I actually get ore instead. Once I upgrade to the specified academy, this ability goes away. If I want to make a Gaia Planet livable, it only costs me one ore instead of one Q.I.C. Every time I build a mine on a Gaia Planet, I earn two extra Victory Points.

Planetary Institute: As soon as I upgrade to the Planetary Institute, I immediately gain the Gleens’ federation token, along with all the resources it provides. Getting this tile means I form a federation. The Gleens’ Planetary Institute itself can still be a part of a federation on the board.


Planet Type: This planet is a Swamp, which means it has a wet and marshy landscape.


Ability: As an Ambas, I have a special power called the Brainstone. It’s like a power token that I can use in different ways. For example, I can use it to start a Gaia Project or build satellites. The amazing thing is that I can spend it as if it were three power tokens, giving me even more options and flexibility.

Planetary Institute: Another cool thing about being an Ambas is that I have a Planetary Institute. Whenever I would charge power from the “Passive Action: Charge Power,” I gain an extra power token. And the best part is that I can choose to gain the power before or after charging. It’s like getting a bonus for doing something I was going to do anyway!



Planet Type: I’m a Swamp planet.

Ability: – Check this out: I have a cool trick up my sleeve! Once per round, as an action, you can switch out my Planetary Institute with one of your mines on the game board. Pretty nifty, right? This can actually help you create a whole new federation! But don’t worry, it won’t affect any existing federations, even if their power value drops below seven. Oh, and here’s the best part – this swap doesn’t count as a build or upgrade action. So you won’t gain any VP or power from it, but hey, sometimes you just need a little change.

Meet Hadsch Hallas

Planet Type: Oxide

Ability: – Planetary Institute: Instead of using power, you can spend credits to take free actions and acquire resources.

Example: Spend 3 credits to take the free action and gain one ore.


Hey there, fellow space travelers!

Today, I want to talk to you about a really cool planet called Oxide. It’s a type of planet known as an Oxide, and it has some pretty awesome features. One of its standout features is the Planetary Institute ability. Let me tell you all about it!

The Planetary Institute on Oxide planets allows you to do something really neat. Instead of using your power, you can choose to spend credits for free actions that let you acquire resources. That means you can use your precious credits to gain the resources you need, without having to worry about depleting your power reserves. It’s like having a secret stash of resources right at your fingertips!

Here’s an example to help you understand better. If you have 3 credits, you can choose to spend them and take the free action provided by the Planetary Institute. This action allows you to gain one unit of ore. So, by spending your credits instead of power, you can easily acquire the valuable resources you require for your intergalactic adventures.

So, there you have it – Oxide planets and their incredible Planetary Institute ability. Choosing to settle on an Oxide planet could be a game-changer for you, as it gives you the freedom to utilize your credits in a whole new way. With the ability to gain resources without using up your power, you can focus on building and expanding your space empire. Isn’t that amazing?

Remember, my fellow spacefarers, when exploring the vast reaches of the cosmos, the decisions we make can truly shape our destinies. By leveraging the unique abilities of planets like Oxide with its Planetary Institute, we can take our adventures to new heights. So, buckle up and embark on your interstellar journey, armed with the knowledge of Oxide’s special ability!


Planet Type: Oxide

Ability: When we start the game, I don’t get any mines. Instead, I wait for everyone else to put down their mines, including the Xenos’ third mine. After that, I place my planetary institute on a red planet. Pretty cool, huh?

I can only have one federation throughout the whole game. But here’s the interesting part: I can actually make that federation bigger and get more federation tokens. Once I’ve formed a federation, if I want to form another one, I have to add planets to the existing federation instead of starting a new one. The power value of the structures on those planets has to add up to at least 7 times the number of federation tokens I have, plus one. Oh, and don’t forget, the federation token from level 5 of “Terraforming” doesn’t count! Everything else about forming a federation stays the same – I still have to build satellites and gain federation tokens. But if I want to build a satellite, I have to spend one Q.I.C. instead of discarding a power card.

Planetary Institute: I can do a special action and put a space station in a spot that’s accessible and doesn’t have a planet or another space station. Accessible spots follow the same rules as building a mine. Just like planets, a space station can be connected to satellites, and it counts as having a power value of one for its federation.

A space station isn’t considered a structure, so it won’t let my opponents charge power. Also, a space station doesn’t count as a colonized planet, but it can be used as a “starting point” when figuring out if a planet is accessible or not. In other words, I can measure the range from a space station. Oh, and here’s something interesting: my opponents can put satellites in a spot that already has a space station.

Hey there! Have you heard of Geodens? They are amazing rock formations found all around the world. These stunning natural wonders are created when minerals slowly build up over time, forming beautiful shapes and patterns.

I’m totally fascinated by Geodens because they are like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. When you stumble upon one of these unique formations, it’s like uncovering a secret that nature has carefully crafted.

Geodens come in all shapes and sizes, and each one is different. Some are small and can fit in the palm of your hand, while others are massive and can fill a whole room. The inside of a Geoden is often lined with crystals that sparkle and shine, adding to their magical allure.

