Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor


The Amazing Characters of Lewis & Clark

Wow, have you ever heard about the incredible expedition led by Lewis and Clark? It’s a pretty epic story, full of adventure and bravery. Let me give you a sneak peek into the amazing characters that were part of this historic journey.

• Jefferson: Visionary President

First up, we have President Thomas Jefferson. He had this brilliant idea to explore the western territories of the United States. Imagine that! He believed in the importance of expanding our knowledge of the land and its resources. What a visionary leader!

• Lewis: The Fearless Explorer

Next, we’ve got Meriwether Lewis. He was chosen by President Jefferson to lead the expedition, and boy, was he up for the challenge! Lewis was a brave and skilled explorer. He knew the wilderness like the back of his hand and was always ready for whatever challenges came his way.

• Clark: The Resourceful Captain

And of course, we can’t forget about William Clark. He was the co-leader of the expedition and a trusted friend of Lewis. Clark was an amazing mapmaker and a skilled outdoorsman. He knew how to navigate the treacherous terrain and find the best routes for the expedition to follow.

• Sacagawea: The Extraordinary Guide

Now, let’s talk about Sacagawea. She was an extraordinary woman who played a vital role in the success of the expedition. Sacagawea was a Shoshone interpreter and guide. She helped Lewis and Clark communicate with the Native American tribes they encountered along the way. Her knowledge of the land and her ability to speak multiple languages were invaluable.

These are just a few of the remarkable individuals who embarked on this historic journey. They all brought their unique skills and talents to the table, making the Lewis and Clark expedition a true testament to the spirit of exploration and discovery. It’s thanks to these amazing characters that we have a better understanding of the vast and beautiful American West.

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As an independent Arikara chief, I prefer to maintain friendly relationships and continue trading with the Teton Sioux, despite the risks.

You can gather a variety of primary resources equal to the number of face-up Characters in your Playing Area, including Hay. That means you can collect up to 4 different resources, each one unique.

Remember, this action can only be used once. It’s pointless to activate this card with a Strength greater than 1, although there are no rules against it.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Meet Little Raven

Hey there! I’m Little Raven, the second chief of Matootonha village, which I had the pleasure of meeting during my stay at Fort Mandan.

Now, let’s talk about resources, shall we? You get to choose one of the four primary resources available. And here’s the cool part: for every character you have in your Playing Area, including yours truly, you can take one resource of that type and add it to your collection.

Oh, and don’t forget, this action can only be done once. So make sure to make it count! Oh, and by the way, if you have a Strength greater than 1, it won’t really do anything special, but feel free to go ahead and activate the card anyway. It’s not forbidden or anything. Just saying.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Discovering the Power of Buffalo

There was once a Teton Sioux chief who held great influence but faced a fierce battle for supremacy. It was during September of 1804 when our paths crossed on the Bad River. This encounter with the Expedition would forever change my life.

Imagine this, my friend: with just a single offering of food, you can unlock the secrets of the buffalo and gain the ability to navigate through waterways with great ease. Just take a canoe and let the buffalo medicine guide you.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Meet Ebenezer Tuttle

Hey there! I’m Ebenezer Tuttle, a private who was chosen to be part of the first leg of the expedition up to Fort Mandan. It was quite an honor, let me tell you!

But you know what? Things didn’t quite go as planned. Eventually, I had to head back to Saint Louis with Pierre Chouteau’s gang of fur traders.

Anyways, let me help you out. If you want to join me on this adventure, first you’ll need to pay 1 Wood and grab yourself a Canoe. Those are the essentials for our journey.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Rene Jessaume

Hey there! My name is Rene Jessaume, and I’ve got an interesting story to share with you. I used to live in the Mandan chief’s village with my Indian wife and our children. Life was pretty exciting back then, let me tell you!

Now, let me jump right into what I did. You see, I played a significant role in assisting the captains who ventured into our village. How did I help them, you ask? Well, I provided them with valuable information about the different chiefs and the politics unfolding within the tribes.

But that’s not all. I also had another vital task. It involved furs and horses. You know how much those are worth, right? Just by paying three furs, I would offer you the chance to take home a magnificent horse. Not a bad deal, eh?

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Meet the Big Horse

As I embarked on my journey, trading and exploring the vast lands, I encountered a remarkable figure – the Missouri chief. He had a keen interest in trade, particularly for that golden elixir we call whiskey. It was during my return from the exhilarating buffalo hunts in the hot month of August, in the year 1804, that fate brought us together.

Imagine the scene: Lewis and Clark, agents of discovery, standing face to face with this influential chief. We conversed, exchanged stories, and shared our experiences. Little did I know that our encounter would soon take an unexpected turn.

The chief, with his discerning eye, noticed our boats filled with adventure and possibility. He proposed a unique deal – an offer I couldn’t resist. In order to participate in the grand Powwow ceremony, he requested that we provide two Indians from our boats to join them. In return, he promised us the majestic gift of one horse.

