Different Obstacles in Memoir 44

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Obstacles in Memoir ’44: Overcoming Challenges in Battle

When a Terrain hex is obstructed by an obstacle, the Battle dice reductions from both the obstacle and the hex are not combined. The key to success lies in finding the most effective form of protection. Take, for instance, a bunker situated on a hill. It reduces the number of dice rolled by a tank attacking from a lower elevation by 2, instead of 2 plus 1 (since the bunker’s protection is 2 and the hill’s is 1).

Let’s consider another example: a sandbag placed on a village. Although the sandbag itself doesn’t add to the village’s defense (since the village defense is 2/1, and the sandbag’s defense is 1), it does introduce an additional benefit. Any unit located in the village can ignore the first flag rolled against it, thanks to the protective properties of the sandbags.

Bunkers: Fortifying Your Position

Movement: When my Infantry unit moves onto a Bunker hex, I can immediately engage in battle. However, Armor or Artillery units are not allowed to move onto Bunker hexes. It’s as if those hexes are off-limits to them, but not to me! Oh, and by the way, Artillery units that start on a Bunker hex can’t move from there. They’re just stuck.

Battle: This is interesting – only the side mentioned in the briefing notes has the right to claim a Bunker as a defensive position. It’s like a perk that they get to enjoy. Lucky them!

Now, when I’m battling an enemy unit that’s on a Bunker hex, there are some cool rules in play. If I’m an Infantry unit, I have to roll one less Battle dice than I normally would. It’s like the Bunker throws me off balance or something. For Armor units, it’s even tougher – I have to roll two fewer Battle dice! But for Artillery units, the Bunker doesn’t have any effect on the number of Battle dice I roll. Phew, lucky them!

If I roll a retreat Flag against an enemy Artillery unit in a Bunker, I get to remove one of their Artillery figures. It’s like I’m taking them down piece by piece. Take that!

But here’s a cool thing about Bunkers – if my unit is inside one, it can ignore the first Flag that gets rolled against it. It’s like having an extra layer of protection, like a shield that keeps me safe for a little while. Sweet!

Line of Sight: Keep this in mind – a Bunker blocks line of sight. So, if I’m in a Bunker, I can’t see what’s happening outside, and nobody else can see what’s happening inside. It’s like a hiding spot, secret and secure!


Did you know that in World War II, hedgehogs were used as obstacles against tanks and landing craft? These contraptions were typically made of steel rails that were assembled together. However, they could also be made of wood, with an anti-tank mine placed on top. Interestingly, the Allied infantry troops found a clever use for hedgehogs – they used them as cover while moving on the beaches.

Movement: Hedgehogs can only be entered by infantry units, and there are no movement restrictions imposed.

Battle: There are no combat restrictions when a unit is on a hedgehog hex. Additionally, a unit on a hedgehog hex is able to ignore the first flag rolled against it.

Line of Sight: Hedgehogs do not block line of sight, creating an advantageous situation for units positioned behind them.


Movement: No need to worry about movement restrictions when it comes to Sandbags. You can freely move your units around without any hindrances. Just keep in mind that when a unit leaves a hex with Sandbags, the Sandbags will be removed.

Battle: Sandbags offer 360-degree protection to units in the hex, not just along the sides where the Sandbags are placed. They act as a shield against enemy attacks, reducing the number of Battle dice rolled by 1 when Infantry or Armor units are attacking. However, artillery Battle dice remain unaffected.

If you have your units safely tucked behind Sandbags, the first flag rolled against them can be ignored. It gives you an advantage and keeps your units protected.

Line of Sight: Unlike other terrain features, a hex with Sandbags doesn’t block the line of sight. You can see through them, giving you a clear view of the battlefield.


Movement: When you move a unit into a hex with Wire, you have to stop. You can’t move any further on that turn.

Battle: If you have an Infantry unit on a hex with Wire, you’ll roll one fewer Battle dice.

If your Infantry unit is able to battle, you have the option to remove the Wire instead of engaging in combat. But for Armor units, you’ll have to remove the Wire and then you can still battle.

Line of Sight: Wire doesn’t block your ability to see what’s going on.

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