Explorer Pirates Scenario Pirate Lairs

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Arrr! Ahoy, Matey! A Tale of Pirate Lairs

Have you ever daydreamed about what it would be like to be a pirate? Well, shiver me timbers, because I have quite the tale to tell! Today, me hearties, we’ll be talkin’ about pirate lairs. Let’s set sail on this adventure, shall we?

Now, ye may be wonderin’ why a pirate would need a lair. Ye see, me matey, pirate lairs were secret hideouts where these scurvy dogs could stash their plunder and regroup with their crewmates. They were a safe haven, a place where a pirate could rest their weary bones and plan their next pillaging escapade without bein’ caught by the long arm of the law.

Picture this, me bucko. A secluded cove, surrounded by treacherous cliffs and hidden caves. The entrance to the lair, cleverly concealed, so that only those who knew the secret would be able to find it. Inside, ye’d find a place bustling with activity. Pirate crews fixin’ their ships, countin’ their gold, and sharin’ tales of their adventures on the high seas.

But choosin’ the right location for a pirate lair was no easy task. Ye see, a pirate had to take into account many factors. First and foremost, it had to be hidden from prying eyes. No self-respectin’ pirate would want their secret lair discovered by the likes of the British Navy, now would they?

Another important factor was accessibility. A pirate needed to be able to sail in and out of their lair without gettin’ stuck on a sandbar or dashed against the rocks. After all, who wants to be stranded and left to Davy Jones’ locker?

And if ye were thinkin’ that a pirate lair was just a bunch of tents and makeshift shelters, think again, me hearty! Some of these hidden havens were quite elaborate, with wooden huts, storage facilities, and even lookout towers. They were like little pirate towns, bustling with activity and camaraderie.

Now, ye may be wonderin’, “Where in the world can I find one of these pirate lairs today?” Well, me bucko, truth be told, many of them have been lost to the sands of time. But fear not! There are still a few places where ye can catch a glimpse of what life was like for those swashbucklin’ scoundrels.

The Caribbean, with its crystal-clear waters and lush tropical islands, was a favorite haunt of pirates. Places like Port Royal in Jamaica and Nassau in the Bahamas were notorious pirate strongholds. Even today, ye can visit these places and walk in the footsteps of pirates long gone.

So, me hearties, if ye have a taste for adventure and a love for all things pirate, why not set sail on a quest to discover these hidden pirate lairs? Ye’ll step into a world of mystery and excitement that will shiver yer timbers and make ye feel like a true buccaneer!

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In this mission, your task is to embark on an exciting adventure:

First, I need to find the hidden gold fields in uncharted territory. However, these treasures are guarded by notorious pirates.

The Mission Begins

Preparing the Game Board

If you already have the game board set up from our previous mission, you just need to expand it by adding pieces B1.

If there’s a gap between sea hex D1 and F1, fill it with sea hex E. Otherwise, follow the example below to assemble the complete board.

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Setting up the Starting Island

When you’re getting ready to play the Catan game, start by placing the terrain hexes and number tokens in the starting island area, just like this:

Tip: If you want to add some extra excitement to your second game, you can shuffle the terrain hexes face down and place them randomly in the starting island area. But remember, the number tokens should always stay in the same positions.

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Let’s Explore the Unknown

First, we’re going to open the “Pirate Lairs” mission bag.

Next, we’ll mix together the green moon-backed gold field hexes with the green moon-backed standard hexes. We’ll place them face down in the unexplored area in the north. Take a look at the example to see how it’s done.

Now, we’ll do the same thing with the orange sun-backed gold field hexes and standard hexes. This time, we’ll put them in the unexplored area in the south. We’ll also put the green moon and orange sun number tokens in separate stacks, face down.

Getting Ready

Each of us will need to take our own set of game pieces.

But for this game, we’ll also need the components in the “Pirate Lairs” bag. We’ll put the “Pirate Lairs” mission card and the corresponding VP card next to the game board. And don’t forget to place your marker on the “S” space on the mission card.

Arr, matey! Ye be ready to embark on a grand pirate adventure! Let’s get yerself equipped fer the journey ahead. We be needin’ to shuffle them 6 pirate lair tokens, but don’t flip ’em just yet! Keep ’em face down and make a fine stack beside the board.

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Getting Started

When starting a new project, one of the first things you need to consider is the set-up phase. This is the initial stage where you lay the groundwork for your project and make sure everything is in place before moving forward. It might seem overwhelming at first, but if you follow these simple steps, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle any project that comes your way.

The Importance of a Free Set-up

Before diving into the set-up phase, it’s crucial to understand the importance of a solid foundation. Think of it like building a house – if the foundation is weak, the whole structure is at risk. The same applies to your project. A well-planned and executed set-up phase can save you time, money, and headaches down the line.

Understanding the Set-up Phase

So, what exactly is the set-up phase? It’s the stage where you gather all the necessary information, resources, and tools to begin your project. This includes identifying your goals, defining your target audience, and establishing a timeline. It’s also a time to consider any constraints or limitations that might impact your project. By taking the time to understand and plan for these factors, you can set yourself up for success.

Choosing the Right Tools

When it comes to the set-up phase, selecting the right tools is essential. Just as a carpenter needs the right tools to build a house, you need the right tools to complete your project. Look for tools that align with your project’s goals and requirements. This could mean using project management software, design tools, or communication platforms. By choosing the right tools, you can streamline your workflow and increase efficiency.

Developing a Plan

Now that you have a clear understanding of your goals and have selected the appropriate tools, it’s time to develop a plan. This includes outlining the steps needed to complete your project, setting deadlines, and assigning tasks. A well-structured plan will keep you organized and ensure everyone involved is on the same page. Remember to be flexible and adaptable as you may need to adjust your plan along the way.