A horse! The mere thought filled me with excitement and wonder. The power and grace of this noble creature were unparalleled in the untamed West. With a horse by my side, my travels would be forever transformed.

So, my friend, if you find yourself in a similar situation, remember this extraordinary encounter. Embrace the unexpected turns and trust in the power of new acquaintances. Opportunities may arise when you least expect them, and they may lead you to treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Moses B. Reed

I’m Moses B. Reed. I used to be a private in the Corps, but I got discharged because I made a big mistake. I deserted and stole some weapons, which I deeply regret. It was a foolish decision, and I paid the consequences for it.

But now, let’s talk about something more positive. I want to share with you a secret about a special ability I have. It’s something that can come in really handy when you’re exploring the wilderness.

You see, if you give me 2 wood, I can use my skills to help you out. I can move your scout 2 spaces forward on the river. It’s a small feat, but it can make a big difference in your journey.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of a little boost while traversing the river, just remember me, Moses B. Reed.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

John Robertson

When I first joined the expedition, I was just a corporal. I didn’t have much authority over the men, and I failed to stop at Camp Dubois. Because of that, Captain Clark demoted me. But hey, I guess it’s to be expected when you’re new to something as big as this.

Now, here’s a little tip for you. If you want to move your Scout forward on the River, all you have to do is pay 2 Equipment and you can go 3 spaces ahead. It’s a pretty handy trick if you ask me.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Joseph Barter

Hey there! I’ve got a story to share about Joseph Barter, or as some people call him, La Liberte. He used to be a soldier in the U.S. Army, but you know what? He decided to ditch his duties as a boatman and become a deserter. Can you believe that?

Here’s a cool thing you can do while playing the game. Just pay 1 Canoe and move your Scout 5 spaces forward on the River. How awesome is that? You’ll be cruising through the water like a boss!

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

J. Baptiste Deschamps

Hey there, I’m J. Baptiste Deschamps, a French boatman. You can call me the foreman of the French boatmen in the red pirogue. I’m part of a crew of men who embarked on an epic journey in April 1805, navigating the mighty keelboat down the river all the way to St. Louis.

Now, let me share a little secret: there’s a special way to make your Scout fly along the river. All you need to do is pay 1 Food and 1 Canoe, and watch your Scout zoom 6 spaces forward, gaining ground with every leap.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

John Newman

Hi there! My name is John Newman, and I want to tell you about an interesting fellow named John. He was recruited at Fort Massac, but unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for him. It turns out he got expelled from the expedition because he had a bit of a problem with expressing his opinions. Yep, he kept saying some really naughty, rebellious stuff.

Anyway, enough about that. Let’s talk about what you can do with John in the game. If you have him on your team, you can pay 1 Food to make a move. And not just any move, mind you — you can move your Scout 1 space forward on the River or in the Mountains. How cool is that? With John by your side, you’ll be able to explore new territories and venture into exciting places.

So, if you’re looking for an adventurous teammate who can help you navigate the great outdoors, John is your guy. Just feed him some delicious food, and he’ll lead the way. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Meet Charles Mackenzie: Fur Trader Extraordinaire

Hey there! My name is Charles Mackenzie, and I’ve got quite the interesting gig – I work as a fur trader for the North West Company. I’m often seen hanging out at Fort Mandan during the winter months of 1804-1805, along with my buddy Larocque. It’s a pretty exciting life, I must say!

Now, let’s talk about a nifty ability I have. You see, if you give me 1 Fur and 1 Horse, I can work my magic and make your Scout move forward a whopping 3 spaces in the treacherous Mountains. Talk about a shortcut! It’s like having a trusty wingman guide you through uncharted territory.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Meet John Dame

At the age of 19, I was a young man with fair hair and blue eyes, filled with curiosity and an adventurous spirit. I decided to join the Corps for the first leg of an incredible journey, which would shape my life forever. In the spring of 1805, I returned home to Saint Louis, having experienced extraordinary sights and encountered new challenges along the way. One of my accomplishments during this expedition was shooting a magnificent white pelican, an achievement I’ll never forget.

If you’re eager to explore the mountains, join me on this thrilling adventure! For just 2 pieces of wood, you can move your scout 1 space forward in the majestic mountains, where exhilarating discoveries await.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess


Cuscalar is a Clatsop chief who is excited to engage in trade with the expedition at Fort Clatsop. He generously gives presents and offers Lewis and Clark women as a friendly gesture.

To activate this card, I need to spend 1 Horse for each Strength. In return, I can choose a Character card from the Journal of Encounters and add it to my hand. After that, I’ll refill the Journal in the same order it was drawn.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Toussaint Charbonneau

I’m sure you’ve heard of Toussaint Charbonneau, the French-Canadian fur trader. He’s quite an interesting character, known for being a little bit violent and cowardly. But what he’s really famous for is being married to Sacagawea. You know, the native woman who helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition? Well, Charbonneau was their interpreter, helping them communicate with the Native American tribes they encountered along the way. Lewis even called him “a man of no peculiar merit.” Quite the compliment, huh?