One of the coolest things about Geodens is that they are found in unexpected places. You might think you have to travel to a far-off land to see one, but they can actually be found right in your own backyard. All you need is a little curiosity and a keen eye to spot them.

So, why are Geodens so special? Well, besides their stunning beauty, they also hold hidden treasures. Sometimes, when you crack open a Geoden, you can find beautiful crystals or other amazing minerals inside. It’s like finding a secret treasure chest filled with precious gems!

The world of Geodens is truly remarkable. It’s a world where nature’s creativity shines through, reminding us of the incredible things our planet is capable of. These formations are a reminder that there is so much more to discover and explore.

Next time you go exploring, keep an eye out for Geodens. You never know what hidden beauty you might find!

Planet Type: Volcanic

Special Ability: – Planetary Institute: Whenever you construct a mine on a new planet type, you acquire 3 knowledge points. (Note: You do not gain knowledge points for planet types that were colonized before you upgraded to your planetary institute).

Bal T’aks

I’m a volcanic planet – hot, fiery, and full of energy. But what really sets me apart is my special ability, called the Planetary Institute. It’s like having a research center right on my surface.

With the Planetary Institute, every time you build a mine on a new planet type, you gain 3 knowledge points. Knowledge is power, and with this ability, you can accumulate knowledge faster than anyone else.

But there’s a catch – this ability only works for planet types you colonize after upgrading to the Planetary Institute. So, make sure you prioritize building mines on new planet types to maximize your knowledge gain.

Imagine the possibilities! You can uncover the secrets of different planet types and expand your understanding of the universe. The more knowledge you acquire, the more strategies you can explore.

So, if you’re someone who loves learning and wants to elevate your game, then Bal T’aks is the planet for you. Harness the power of the Planetary Institute and let your curiosity guide you to victory. Discover new planets, construct mines, and watch your knowledge points multiply. Bal T’aks is ready to ignite your intellectual fire!

Planet Type: Fiery and explosive

Power: You can’t progress in the “Navigation” field of study, even if you acquire the technology tile below it. If you do acquire that tile, it has no effect.

As soon as you like, you can move a Gaiaformer from your faction board’s Gaiaformer space to your Gaia area in order to gain a single Q.I.C. Gaiaformers in your Gaia area cannot be used until the next Gaia phase. When the next Gaia phase arrives, return any Gaiaformer in your Gaia area to its original space on the faction board.

Planetary Institute: You are now able to make progress in the “Navigation” field of study.

Firaks – Fiery and Explosive

Planet Type: Made of strong titanium

Ability: – Planetary Institute: I can transform a research lab into a trading station and instantly advance one level in a research field of my choice. This is like upgrading to a trading station. If I want, I can later turn the trading station back into a research lab following the usual rules and get a new tech tile in the process.


Planet Type: This planet is made of Titanium.

Ability: On my faction board, the positions of my planetary institute and academies are swapped, and my income for trading stations and research labs is also modified. When I upgrade to an academy or research lab, I can gain a tech tile.

Once during each round, I can take an action to advance my lowest-level token in a research area without having to spend any of my knowledge. If multiple tokens are tied for the lowest level, I get to choose which one to advance. However, I still need to flip a federation token to reach level 5 in any research area. It’s important to keep in mind that only one player can reach level 5 in each research area.

Planetary Institute: The power value of my structures on gray planets, which are of the same type as my home planet, is increased by one. This increase is in addition to any other effects that may already boost their power value.


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I’m an icy planet with some unique abilities. Let me break it down for you. First, I have the power to move a power token from area III of your power cycle to your Gaia area, gaining you some knowledge. And the best part? It doesn’t count as spending power! Cool, right?

But that’s not all. My Planetary Institute allows you to use power tokens in area III of your power cycle as if they were two power each. Normally, they’re only worth one power. This comes in handy when you’re starting a Gaia Project or building satellites. Plus, when you pay for a power action that costs an odd amount of power (like 1, 3, or 5), any leftover power is lost. So be careful!

Now let’s talk about the Itars. They’re the inhabitants of this planet and know all about our unique abilities. If you’re curious to explore more about Itars and their adventures, stay tuned! They have some exciting stories to share.

Planet Type: This planet is made of ice.

Ability: Whenever I move a power token from area II of my power cycle to area III and discard it, instead of returning it to the supply, I put it in my Gaia area.

Planetary Institute: During the Gaia phase, I have the option to discard 4 power tokens from my Gaia area to immediately gain a tech tile, either a standard or advanced one. I can do this multiple times as long as I have enough power tokens.

I’m on an icy planet. When I move a power token from area II to area III, instead of returning it to the supply, I put it in my Gaia area. That way, I can make better use of my resources. During the Gaia phase, I have the option to discard 4 power tokens from my Gaia area. In return, I can immediately get a tech tile, either a standard or advanced one. It’s like a special bonus for me to upgrade my technology. The more power tokens I have, the more tech tiles I can gain.

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