Executing the Set-up Phase

With your plan in place, it’s time to put your preparations into action. This is where you bring all the elements together and start setting up your project. Follow your plan, delegate tasks, and monitor progress. Communicate regularly with your team and address any issues that arise. By staying engaged and proactive, you can navigate the set-up phase smoothly and set the stage for a successful project.


In conclusion, the set-up phase is a crucial step in any project. It lays the foundation for success and prepares you for what lies ahead. By taking the time to understand the importance of a free set-up, choosing the right tools, and developing a solid plan, you can set yourself up for success. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to embark on your next exciting project!

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Alright, let me break it down for you. When we play Catan, we follow a certain turn order. First, each player puts down a harbor settlement, and then a regular settlement. Keep in mind that you don’t need to build a road for these settlements. Now, here’s the important part: your harbor settlement must go on one of those spots with a circle symbol on the example island.

As for the regular settlement, you can put it anywhere you want, including those spots with a circle symbol. Just remember to follow the distance rule when you’re building your settlements and harbor settlements. And don’t forget, when you start the game, you get one card from each of the terrain hexes that are next to your regular settlement. Your harbor settlement doesn’t give you any cards.

When it’s time to play, the player who placed their settlement last gets to go first. They can then put a road next to that settlement. Next, they place a settler ship (a ship with a settler on it) on one of the sea routes near their harbor settlement. The other players take turns in clockwise order. Once everyone has placed their pieces, the player who started the game rolls the dice.

In a two-player game, after both players place their harbor settlements, they each put a harbor settlement of a neutral color. They take turns doing this in the same order as before. Then, they both put a settlement of the neutral color.

Now, let’s talk about encountering pirate lairs.

First, let’s discover them.

If you find a hex with a gold field, you’ll always find a pirate lair there. When you discover it, you get 2 gold immediately, just like in example A. Then, you take a pirate lair token from the supply stack, as shown in example B. Without turning it over, you place it on the pirate lair, like in example C.

Remember: As long as there’s a pirate lair on a gold field hex, we call it a pirate lair hex. You can’t build a road on its paths or a settlement on its intersections. But once you capture the pirate lair, you can build on the gold field normally.

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Capturing Pirate Lairs: A Guide for Adventurers

Placing Crews: Positioning for Victory

When I embark on daring pirate missions, my trusty crew becomes a fierce band of warriors. Here’s a key strategy: if my ship carries 1 or 2 crew members, and we’re sailing towards a pirate lair hex where paths intersect, I can choose to place these crews right on the pirate lair token itself. Just remember, no more than 3 crews can gather on a single lair.

Important: It’s crucial to note that crews can only be stationed at specific destinations, denoted by active pirate lair tokens. You’re never allowed to place crews on any hex that lacks a destination.

Capturing: Seizing the Prize

Picture this: as soon as the third crew member joins forces on a pirate lair (and these crews don’t have to be entirely mine, by the way), the lair is considered captured. But wait, the adventure doesn’t end there! Once I complete my movement phase, the aftermath of the pirate lair capture unfolds, bringing with it a series of outcomes I must face.

When I took part in the capture, I got a nice little bonus – 2 gold coins. It felt great to be rewarded just for participating! And that’s not all. I also got to move my marker one space forward on the mission card’s victory point scoring track. It’s like my progress in the mission was recognized and acknowledged. The best part? It was my turn to go first, so I had the honor of leading the way. The other players took their turns after me, going clockwise. It was a fun and exciting experience that made me feel like an important part of the game.

Explorer Pirates Scenario Pirate Lairs UltraFoodMess

Determining Heroes: A Battle of Pirates

Here’s how we figure out who the hero of the battle is. First, each player rolls one die. Then, I add to my result the number of my crews that I’ve placed on the pirate lair. If my total is the highest among all the players, I am the hero! I get to move my marker forward one space on the “Pirate Lairs” mission card. But there’s a catch – I have to remove one of my crews and put it back in my supply.

Now, what if there’s a tie? Well, in that case, the player who placed more crews on the pirate lair becomes the hero. They get to move their marker forward one space on the mission card.

But what if there’s still a tie? Those players who tied will have to roll the die again. And if I manage to capture a pirate lair all by myself, without any help from others, I automatically move my marker forward one space. But, just like before, I have to lose one of my crews.

After the Capture: What Happens Next?

Turning the Pirate Lair Token Over: What Does it Mean?

When a pirate hideout gets captured, we flip its token over to show the number side. To do that, move the other crews out of the way and put them next to the flipped token. On a later turn, you can retrieve your crews from a ship.

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Discover the Secrets of Gold Production at Gold Field Hexes

Hey there! I’ve got some exciting news for you – now you can build roads right on the edges of the amazing gold fields that you uncover! Isn’t that fantastic?

But wait, there’s more! Not only can you build roads, but you can also construct settlements and harbor settlements at the very intersections of these gold fields. How awesome is that?

Now, let me reveal a little secret about these remarkable gold fields. When we roll the dice during a production roll, if the number on the dice matches the number of a gold field, something magical happens. Each and every player will receive a splendid reward of 2 gold coins for every settlement or harbor settlement they have on an intersection that borders that particular gold field. Pretty cool, right?

The Thrilling Conclusion

Ahoy, matey! Get ready for the end of the game. Brace yourself, because if you manage to accumulate a colossal 12 Victory Points on your turn, you’ll be crowned the ruler of the treacherous Pirate Lairs. Can you hear the cheers of victory already?

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