If you want to use Charbonneau’s skills, all you have to do is pay 1 resource of your choice, and then you can perform an action at the village of your choosing. There’s just one condition though – there has to be at least one Indian in the place you’ve picked.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. If you activate Charbonneau multiple times, you can perform actions at different places or do the same action multiple times. But here’s the catch – you can’t use the resources or Indians you got from the first or second activation for the next one. It’s like a one-time deal, you know?

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Meet F. Antoine Larocque

Hey there! I’m F. Antoine Larocque, a French-Canadian fur trader and explorer. I worked for the North West Company, you know? I was all set to join this awesome expedition, but Lewis had his reservations because of my ties to Britain. Bummer, right?

Now, when it comes to my special abilities, well, they might not seem like much at first, but trust me, they come in handy. You see, when you activate me, nothing really happens right away. But here’s the kicker – if I’m already on your playing area and your Scout moves because of another character, something amazing happens. It’s like I have a supernatural talent for jumping over spaces occupied by other Scouts. Pretty cool, huh?

Oh, and don’t think you can keep using this trick over and over again. Nope, it only works once. But believe me, that one time can make all the difference.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Meet Joseph Gravelines

Hey there! My name is Joseph Gravelines, and I’ve been living with the Arikara tribe for over a decade now. It’s been an incredible journey, I must say. I’m actually from Canada, but I’ve found a second home here with the Arikara people.

Now, let me tell you about my role on this expedition. I’ve been hired as the pilot of the keelboat. It’s a pretty important job, if I do say so myself. I’ll be guiding the boat along the rivers, making sure we stay on course and navigate any obstacles that come our way.

But that’s not all I’ll be doing. Later on, I’ll also be escorting some of the Arikara chiefs to Washington. It’s quite an honor, really. I’ll be representing the tribe and helping to establish diplomatic relations with the United States.

Now, here’s the cool part about having me around. Even though I don’t have any direct impact on the game when you activate me, I can help you out in other ways. If I’m already face-up in your playing area when you recruit a new character, you’ll get a sweet 2 Furs discount on their price. How awesome is that?

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Meet John Boley

Let me introduce you to John Boley, one of the dependable members of our expedition. He’s been with us since the beginning, joining us for the first leg of the journey to Fort Mandan. John’s role in the expedition is to assist with the return party.

When it comes to activating John Boley, he doesn’t have any immediate impact. However, if you happen to have John Boley in your Playing Area when you set up camp, something interesting happens. Your Camp Time is reduced by 1, making it quicker for you to rest and recuperate. It’s important to note that this effect only takes place if your Camp Time is greater than zero. We can’t have negative Camp Time, after all!

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Meet John Hay

Hi, I’m John Hay! I’m a merchant, fur trader, and postmaster in Cahokia. Being able to speak both French and English has its perks – I get to help out as an interpreter!

When you use my Strength, you get to choose between Fur and Wood resources. Pick one and collect it. Activate my Strength three times, and you can mix it up – collect Fur twice and Wood once, for example.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Big White

Let me introduce you to Big White, the leader of the lower Mandan village. He got his nickname because he’s both big in size and has a fair complexion. Believe it or not, he even had the chance to meet President Jefferson in Washington after the expedition!

Now, let me tell you about an amazing ability Big White has. Whenever you activate a Strength that’s associated with this card, you get to choose between two valuable resources: Equipment or Wood. And the best part? You get to collect the resource of your choice. So if you activate this card three times, guess what? You could collect Equipment twice and Wood once, or mix and match however you like!

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Dickson & Hancock

In September 1806, while the expedition is heading back to Washington, I meet the fur trappers, Dickson and Hancock. They kindly invite me, John Colter, to join them as a fellow trapper.

Whenever you use this special card’s ability, you have a choice between two valuable resources: Food or Fur. Select one and gather it. If you use this card three times, you can mix it up – you might collect Food twice and Fur once, or vice versa.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Black Moccasin

I’m the Minitari chief who captured Sacagawea from the Shoshone tribe a few years ago.

Whenever I use my Strength, I can choose either Equipment or Food as a resource. Once I’ve made my choice, I collect it. So, if I activate this card three times, I could, for example, collect Equipment twice and Food once.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess


A long time ago, there was a chief named Yellept from a place called Walla Walla. He was a friendly chief and he welcomed the Corps of Discovery with open arms. He even traded goods with them! Yellept was so kind that he gave Captain Clark a beautiful white horse, and in return, Clark gave Yellept his sword.

To use Yellept’s special ability, you need to pay any kind of resource. Once you do, you can choose two primary resources that you want. However, there’s a catch. If you use Yellept more than once, you can’t use the resources you get from the first or second time when you activate him again. You have to use the resources that you already had before.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

P. Antoine Tabeau

Hey there, I’m P. Antoine Tabeau. I’m a French-Canadian fur-trader and explorer, and I’ve got some fascinating info about the Arikara Indian tribes that you’re gonna love!

So, here’s the deal: If you want to learn more about the Arikara Indians, it’s gonna cost you. Just 1 Wood and 1 Food, and I’ll hook you up with 2 Canoes. Trust me, they’ll come in handy!

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Meeting Chief Three Eagles

In September of 1805, I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Chief Three Eagles, a respected leader of the Flathead tribe. The encounter was a remarkable experience that left a lasting impression on me.

As I approached Chief Three Eagles’ camp, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation. I had heard tales of his wisdom and generosity, and I was eager to witness it firsthand. The chief welcomed me with open arms, embracing me as if I were an old friend. His warm smile and kind eyes put me at ease.

Chief Three Eagles was a man of few words, but his presence spoke volumes. He radiated a sense of strength and resilience that was palpable. I felt honored to be in his presence.

During our time together, Chief Three Eagles graciously shared his knowledge and wisdom with me. He spoke of the importance of unity and cooperation, emphasizing the value of working together for the greater good. His words resonated deeply within me, and I made a mental note to carry his teachings with me on my journey.

In addition to his wisdom, Chief Three Eagles was also incredibly hospitable. He offered me food, inviting me to share in a meal with his tribe. The flavors were unlike anything I had ever tasted before, and I found myself savoring each bite. We laughed and shared stories late into the night, forging a connection that transcended language and cultural barriers.

As the time came for me to depart, Chief Three Eagles surprised me with a parting gift. He presented me with a beautiful horse, a symbol of strength and freedom. I was overwhelmed with gratitude, deeply touched by his generosity and kindness.

Leaving Chief Three Eagles’ camp, I couldn’t help but reflect on the profound impact our meeting had on me. The experience had opened my eyes to the power of human connection and the importance of embracing different cultures and perspectives. I felt a renewed sense of purpose and determination as I continued on my journey.

Chief Three Eagles will forever hold a special place in my heart. His wisdom, generosity, and hospitality have left an indelible mark on my soul, reminding me of the transformative power of genuine human connection.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Hawk’s Feather

My name is Hawk’s Feather, and I have an interesting story to share with you. So listen up, because this tale is bound to captivate you.

Once upon a time, there was an Arikara chief like myself. He was a wise and noble leader who understood the importance of peace. In a world full of conflicts and disputes, he saw the value of harmony and unity.

One day, this chief decided to take a bold step. He made up his mind to approach the Mandan tribe and propose a peace treaty. This wasn’t an easy decision, mind you. The Mandan tribe was known for their fierce nature, and seeking peace with them was like walking on thin ice.

But as they say, “no risk, no reward.” The Arikara chief was willing to take that risk for the greater good. He believed that peace was worth pursuing, even if it meant facing challenges and uncertainties along the way.

So, with his heart filled with hope and determination, the chief gathered his tribe and set out on a journey. They carried with them the most precious offering they had – one food resource. This humble gift symbolized their willingness to build bridges and mend fences, to share and sustain each other.

As they traveled on, the chief’s eyes scanned the land, searching for the Mandan tribe. Through valleys and hills, across rivers and plains, they pressed on, their scout leading the way.

And finally, after days of tireless pursuit, they found them – the Mandan tribe. With caution and respect, the Arikara chief approached them, extending a hand of peace and friendship.

It was a defining moment. The chief presented their offering – one food resource – as a sign of goodwill. He hoped that this act would communicate their sincere intentions and pave the way for a harmonious relationship.

The Mandan tribe, surprised and moved by this gesture, considered the chief’s proposal. They knew the importance of forging alliances and nurturing unity in a world filled with strife. They recognized the value of peace and the possibilities it offered.

In the end, the Mandan tribe accepted the Arikara chief’s proposition. They embraced the idea of a better future, one where their tribes would coexist peacefully, supporting and uplifting each other.

And so, a new chapter began – a chapter of cooperation, understanding, and shared aspirations. The two tribes embarked on a path of friendship, bridging the gap that had separated them for far too long.

This story reminds us of the power of hope and the willingness to take risks for a greater cause. It shows how a simple act of peace can have a ripple effect, transforming relationships and creating a better world for all.

So, my friend, I urge you to carry this tale in your heart. Let it inspire you to seek peace and understanding in your own life, forging connections and breaking down barriers. Remember, it all starts with an open mind and a genuine desire to build bridges.

And who knows? Just like the Arikara chief, you might be the catalyst for a beautiful transformation, bringing peace and harmony to those around you.

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The Brave Arikara Chief

Once upon a time, there lived a bold and daring Arikara chief who was never afraid to stand up for what he believed in. Known far and wide as the “Man Crow,” he was a formidable opponent to those who challenged his authority.

One of the key attributes that set the Man Crow apart from others was his deep understanding of the land and its resources. He knew that nature provided everything his people needed to survive and thrive. With this knowledge in mind, he always prioritized the well-being of his tribe.

Are you seeking guidance on how to make the most of the resources available to you? Look no further than the Man Crow! He possessed a unique ability to navigate the river, allowing him to ensure the prosperity of his people. By paying just 3 Wood, you can enlist the Man Crow’s help and move your Scout a remarkable 4 spaces forward along the river.

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The Man Crow understood the importance of balance and harmony in nature. He knew that taking too much from the land could have dire consequences. As a result, he always approached resource management with caution and respect.

The tale of the Man Crow serves as a reminder that our actions have consequences. When interpreting his story, you can learn valuable lessons about the delicate balance of nature and the importance of responsible decision-making. By following in the footsteps of the Man Crow, you too can become a wise and respected leader.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess


Hey there! I’m Cutssahnem, the Wanapam chief. Lewis came to me and I helped him out with a map of the rivers and tribes in our great land. I marked down lots of villages belonging to my people and our allies.

If you want to make some progress on the river, here’s what you need to do. Pay three resources of any kind, but they all have to be different from each other. Once you do that, you can move your scout five spaces forward on the river.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Meet Black Buffalo: A Fierce Sioux Chief

Hey there! I’m Black Buffalo, a Teton Sioux chief. People may find me a bit intimidating because of my fiery nature, but when you get to know me, you’ll see that I have a good heart. In fact, I’m here to share something important with you. So, let’s get down to it!

If you want a boost in your journey along the river, I have just the thing for you. All it takes is 1 Food and your Scout will leap forward. How far, you ask? Well, that depends on the number of visible Food badges on your cards and the cards of your neighbors. So, look around and count those badges!

Now, if you’re playing solo, don’t worry. You don’t need a crowd to benefit from my assistance. Just make sure to consider the Food badges on your own cards as well as the occupied Village places. It’s all about strategy, my friend!

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

The Chief and the Warning

I am Half Man, a chief of the Yankton Sioux tribe. I have an important message for you. There are powerful and hostile tribes ahead that you need to be wary of.

Now, let me tell you a trick that can help you navigate these dangerous lands. If you pay 1 resource, any kind will do, you can move your Scout forward on the River. The number of spaces you can move is equal to the number of Scouts located on or ahead of your Camp. Yes, that includes your own Scout. It’s like having Alexander Mackenzie as an extra pair of eyes in a solo game.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Richard Warfington

I’m an efficient corporal and I lead the crew operating the white pirogue as it goes up the Missouri River. I also guide the return journey from the Mandan villages.

You can advance your Scout on the River by paying 2 resources of any type. Move your Scout forward as many spaces as there are Indians in your Boats. You don’t have to count the Indians on the cards in your Playing Area.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

A Remarkable Scotsman: James Mackay

Let me take you on a journey to the life of James Mackay – a fur trader, explorer, and a man of many adventures. This Scottish gentleman holds the distinction of being one of the most well-traveled traders of his time. Mackay is also famous for creating the most detailed Missouri River map, which consequently became invaluable to the legendary Lewis & Clark expedition.

Now, let’s delve into Mackay’s unique ability: the power to move his Scout forward by 3 spaces. All it takes is the cost of one trusty horse. The interesting bit is that you have a choice of whether you want to traverse the River or venture through the majestic Mountains. However, you must choose only one of these pathways – no double-dipping! Quite the versatile talent if you ask me!

Should you be blessed with multiple opportunities to activate Mackay’s power, you’d be glad to know that each multiple of 3 will grant you the chance to traverse either the rushing River or the towering Mountains. The choice is entirely yours!

James Mackay’s story is a testament to the wonders that await those who dare to explore. With his extraordinary abilities, he brings excitement and limitless possibilities to your game. So, if you’re in search of an adventure that transcends time and space, James Mackay will surely be the perfect companion for you!

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess


I am Yankton Nakota, the first chief of my people. I speak about how my people rely on trustworthy trading partners and the unfortunate poverty we face. I desire access to guns and ammunition for our mutual cooperation.

To fulfill this goal, you need to pay 2 Equipment and advance your Scout through the Mountains. The number of visible Equipment badges on your cards and the cards of your two neighbors (or your single neighbor in a two-player game) determines how far you can move.

If you are playing alone, count the Equipment badges in your Playing Area and in the occupied Village places.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Pierre Dorion

I’m married to a Yankton woman, and that’s how I found myself joining this expedition. They wanted someone who could understand and communicate with the native tribes, and lucky for them, I fit the bill. So here I am, as an interpreter, helping to bridge the gap between cultures.

In April 1805, I was given a special mission. I was sent back to St. Louis, accompanied by chiefs from the Yankton, Omaha, Oto, and Missouri tribes. It was an important task, as we needed to establish and maintain good relations with these tribes.

Now, let’s talk about the furs. You see, I need 3 furs from you, and in return, I’ll help you move your scout forward 2 spaces in the mountains. It’s a fair trade, don’t you think? Those furs are valuable, and I’ll make sure they go to good use.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

The Fierce Leader

I am the chief of the Teton Sioux, and my nature is unpredictable. I constantly battle for control against Black Buffalo. In September 1804, I find myself in a tense encounter with Lewis and Clark on the Missouri River.

Spend 1 unit of food and activate any Character that is face-up in your Playing Area, or in the Playing Area of any player. You can do this just once, regardless of the original strength used to activate that Character. This action is similar to Shamanism.

For example: If you give me 2 units of strength, you can replicate the actions of two face-up Characters, or you can repeat the action of one face-up Character twice. However, you cannot use or consider the resources and Indians you receive as a result of the first or second activation for the next activation.

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

Nicholas Jarrot

Hi there! My name is Nicholas Jarrot, and I’m a French citizen. I have a really unique role – I serve as an interpreter for Lewis when he meets the Spanish Governor. It’s pretty cool because I get to help bridge the language gap between them.

Now, here’s something interesting – when you activate me, I don’t have a direct effect. But, if I’m face-up in your Playing Area when you move your Scout forward on the River (thanks to another Character), I can add 2 spaces to one movement on the River. Yeah, that’s right, this ability doesn’t care about the strength or power of the other Character. It’s all about adding that extra oomph to the movement!

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

About Regis Loisel

Have you ever heard of Regis Loisel? He was a French-Canadian fur trader and explorer based at La Charette, which is located on the Missouri River. He played a crucial role in the fur trade and exploration in that region.

Now, let’s talk about the strengths of Regis Loisel. When I activate one of his strengths, I get to choose one of three resources: Equipment, Food, or Wood. It’s like having the power to gather the things I need to survive and thrive. And here’s the interesting part – if I activate this card three times, I can collect each resource once! For example, I can get Equipment, then Food, and finally Wood. It’s like a triple win!

Encounted Characters of Lewis Clark UltraFoodMess

The Fascinating Hugh Heney

Hey there, folks! Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Hugh Heney, a Canadian fur trader who came to know the Teton Sioux like the back of my hand. Now, I’ve got a story for you, and it involves a special delivery of snakebite medicine to none other than Lewis & Clark. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Now, let’s get down to business. This here card packs quite a punch, and I’m about to tell you why. See, whenever you use a Strength to activate this card, you get to pick one of three resources: Fur, Food, or Wood. And guess what? You get to collect it! Ain’t that somethin’? To break it down for you, if you activate this card three times, you can snag yourself some Fur, Food, and Wood – a little bit of everything to keep you goin’ strong!

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Meet the Mysterious Black Cat

Have you ever heard of the legendary Black Cat? It’s quite an intriguing creature, revered as the grand chief of the Mandan villages. Not only is the Black Cat known for its majestic presence, but it also possesses qualities of integrity, firmness, and intelligence.

One fascinating aspect of the Black Cat is its role in supplying the Americans with food. During the cold winter months at Fort Mandan, this enigmatic feline ensures that the Americans have enough sustenance to survive.

Now, let’s embark on a captivating quest together! Choose two primary resources that pique your interest. They can be completely different from each other, or you can opt for identical ones. How exciting!

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Twisted Hair

I am Twisted Hair, a chief of the Nez Perce tribe. People often describe me as a cheerful man, someone who is sincere and genuine.

One of the things I am known for is my skill in building dugout canoes, a traditional mode of transportation for my people. These canoes are made by hollowing out a single log, creating a sturdy vessel that can carry us across rivers and lakes.

If you want to benefit from my expertise and secure a dugout canoe, there is a cost involved. You will need to pay 1 Canoe from your resources in exchange for 2 Canoes. It’s a good deal, allowing you to double your resources, but there’s a catch.

When activating my character ability multiple times, it’s important to note that you cannot use the resources obtained from the first or second activation to trigger subsequent actions. Instead, you must use Canoes that you already had in your possession.

So, if you’re hoping to make the most of my skills and acquire additional Canoes, you’ll need to plan accordingly and manage your resources strategically.

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Cameahwait: Welcoming Chief and Loyal Brother

I am Cameahwait, a respected Shoshone chief, and I have the privilege of being Sacagawea’s brother. When Lewis and Clark arrived, they extended their friendship and offered assistance, reuniting me with my long-lost sister.

In gratitude for their kindness, I willingly provided Lewis and Clark with hospitality and the necessary horses. I wanted to repay them in kind, knowing the value of family and the importance of their mission.

If you want to partake in this journey, you can either pay 1 Canoe and receive 1 Horse or pay 1 Horse and receive 1 Canoe. The choice is yours.

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Fractured Arm

Hey there! Let me introduce you to Broken Arm, a highly respected Nez Perce chief. He’s known for his honesty and generosity, always willing to lend a hand. Broken Arm plays a crucial role in the Corps, as he provides them with horses and aims to establish peaceful relations with the Shoshone people.

Now, let me tell you how you can benefit from this remarkable man. All you need to do is pay 1 Equipment, and in return, you’ll receive 1 Horse. It’s a pretty sweet deal, right? With Broken Arm on your side, you’ll definitely have the advantage!

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I’m here to tell you about a remarkable figure from history, known as Comcomly. He’s a Chinook chief, and let me tell you, he’s quite a character. Described as “a shrewd old savage with but one eye,” Comcomly is the most powerful leader at the mouth of the Columbia. But what sets him apart is his friendly nature towards white explorers.

Now, let’s talk about how you can embody the spirit of Comcomly in your own life. To do that, you’ll need to pay attention to a few things. First, gather up 1 Equipment, 1 Food, 1 Fur, and 1 Wood. With these resources in hand, you’ll be ready to embark on your own adventure.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to move your Scout forward. But not just a little step – we’re talking about a big leap! Move your Scout 7 spaces forward on the River, and watch as new opportunities unfold before you.

Remember, like Comcomly, you have the power to be both shrewd and friendly. So go out there, gather your resources, and make your mark on the world. With the spirit of Comcomly guiding you, there’s no telling what you can achieve!

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The Cunning Chief

I am the chief of the Otoe tribe, known for my sharp trading skills and diplomatic prowess. Back in March 1805, I had the privilege of meeting President Jefferson. During our encounter, he made some enticing promises of trade goods and expressed his desire for peace.

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Meet George Drouillard

Hey there! Let me introduce you to George Drouillard, a fascinating historical figure. George was born to a French-Canadian father and a Shawnee mother, which gives him a unique background that influences his skills and abilities. He’s quite the accomplished scout, woodsman, and interpreter, and he was instrumental in many of Lewis and Clark’s expeditions.

Now, let me share with you a special ability that George possesses. It’s called “Powwow,” and it’s pretty impressive. Here’s how it works: if you have any resources on your boats, regardless of whether they are the same or different, you can select one Indian from your boats and move your scout one space forward on the river. And guess what? You don’t even have to pay anything to use this ability!

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Hi there! My name is Watkuweis, and I have an interesting story to share with you. You see, I am a Nez Perce woman who had the unique opportunity to live amongst white traders for quite some time. Surprisingly, they treated me well and showed me kindness.

Now, here’s where things get really intriguing. While living with the traders, I happened to discover that my tribe was planning to harm the Corps. The Corps, as you might already know, were a group of explorers. But instead of joining in on the plot, I decided to take a different path.

I went to my tribe and pleaded with them. “Please,” I implored, “do no harm to these explorers. Let’s find another way to handle this situation.”

So, guess what I did next? I devised a plan that would allow me to help the explorers, while still respecting my tribe’s wishes. It involved a little resource trading and some strategic movement along the River.

Here’s how it worked: I asked my tribe to pay one resource of their choice. In return, I promised to move my Scout – that’s me – forward on the River. The interesting part is that the number of spaces I could move was determined by the number of face-up Characters in our Playing Area, which included me, Watkuweis.

With this clever tactic, I managed to support the explorers without betraying my tribe. It was a win-win situation, and it showcased the power of finding peaceful solutions in the face of conflict.

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation where you have to make difficult choices, remember my story. Trust me when I say that there’s always a way to navigate through the complexities of life with wisdom and grace.

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Daniel Boone

Hey there! Let me tell you about Daniel Boone. He’s a legendary pioneer who was the very first white settler in Kentucky. He’s quite the daredevil, having carved his own path through the treacherous Appalachian Mountains. Can you imagine?

If you want to meet Daniel Boone during your expedition, it’s gonna cost you. You’ll need to pay 2 resources of any kind, and in return, you can move your Scout forward on the River. The number of spaces you can move your Scout depends on how many Indians are in the Village on the game board. Pretty neat, huh?

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Meet Old Toby

Hey there! I’m Old Toby, a Shoshone guide. Cameahwait sent me to help lead the Expedition across the Rockies. I teamed up with Clark and showed him around the Salmon River.

Now, let’s talk about how I can help you. If you pay 1 Canoe and 1 Horse, I’ll take your Scout on a thrilling adventure. We’ll move them forward 6 spaces, either on the River or in the Mountains. Just remember, you have to choose one, not both! If you activate me multiple times, you can move your Scout in multiples of 6 on either the River or in the Mountains.

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Coboway: A Clatsop Leader and His Encounter with the Expedition

When it comes to the Lewis and Clark Expedition, one name stands out among the Clatsop people – Coboway. He is the only Clatsop leader known to have made recorded contact with the expedition members. What happened during that encounter? Let me tell you.

Imagine this: the year is 1805, and the expedition has reached the Clatsop territory. As they set up their camp, they catch a glimpse of Coboway approaching. Can you picture the curiosity and anticipation in their eyes? I know I can.

Coboway is not alone – he brings with him some goods to trade. Among those goods is a precious sea otter pelt – a symbol of his people’s connection to the natural world. But Coboway is also interested in what the expedition has to offer.

As the members of the expedition engage in conversation with Coboway, they strike a deal. Coboway exchanges his sea otter pelt for fish hooks and a small bag of Shoshone tobacco. It’s fascinating how different cultures can connect through trade, isn’t it?

Now, let’s fast forward a bit. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a scout, exploring the rugged mountains. You come across an offer that is too good to resist. For just 1 equipment, 1 food, 1 fur, and 1 wood, you can move your scout 4 spaces forward in the mountains. Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it? You bet it is!

So, my friend, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to navigate the mountains swiftly and efficiently, remember Coboway and his encounter with the expedition. Take advantage of that opportunity to move your scout forward and hasten your journey towards new horizons. Happy exploring!

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The Sleeping Crow

I am a powerful Arikara chief, known as The Sleeping Crow. I am fascinated by the idea of trading buffalo skin. I want you to know that you can trust us. I assure you that the Arikara people will ensure your safe passage through our lands. We believe that peace with our neighbors, the Mandan, is of utmost importance.

If you want to progress on your journey, I ask for a small favor. I request 2 Furs and 2 pieces of Equipment as a token of goodwill. In return, I will allow you to move your Scout 3 spaces forward in the treacherous Mountains. This will help you advance towards your goal.

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A Remarkable Figure: George Drouillard – A Man of Many Talents

Let me tell you about George Drouillard – a fascinating individual with a diverse background. His father was French-Canadian, while his mother hailed from the Shawnee tribe. This unique heritage has shaped him into a highly skilled scout, woodsman, and interpreter. Notably, he is a trusted companion of Lewis and Clark, frequently tasked with important missions.

Here’s how you can channel the spirit of George Drouillard: Begin by selecting one of your Indian companions in the boat and sending them to the Powwow area. As a small gesture, offer up one resource of any kind. Once this ritual is complete, witness the magic unfold – your Scout will be propelled forward by two spaces, deep into the Mountains.

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I’m Tetoharsky, a Nez Perce Chief. I had a crucial role in helping the Corps of Discovery cross the mighty Snake River. Not only did I serve as an advance man and translator, but I also played a vital part in establishing friendly relations with the native tribes of the upper Columbia region.

Let me explain what you can do in this game with my character. First, you can transfer one Indian from your boats to the Powwow area. This represents my presence and influence in fostering communication between different groups. Then, depending on the number of resources you have on your boats – it doesn’t matter if they’re different resources – you can move your scout one space forward in the mountains for each group of three resources. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend those resources!

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The Legend of One Eye, the Ferocious Chief

Allow me to introduce you to an extraordinary figure from history – One Eye, also known as Le Borgne. This formidable chief resided in the upper Missouri region and earned quite a notorious reputation. One Eye was a man of contradictions, possessing great power alongside his infamous mercilessness, licentiousness, and volatile temper.

Now, let’s dive into one of the most thrilling tales surrounding One Eye. Picture this: you find yourself deep in the awe-inspiring mountains, with your Camp located at the foot of these majestic peaks. Your heart races as you ponder the best way to explore this treacherous terrain. Fear not, for I have a secret to share with you that will aid your quest.

Imagine having the ability to call upon your trusty Scout to venture into the untamed wilds ahead. You possess the power to direct your Scout to move forward, overcoming any obstacles with ease. How, you ask? It’s simple. All you need to do is offer up two resources of any kind as payment.

This payment allows you to propel your Scout through the Mountains, advancing as many spaces as there are Scouts located on or ahead of your Camp, including your own Scout. Yes, you read that correctly – with this method, even Alexander Mackenzie can act as a Scout in solo games!

By utilizing this technique, the possibilities become endless. You can explore uncharted territories, unlock hidden paths, and unlock the full potential of your adventure. Who knows what mysteries and treasures await you in the heart of these mountains?

So, my friend, the choice is yours. Embrace the spirit of One Eye and embark on an epic journey through the Mountains. Unleash the power of your Scout and conquer the challenges that lie in wait. Your destiny awaits amidst the peaks and valleys of the untamed wilderness.

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Meet Sacagawea

I’m Sacagawea, a member of the Shoshone Tribe. I joined an expedition with my husband, Toussaint Charbonneau, and even gave birth during our journey! Not only am I a guide, but I also serve as an interpreter for our party.

Now, let’s talk about your turn. It’s time for you to take action in the village, whether there are other Native Americans present or not.

Here’s an important rule to remember: the resources and help you receive during your first or second move can’t be used for the next one. For example, if you activate an action twice and collect 2 pieces of wood, you can’t immediately use those 2 pieces to create a canoe. Keep this in mind as you plan your strategy.

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Cut Nose

My name is Cut Nose, and I am a Nez Perce chief. I have three guides that can help you on your expedition to cross the mountains. Let me share with you how they can assist you.

When you activate me, I don’t have an immediate effect. However, if I am an active character in your playing area and you move your scout forward in the mountains with the help of another character, I can add 1 extra space to one of your movements in the mountains. It doesn’t matter how strong the other character is, I can still provide this additional movement.

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